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Education for All

Disability, Diversity and Inclusion

The course has been created for teachers, other professionals and parents interested in developing inclusive education. If you are part of a community wanting to develop inclusive education in a school, you could form a group to support each other’s learning and try out inclusive strategies. We will provide additional resources and ideas for those wanting to implement inclusive education practices, especially in low resource settings. You can use the hashtag #FLed4all to talk about this course on social media.

Topics Covered
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University of Cape Town

Rating 4.6 based on 13 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort 3 hours per week
Starts Feb 18 (tomorrow)
Cost $44
From University of Cape Town via FutureLearn
Instructors Ikechukwu Nwanze, Judith McKenzie, Chioma Ohajunwa, Job Kofi NSEIBO, Ncediwe Mdlulwa
Download Videos Only via web browser
Language English
Subjects Programming Education
Tags C Teaching

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What people are saying

We analyzed reviews for this course to surface learners' thoughts about it

challenges your views in one review

Challenges your views and provides the practical and solution orientated strategies you need to improve this sector in education as a parent / educator/ community member / policy maker / volunteer Thorough - with enough academic credibility and research, balanced with real-life stories and practical application.

aiming at putting in one review

This course is useful for my present career as an educator, more especially since we are aiming at putting to practice an Inclusive Education.

change things by in one review

A great message to pass around is that about how all members in a community can change things by collaborating.

create action beyond in one review

An excellent course, and designed to create action beyond the academics.

eal eye opener in one review

Ih has been Very informative and a eal eye opener for even an experienced teacher.

enough academic credibility in one review


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Elementary Education 4 $25k

Business Coordinator - Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence $32k

Inclusive instructor $40k

Education Aide $48k

Education 1 2 3 $49k

Inclusive Preschool Teacher $55k

Primary Education $61k

Nursing Education $63k

Education 2 3 $64k

production/education $66k

Chair of Education $73k

Education Economist $99k

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