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Using Databases with Python

Python for Everybody,

This course will introduce students to the basics of the Structured Query Language (SQL) as well as basic database design for storing data as part of a multi-step data gathering, analysis, and processing effort. The course will use SQLite3 as its database. We will also build web crawlers and multi-step data gathering and visualization processes. We will use the D3.js library to do basic data visualization. This course will cover Chapters 14-15 of the book “Python for Everybody”. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the material covered in Chapters 1-13 of the textbook and the first three courses in this specialization. This course covers Python 3.
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Rating 4.7 based on 3,316 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort 5 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week
Starts Jun 19 (56 weeks ago)
Cost $79
From University of Michigan via Coursera
Instructors Charles Severance, Charles Russell Severance
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Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Software Development

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What people are saying

dr chuck

However I like where Dr Chuck went with explaining to his students how large data sets need to be managed.

Dr Chuck does a great job explaining aspects of computing and programing for most people to understand.

Dr Chuck is an amazing teacher.

Since this is further along in the specialisation the programs that Dr Chuck explains are much more complex but give you an idea of what's possible.

It is not necessary to go through these programs line by line as Dr Chuck explains well what these programs do so there's no need to write them but it gives you a good opportunity to see a more complex program in action and if you want go through the lines of code as well - you'll be surprised how much of it you understand by the end of this course.

This is the fourth class in Dr Chuck's Python specialization and the only one I've reviewed so far, although I've taken the other three.

Dr Chuck's lectures are to the point and done well.

Thank you, Dr Chuck!

A huge thumbs-up to Dr Chuck and the team who made this happen - you're just great!

Take this course and you will never regret Dr Chuck is a charismatic person who is able to get people enthousiastic.

Thank you very much, Dr Chuck and team.

Another excellent course from Dr Chuck.

Dr Chuck has a very approachable teaching style that makes the various concepts in Python very easy to understand.

Thanks Dr Chuck for making Python a painless experience!

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using databases with python

The later courses, including the course titled Using Databases with Python, built on the lessons learned during the earlier courses.

"Using Databases with Python" will teach you how to deal with databases and use SQL.

The last course (Using Databases with Python) gives a very good hands-on experience together with a nicely presented background.

I have just completed the Using Databases with Python course.

Pair a dedicated and extremely passionate teacher with a wonderful self paced & informative class and you get "Using Databases with Python".

The course makes it extremely easy to get into the basics of using databases with python.

Easy intro to using databases with python 2.x that also teaches some SQL.

As the other courses that I have taken from the specialization, I have to say it is one of the best courses I have ever been a part of This course is a perfect introduction to using databases with Python.

Great course for beginners using Databases with Python Great!

Nice class, easy to follow and clear concepts Good course.But skips to topics without any brief introduction Excellent Course for all Pythonistas who want to get good practical knowledge of using Databases with Python!

This was a great course on using databases with Python!

The time would have been better spent in expanding the modules on the core topics of using databases with Python.On the positive side, the external tools on Dr Chuck's own website seem to work as expected and integrate smoothly with Coursera.

The course is great in that I felt I gained alot of insight into how data mining is done but I don't feel I gained much skill in using databases with python.

I am expecting more courses on "Using Databases with Python and data analytics" Simply to the point.

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looking forward

Well taught, good start, looking forward to the capstone and using this on personal and professional small projects.

I've now completed three of Dr. Chuck's Python courses, and am looking forward to not only taking more Python courses, but also taking any other courses I can find that are presented by Dr. Chuck.

Looking forward to completing the Capstone and moving on to the next specialization - Web Applications For Everybody.

I am looking forward to the capstone.

Thanks to Dr. Chuck for his wonderful course, looking forward for future courses from him.

Looking forward for more courses Great course for beginners!

Looking forward to learning more related to python.

I'm looking forward to moving on to the final course in the specialization.

I'm looking forward to the capstone (5th course) in a few days.

great course, looking forward to know more about python Thanks!

Looking forward to the Capstone.

Looking forward to applying what I have learned to my day-to-day life!

Looking forward to the capstone.Perfect for the beginner.

Looking forward for my new courses in relate courses(data science ).

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python for everybody specialization

I really enjoy the course as well all other 4 courses from the Python for Everybody Specialization from University of Michigan and Dr. Charles Severance.

This is the fourth course in the Python for Everybody specialization.

I would NOT recommend this course without first taking the prerequisite courses in the Python for Everybody specialization.

I've now completed all four courses (not including the capstone) in Chuck Severance's Python for Everybody specialization.

OK, so this is the final course of the Python for Everybody Specialization in Coursera, and it is really amazing.

I like this last course of the Python for Everybody Specialization.

I am new to Python and took this course as part of the 5 course Python for Everybody Specialization.

This is the final course (not including the capstone) to the Python for Everybody specialization.

This was my first course in the Python for Everybody Specialization program.

