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Introduction to Engineering Mechanics

This course is an introduction to learning and applying the principles required to solve engineering mechanics problems. Concepts will be applied in this course from previous courses you have taken in basic math and physics. The course addresses the modeling and analysis of static equilibrium problems with an emphasis on real world engineering applications and problem solving. The copyright of all content and materials in this course are owned by either the Georgia Tech Research Corporation or Dr. Wayne Whiteman. By participating in the course or using the content or materials, whether in whole or in part, you agree that you may download and use any content and/or material in this course for your own personal, non-commercial use only in a manner consistent with a student of any academic course. Any other use of the content and materials, including use by other academic universities or entities, is prohibited without express written permission of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation. Interested parties may contact Dr. Wayne Whiteman directly for information regarding the procedure to obtain a non-exclusive license.

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Rating 4.7 based on 550 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort 5 weeks of material; 5 to 7 hours per week work for students
Starts Jul 3 (23 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Georgia Institute of Technology via Coursera
Instructor Dr. Wayne Whiteman, PE
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Engineering
Tags Physical Science And Engineering Mechanical Engineering

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What people are saying

mechanical engineer

I am a Mechanical Engineer and like most of them engineers, I had very weak concepts of basics of Mechanical Engineering.

I got fundamentals of mechanical engineering, something I was very interested in learning due to my interest in robotics.

I was quite rusty when i came back to school for my graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I would recommend this course for anyone interested in Mechanical Engineering.

It includes the main basics of mechanical engineering with practical modules which help for more understanding with record for lectures materials for better reference.

This course was very understandable at the same time challenging, I have taken a few of the Mechanical engineering series but definitely I want to finish the complete series.

Very good introduction course for mechanical engineering.

This subject is the backbone of mechanical engineering, and understanding of this subject under this course have been excellent, thanks to the faculty Excellent course!

A good intro into mechanical engineering, even for those just interested into what goes into engineering, I enjoyed taking course and learned a lot.

Strongly recommended for all Mechanical Engineers.

hi there this course is very helpful understant the concept of basic mechanical engineering terms.

One of the few helpful courses I found on Mechanical Engineering.

The perfect handout for those struggling in these first steps towards Mechanical Engineering.

This Course is really very useful for Mechanical Engineers.

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engineering mechanics

I have also completed Applications in Engineering Mechanics and had a great deal of fun with that course as well.

If you get yourself a copy of the recommended text - Engineering Mechanics by W.W. King and D.J.

It was as if a revision and a strengthening course for people that already understand the material Great course that helps one get familiar with the lingo and the methods of engineering mechanics.

I was struggling in my Engineering mechanics class, I started taking this course and it's Sooooo much easier to understand.

I would recommend this course for people who want to learn basics of engineering mechanics.

It’s an excellent course to start learning about engineering mechanics; the examples given and exercises help reinforce the theory given during the course.

All courses on Coursera by Dr. Whiteman are perfect if you want to get your basics in Engineering Mechanics clear.

Provides an excellent foundation in engineering mechanics!

A good course for people that is starting with engineering mechanics.

As an introduction of engineering mechanics it is very helpful course One of the best courses i have across till date.

Real-world problems are covered to apply the knowledge in Engineering Mechanics.

it's good for the matery This course is an introduction to learning and applying the principles required to solve engineering mechanics problems.

Very good course of an introduction to Engineering Mechanics.

I took the the Introduction to Engineering Mechanics by Dr Whiteman.

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mechanical engineering

Nice video lecture series It's a great course for the students who want to learn more about mechanical engineering and how some machines work.

I was an EE student and now a postdoc in aeronautical engineering and was in desparate need of a course in introductory mechanical engineering.

This course provided those applications in spades, although at a beginning level in mechanical engineering.

:) An excellent and worthwhile introduction, this course is a definite must for all mechanical engineering students especially those like me who have yet to take a mechanics: statics course in college.

