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Python for Everybody,

In the capstone, students will build a series of applications to retrieve, process and visualize data using Python. The projects will involve all the elements of the specialization. In the first part of the capstone, students will do some visualizations to become familiar with the technologies in use and then will pursue their own project to visualize some other data that they have or can find. Chapters 15 and 16 from the book “Python for Everybody” will serve as the backbone for the capstone. This course covers Python 3.
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Rating 4.2 based on 722 ratings
Length 9 weeks
Effort 6 weeks of study, 2-4 hours/week
Starts Jul 14 (46 weeks ago)
Cost $99
From University of Michigan via Coursera
Instructors Charles Severance, Charles Russell Severance
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Software Development

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What people are saying

dr. chuck

Yet another incredible journey with Dr. Chuck.

Great Course1 I ll miss your courses Dr. Chuck!

not that helpful Dr. Chuck's charisma makes taking this course a very enjoyable experience.

Dr. Chuck is an excellent teacher, and the rest of the staff is also very reactive.

Dr. Chuck gives a material and you can implement any data visualization you like and be proud of your result!

Excellent course I have learned a lot thank you Dr. Chuck for making this possible This course was very well framed and helped me in learning a lot of things too.

Thank you Dr. Chuck.

Love Dr. Chuck!

This is a very good course, thanks to Dr. Chuck for all the information and the effort in the course, all the material is really good.

Thank you so much, Dr. Chuck!

Thanks a lot Dr. Chuck.

Dr. Chuck is one of the greatest teachers.

Fantástico, muy buen curso This course is basically a walkthrough through Dr. Chucks programs.

Thanks Dr. Chuck!

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dr chuck

Great course Dr Chuck is out standing liked the bonus material .

it was so amazing to learn python and some basis on databases, i have now to learn some R basis, pandas and more for more experience.thank you Dr CHUCK, will see you on ''history of internet" This course provides an opportunity to examine more complex applications and apply the knowledge gained in the previous courses in the specialization.

all i did was running dr chuck's code.

Useful and wonderful Courses Thanks to Dr Chuck and his free book.

Also, Dr Chuck is very funny and cautious in this course.

Overall it has been a fun and great experience, so thank you Dr Chuck!

Dr Chuck fantastic mentor!

Dr Chuck's final lecture with Python.

Great course and great infromation from Dr Chuck again makes this an interesting course to do.

The instructor (Dr Chuck) is the most engaged and engaging teacher I have come across on Coursera.

I will give 100% + rating to Dr Chuck.

In any case, thanks Dr Chuck!

:) excellent course The first 4 courses in Dr Chucks Python for Everyone are all great - 5 stars.

Merci Perfect What a great specialization!Thank you Dr Chuck!

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too easy

This was a good course however it was a bit too easy so not as satisfying to complete although the instructor is excellent as always.

Materials and instructor are great as in previous courses of this specialization but i think that final project are too easy.

I am feeling happy that learn this retrieving,processing,Visualizing concepts with python environment.Thanks COURSERA TEAM Great course Was quite nice experience, but it was realy too easy.

Excellent certificate; the project was a bit too easy, but I guess its purpose was to show that something seemingly complex was the result of breaking things into simpler and more manageable pieces.

But I'm not sure it's too easy or not.

Too easy.

too easy assignments, no points!

Nice course content Although too easy compared to the other 4 courses, I enjoyed the worked examples and the use of the programs to manipulate and visualize a large amount of data.

The assignments were too easy.

too easy for final capstone.

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teaching staff

In general, good support from teaching staff.

Great Course for Visualization..... how will I thank to you all guy's...I don't have the words, but from my heart a little thanks to Dr. Chuck and the entire team the teaching staff who always helping me om my every step they guide my and every step.In the last, this is my last course of this specialization and it's time to say bye to you guy's it is something emotional to me because it is approx 1 years I am in touch to you guy's again in the last I am thanking you to Dr. Chuck and the Coursera staff and entire teaching staff!!!