I took the full Python for Everybody specialization and was really happy with all the information that I was able to learn and practically apply.

As part of the Python for Everybody Specialization, this class is great.

Python Data Structures is the 4th class in Python for Everybody Specialization.

The assignments are really easy to complete Fantastic course from awesome Python for Everybody Specialization which helps you to handle databases with python and shows basc of databases and SQL topic itself.

An excellent conclusion to the five-course Python for Everybody specialization.

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data science

I am 100% behind anyone wanting to learn python and have a better understanding of Data Science and mining.

Data Science, Software development, Scientific research (require another courses) etc.

I appreciate that he's clear that you're getting experience with Python with a pinch of data science.

This isn't hard data science, but I think is going to give me the foundation to get there.

It is really a good introduction class to understand a data science project : retrieve the data, clean it, store it, visualize it and analyze it.

I took the fast track with program and completed in under 5 weeks but feel well prepared to start Data Science.

looking towards the next and final one of the specialization & following courses in Data science.

Great source of foundational knowledge for more advance Python programming: Deep learning, machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence.

It's a wonderful course for all the beginners looking out to apply Python in the field of Data Science.

I've taken 4 of these series courses .I've learned a lot from class and now I'm looking forward to keep on study in Python and Data Science.

Highly recommended Very well done - materials are well taught, nicely organized, and lots of nice examples.. highly recommended this course for anyone interested in data science.

I would like to learn more on data sciences using knowledge of this course.

Must Recommended for all Data Science enthusiast's.

I am now going to take the Data Science with Python Course, after completing the capstone for this certification!

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university of michigan

I have really enjoyed the python courses By Dr Chuck from the University of Michigan on Coursera and I highly recommend it.

I really enjoyed the course as well all other 3 courses from the Python for Everybody Specialization from University of Michigan and Dr. Charles Severance.

It's a great course,it tells us how to connect python with other thing,like database.And let me know what is data mining.This serialization has help a lot,i love the professor,he is funny and patience,i think he is definitely a good teacher.If i can go to university of michigan and be his student,that would be really great.

Add this to the University of Michigan's specialization in Data Science and you'll definitely have solid foundational knowledge of how to collect, manipulate and analyze digital data.

I have done all 4 of the Python courses offered by the University of Michigan and can't rate them highly enough.

Another excellent course ... Congratulations to the University of Michigan and Dr. Chuck.

University of Michigan's Charles Severance courses are a MUST if you want to learn Python or basics of programming.

Course 4 in the University of Michigan Python Specialization which teaches basic python programming.

You will learn a lot in this course, which builds on the previous 3 cources in the Python for Everybody specialization, from the University of Michigang, brought to You by Corsera.

Thank you University of Michigan , thank you Dr Chuck , thank you Coursera.

Thanks to Dr. Chuck and University of Michigan for this amazing course.

That's just lazy and it hurts the brand name of Coursera and the University of Michigan.

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step by step

Dr. Chuck explains step by step all the details, so it's impossible not to master the basics after this course.

A step by step introduction of how to build a SQL database, populate it from XML or JSON data from WEB sources, and then retrieve the data.

Hope there will some be step by step lecture so students can directly deeply learn sophisticated coding instead of just inputting data and using a given completed or 90% completed program.

I like the step by step learning.

Would be much better to be required to do more work in the assignments (possibly step by step and by splitting the course).

Step by step immersion helps to not lose your head.

I wouldn't mind step by step completion assignments.

A great step by step introduction to databases and using python3 for data amazing instructor and great content indeed...Thank You This course is great who want to understand database and structure query language.

The course is broken down into small chunks that allow you to learn step by step.

I learn a lot, and just step by step from Dr Chuck.

step by step I can learn how to make my own app.

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dr. charles severance

Another great course from Dr. Charles Severance, very well structured for introducing basic database concepts and how to interact with databases using python.

Dr. Charles Severance's Python courses cover all the necessary information you need to successfully start coding in Python.

The professor is great too I always enjoy Dr. Charles Severance taught classes.

Thanks to Dr. Charles Severance A bit more actual programming would be good rather than minor tweeking of existing code.

I wish I have a trainer like this always with me, at least as long as I cannot go out and look for work myself.Thanks a million to Dr. Charles Severance.

Dr. Charles Severance is by far the best Computer Science professor out there!!!

Would love to have more challenging assignments The final course in the amazing Python for Everybody Specialization by UMich and Dr. Charles Severance.

I also appreciate Dr. Charles Severance for archiving and providing the bonus interview videos with legendary computer scientists such as Niklaus Wirth and Andrew S. Tanenbaum.

I really enjoyed this course of Dr. Charles Severance.

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computer science

I have a degree in Computer Science, but it's 30 years old, so although this set of courses was not especially challenging, it was nevertheless quite valuable in terms of bringing me up to speed on some of the newer stuff.

The course is interactive, rather easy if you have a bit of computer science background when it comes to the assignments where only a few lines of codes need to be changed (even for someone like me who has an engineering background but very limited programming skills).

