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Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Python for Everybody,

This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. This course will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3.
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Rating 4.8 based on 24,130 ratings
Length 8 weeks
Effort 2-4 hours/week
Starts Jun 19 (50 weeks ago)
Cost $79
From University of Michigan via Coursera
Instructors Charles Severance, Charles Russell Severance
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Computer Science Software Development

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What people are saying

office hours

The office hours videos make you feel like you're on a real, shared, university course too!

Office Hours is also good.

I would insist on practical exercises and more assignments to be solved by students, rather than offering short videos on "Office Hours", for example.

I know how to program in several languages, I skipped through a lot of the early stuff (except the interesting interviews and office hours), but the syntax, keywords and exercises were very good.

Enjoyable interviews with the creator of Python and fun office hours videos all over the world!

The teacher also was available a lot for office hours.

His short recorded office hours are very motivating.

The course and program could benefit from office hours like google Hangout sessions where we can interact with people.

If I ever have the opportunity I would like to attend one of Chuck's office hours.

I enjoy watching the office hours in different locations in the world.

Office hours and Bonus Chapters are very very interesting Great introduction to Python.

I really enjoyed the course, especially the way Dr. Chuck explains the attitude you should approach programming with; it's also nice that the lectures have a bit of personal touch, not only the dry material, but also interesting interviews, videos of office hours, introduction of the university of Michigan, fun moments and other: it all makes you feel you are present in the classroom with the lecturer.

Fabulous Prof. uses smart metaphors to make teaching fun and interesting.Office hours give us nice little sneak peaks into the Prof's world.

I will absolutely recommend it and keep on learning the secon I really liked the way prof chuck explains and really encouraging to learn coding with all those end sessions with people and office hours vedios great course!

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es un curso

Es un curso realmente diseñado para Todos, el intructor te lleva en un viaje desde 0 hasta construir programas sencillos en Python, no hace falta ser del área de Sistemas para particiar en este curso 100% recomendado Great introduction to Python!

讲的挺好的,适合没学过编程的人上手 入门课程,略简单,适合零基础,老师特别可爱。 Es un curso introductorio bastante básico que contempla la posibilidad de que quien lo recibe no tiene conocimientos de programacion.

Es un curso genial!

Es un curso que trabaja con una version vieja de python, deberian actualizarlo, va muy lento Great course and awesome professor.

Es un curso muy bueno para los que no tenemos idea de programación.

Es un curso muy bien estructurado, con documentación excelente y un instructor no acartonado que explica muy bien cada tema y generosamente comparte su entusiasmo con entrevistas de sus colegas y pequeños clips de grupos de estudiantes de python.

Se que es un curso introductorio, pero creo que se debería enfocar más a la enseñanza del lenguaje de programación y no a la historia del lenguaje.

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de los mejores cursos

Uno de los mejores cursos que he tomado, excelente el contenido y Chuck explica de una manera impecableJavier Gomez Good course Course is very lucid and exceptional way Charles presents the video interactively.

Very useful introduction to Python - concepts explained in a straightforward and fun way excelente uno de los mejores cursos de python que he hecho!

es uno de los mejores cursos que he tomado!

Excellent introduction to python for beginners in programming easy and interesting to start Es uno de los mejores cursos que he tomado, el profesor se toma muy enserio el trabajo y definitivamente busca cualquier cosa para hacer didáctico y divertido el curso Great class for beginning Python practical and useful Everyone wanting to learn Python should take this course.

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with guido van rossum

I highly appreciate that authors not only teach strictly programming but also give short lectures showing us the enviroment: interviews with Guido van Rossum, interview with the author of Coursera, the lecture about CPU, Office Hours etc.

This videos at the end of the Chapters with Guido van Rossum who is the creator of Python are especially interesting.

I enjoyed the instructor teaching but the video and interviews, but not those with Guido van Rossum, were not very interesting and had nothing to do with Python.

I particularly loved the interviews with Guido van Rossum and other Python developers.

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website will error check

You can still do the coding and the website will error check and all, but you won't get the pass/fail grade to be sure you got it right.

problems are marked wrong

You can't submit quizzes to see if you got them right and all your coding problems are marked wrong.

muito bom

muito bom.

Muito bom o curso!

O curso é muito bom, porem poderia ter um novo tópico para mostrar as diferenças entre o python 2 e 3 do que foi aprendido assim, ficaria mais fácil para quem deseja interpolar entre as duas versões da linguagem.

Muito bom o curso, consegui fixar bastante coisa do conteúdo.

O coursera é um site muito bom, mas é dedicado apenas à usuários com internet rápida, e não dão valor à usuários com internet deficiente, como a minha.

Curso muito bom, explicações claras e introdutórias.

Curso muito bom, ajuda bastante para quem está querendo começar a programar na linguagem Python.

well explainedgreat tutor teaches in simple way so easy to understand good teachergood coursethanks excellent Muito bom o curso.

Muito bom, explicando a base da programação de um jeito simples e didático.

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two thumbs up

Two thumbs up for both the instructor and the language.

It's a great course and it helps me a lot to understand Python.... Two thumbs up :-) Great course to begin your python journey.

Two thumbs up!!!!

Two thumbs up!

Two thumbs up.

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unlike some moocs

He is fun to listen to, unlike some moocs I have taken where the teachers were reading and got the intonation all wrong--very distracting.

mundo de la

excelente nivel para los inicios en el mundo de la programación en Python.

Curso muy apropiado para iniciarse en el mundo de la programación.

Nice and easy introduction to Python Muy recomendado este curso, sobre todo para las personas que quieran iniciar en el mundo de la programación.

El material adicional sobre la programación y el mundo de la computación en general es muy valioso, tanto por la información que aporta sobre la programación como por la cultura general de la informática que exponen.

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stepping stone

Brilliant stepping stone to the world of python programming.

A well structured course, which serves as stepping stone for more complex programming courses out there, each module has videos and reading material, and it is easy to understand Brilliant course, well worth the time.

Highly recommended for any non CS students as a stepping stone for more complex courses This course is excellent.

great good stepping stones, even if you have python classes in your history, its good to go over the good habits again.

This is the stepping stone to learn more programming skills in the future.

You won't be able to make too much fancy stuff after this, but it's a stepping stone to great things.Dr.

Great Course as a stepping stone in the programming.

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go blue

Really feel excited to learn coding at U of M. Go Blue!

Excellent AWESOME COURSE GO BLUE Best of the best course so far.

Go Blue!!

I will recommend everyone to take this course... super Professor Chuck makes watching his videos fun and learning the material easy, Go Blue!

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Programming Coordinator 1 $54k

Programming Acquisitions $61k

Programming advisor $72k

Network Programming $78k

NC Programming $79k

Python Risk Developer $90k

Programmer (Python) $99k

DBA - Programming $103k

Training (Python) $104k

Gameplay Programming $120k

IT and Programming Specialist $122k

Python / Risk Developer $136k

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Rating 4.8 based on 24,130 ratings
Length 8 weeks
Effort 2-4 hours/week
Starts Jun 19 (50 weeks ago)
Cost $79
From University of Michigan via Coursera
Instructors Charles Severance, Charles Russell Severance
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Computer Science Software Development

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