Quick and easy course basically it's a course on "how to make a screenshot..." The course was great, but the teaching staff was so rude and mean to me.

Thanks Dr Chuck and Teaching staff.

The teaching staff takes entirely too long to grade assignments.

I understand that there are many students so either hire more teaching staff or don't make the most important assignments for the course only gradable by actual people.

Sorry for being so frank but I expected a lot more from the teaching staff and coursera itself.

Thank you dr.Chuck and teaching staff.

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data analysis

This course not only taught me the Python programming language, it also gave me the data analysis flavor, which is why I wanted to learned Python.

I'm moving on the the Python Data Analysis course where I hope to get into more advanced data visualization.

When I come into some complex data analysis problems, I can always come back and check these complex codes.

Working on your own data analysis really helps cement the lessons learned in this specialization into your mind.

感谢老师,还一同学习的人 Exceptional Learning opportunity 非常棒! Great The sample solution and explanations are very good since it gives a complete whole picture of doing a big data analysis project.

You'll get the most out of this course if you have a data analysis project that you want to do.

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my opinion

Very good as usual, yet too easy in my opinion.

Great course, but in my opinion the project should be mandatory.

The optional assignment, in my opinion, should really be the capstone and students should be required to upload their code and then present a short recording of their data project.

Great to see how Python can be used for data visualization; however, in my opinion, most of the code is way above the heads of students at this level.

It would had been good, if the course involved in working on a project.Week 3, week 5 and week 7 of this course should be made compulsory - my opinion I hope in this course, there will be more materials related to the analysis of those codes instead of just simply using them.

Really needs to be re-thought, in my opinion.

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data mining

the lecture videos made my concepts clear but the assignments could be more challenging A very intuitive brief capstone, for understanding how to set up a data mining structure.

It is really good course!It helped me understand overall basic concepts of Data mining/scripting and visualization!

I Like this course very much, as this course had enriched me with alot of knowledge, such as data mining, how to perform data cleaning that clean up the raw data to relation data and various visualization output on the interested data.

There are Pros and Cons with the approach Dr. Chuck took, pros are it gives you up and running to get you going for your own personal data mining projects, but the cons are that assignments are too easy to pass.

Python is a really powerful tool for future programming, during this course, it briefly introduce data mining system, which provide the essential flavor for us.

Give me the very first sense of data mining.

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rather than

It is sad that the capstone project was reduced to just executing the pre-packaged code rather than having the students think and model and possibly edit code to complete the project.

The codes are too difficult, although the objective is more on the application side rather than developer side.

As a captstonse course I expected this to be more challenging than other courses in the specialisation, especially the assignments which should have required to put in some real effort rather than simply executing pre-written scripts and uploading screenshots.

The code repos were awesome way to learn Python rather than just the theory.

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little bit

It would be nicer if we could participate in the coding a little bit more.

That would solidify the lessons a little bit more in my head.

However I would like we were need to code a little bit more.

I somehow feel a little bit disappointed on this course.

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felt like

I felt like there was not too much explaining in this course.

I felt like a pet hamster released into the wild that was quickly scooped up by an owl.

I didnt really felt like i was ding the work.

That was how a similar capstone from a Duke University Specialization was and I felt like that was a good, real world, use case of the skills learned.

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R&D Process Development Technician $80k

Freelance Process Engineer Consultant $83k

Business Process & Controls Analyst $86k

Process Engineer - High Performance Foams Division $87k

Project & Process Manager - South Central Region $88k

R&D Process and Support Analyst $98k

Process Engineer / Lean Manufacturing Facilitator $99k

Senior Process / Process Control Engineer $108k

Senior Process Validation Engineer Consultant $109k

Senior Area Process Program Manager $150k

Retired Consulting Process Engineer $192k

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Rating 4.2 based on 722 ratings
Length 9 weeks
Effort 6 weeks of study, 2-4 hours/week
Starts Jul 14 (46 weeks ago)
Cost $99
From University of Michigan via Coursera
Instructors Charles Severance, Charles Russell Severance
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Software Development

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