Much like its predecessor courses of the specialization, this course allows people with a limited background in computer sciences to build a strong foundation in programming and across files, networks and databases.

Great course for computer science and python learning beginners that want to know how to integrate databases with python.

The additional computer science magazine interviews were always great to watch.

As a long time C# coder, this course simplified so many common computer science issues in a great and relateable format.

As a prospective computer science freshman, I feel ready after taking this course.

The course is really a tour de force of how to communicate computer science Another great course from Dr. Chuck.

It was the first computer science class I have completed that took you beyond working trivial "back of the chapter" programming problems.

I can honestly say (as a person with a Master's in Computer Science ... so I have taken ALOT of CS related classes and courses while in industry), Dr. Chuck is one of THE best professors/teachers out there.

I've done a significant amount of online Computer Science courses -as well as classroom courses back in college - and not one professor has been as fun and easy to understand as Chuck.

Using Databases with Python is s very good introductory course both for beginners and for non-tech people who interested in computer science.

This course was a lot of fun .Since I am a Computer Science student ,I already had some idea about SQL and Python so i found this course very easy provided that the peer-assignment for week 5 had very little to play on.

+Great starting courses for those interested in computer science The course does explain a lot of basics of connecting to Database and also parsing data.

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google maps

It's a nice course showing plenty of Python applications in databases, including harvesting data from the web and visualising in Google Maps.

I was expecting it to be more concentrated towards using DB in Python but the exercises were more focused on Python and Google Maps API, I rarely made any code development here.

Interesting examples using Twitter and Google Maps API.

Especially the part where we play with google maps .

google maps API requires a lot of additional work and instructions are not as clear as they should be.

Learnt about lot of cool stuff such as OOP, Classes and Objects, Inheritance data bases, SQLite, Database Modeling, Relational Database and Using Google Maps API.

This course provides very useful information on how Python can be used to access the DB and how the data can be manipulated from the plain text/xml to DB and then to the real word applications such as Google Maps.Very useful and learnt a lot.

When I did a project last year developing an android app using google maps api, it was really difficult for me to understand how to use Google Maps api and parse JSON data and make it useful to find locations I needed.

Charles (Chuck) Severance once again leads his students into the world of databases, this time using python and also SQLite and google maps.

I was disappointed at week 5, since i was hoping to learn more about the google maps API and visualization, but the assignment consisted mainly of running the code which wasn't fully covered by the course.

It was fun to grab data from JSON, put into a database and then plot it on Google Maps.

I just want to suggest that week 5 videos are not up to mark and should be updated as per new Google API and the Instructor must explain how we can add our own desired location from Google maps and See it on the Map of where.html File used in the Assignment because I spent too much time in Week 5 assignment but still was not able to understand the code.

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object oriented programming

It also covers additional programming topics like data modelling, SQL and object oriented programming.

Taught some object oriented programming style and good practices.

Dr. Chuck was entertaining and good at explaining the topics, especially topics like object oriented programming.

A great way to learn the basics of object oriented programming and databases.

The textbook needs to be updated to include the Object Oriented Programming section that is covered in Week 1.2.

I give him an A+ for teaching :) This course is intro into Python Object Oriented programming and basic SQL commands.

Very nice course with the introduction to Object Oriented Programming and then Databases.

"Coming to the course content, I didn't understand why they included object oriented programming in this course.

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xml and json

This course will certainly help you have a better understanding of how python works with databases, and how you combine the xml and json techniques with database manipulation in python to structure your data.

It also gives a good learning curve about using XML and JSON as well.

To step up to handling XML and JSON using Python and API programming.

This course taught me how to parse html, xml and json file and how to use database in Python.

Great tutorials on using SQLite with Python, parsing text files, XML and JSON data into databases.

great instructor with great course and material , i have learned about database and used sqlite as a DBMSlearned the primary query and stored data from xml and json into my local DB Excellent rendition and accessible content As an experienced programmer, I am unimpressed.

I really like the format of the course because it taught the basics as well as wrapping it all up with what we've learned so far with web data access using XML and JSON.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Event Specialist and Data Collection Specialist $40k

Data Steward/Analyst $52k

Sn Data Analyst $75k

LAN/WAN Data Analyst $84k

Mobile Data Analyst $92k

Analyst, Fixed Income Data Management Consultant $101k

Assistant Research and Data Analyst Consultant $104k

Vice Assistant President Data Scientist Development Program $106k

Deputy Data Management Specialist $127k

Big Data Analytics Platform Architect and Business Intelligence Leader $143k

Data warehouse & BI professional $175k

Data Warehouse Solutions Architect $192k

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Rating 4.7 based on 3,316 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort 5 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week
Starts Jun 19 (56 weeks ago)
Cost $79
From University of Michigan via Coursera
Instructors Charles Severance, Charles Russell Severance
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Software Development

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