Weather this is my first course, I am very satisfied, but bit unpleased knowing the fact that course like this haven't start a month earlier (because i am a student of a faculty of mechanical engineering in Serbia, and I had already pass the mechanical exam with lower mark then I expected.

I'm a student of a Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Serbia, Niš and I already pass Mechanics I - Statics so this course is easy for me but I'm enjoying definitely.

:D Everyone who like Mechanical Engineering should take this course because this is a basis for everything.

The material was fun to learn and I look forward to taking more Mechanical Engineering courses with Dr. Whiteman on coursera.

Because of this course I often find myself looking at objects and seeing them from a mechanical engineering perspective.

I am a final year mechanical engineering student, so the course was pretty easy for me to follow, but to be good at it, a little self study was definitely required.

and other aspects of mechanical engineering.

The clear explanation on how the basic calculation in the mechanical engineering are conducted Though the course content was not difficult for me, i faced some new concepts and challenging problems and learned a lot, after this i will try to complete Applications in Engineering Mechanics course which i ams ure will be excellent after this Course teaches a lot and also teacher explains concepts very clearly.

there is no proper practice for problems solving.questions are given for practice but answers or solutions are not provided.How may a student get confirm either one's solution is right or wrong?.There must be a proper system for practice questions great learning, great teacher This is a free, but great lecture for those who are interested in mechanical engineering to begin with.

A Great course for all students who intend to major in mechanical engineering.

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dr. wayne whiteman

I would like to thank a lot Dr. Wayne Whiteman for his time and efforts to make this MOOC a success for students interested in modeling, analyzing and understanding mechanical structures.

Thanks Dr. Wayne Whiteman.

nice presentation with illustrative examples by Dr. Wayne Whiteman.

Ability of Dr. Wayne Whiteman to clear concept is very simple and good.

Thank you very much to prof. Dr. Wayne Whiteman for this awesome course.

it was very helpful signing up in this course , I learned the basics of Engineering Mechanics in a simple way thanks to Dr. wayne whiteman and to Gerogia Tech I appreciate your effort Great refresher course.

I really enjoyed the course because unlike the traditional Lectures, Professor Dr. Wayne Whiteman used to explain concepts in much simpler & practical way.

I'm grateful to Dr. Wayne Whiteman & Georgia Institute of Technology for offering such a wonderful course.

First of all Dr. Wayne Whiteman is a great teacher.

First of all, a very BIG THANKS to Dr. Wayne Whiteman and also the whole of coursera team for putting up so much effort to provide the best quality education, free of cost to masses.

Course level- Introductory/level 1 Work load - moderate Dr. Wayne Whiteman has coem up with a good intro class apt to give even a lay man a flavour of the subject.

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easy to follow

The material is covered slowly in increments, which makes it quite easy to follow along.

Easy to follow videos and very good practical exercises.

Easy to follow and good real world examples.

You can tell that he is passionate about his work and gives you easy to follow explanations on how to solve these types of problems.

very helpful to upgrade knowledge good Decent start to Engineering Great professor, lectures are easy to follow.

The professor seems to be quite friendly ad overall the course is quite easy to follow and understand.

Great professor, clearly explains topics with easy to follow lectures, examples, and graphics.

Easy to follow thanks to the great explanations of the professor.

The assignments were hard but the lecture material were excellent and easy to follow.

it is a nice course This course is very easy to follow, and its knowledge can be widely applicable to different fields of engineering or science.

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real world

Dr. Wayne is an outstanding teacher and the course covers the whole basis for an Engineer to solve real world problems.

The course addresses the modeling and analysis of static equilibrium problems with an emphasis on real world engineering applications and problem solving.

Good real world examples.

I have been studying calculus and was bored with math problems that do not have real world application.

You'll learn a lot and you'll be totally happy if you can apply the knowledge from the course in the real world.

i learnt in this course how to apply statics in the real world problems.

The course is a very real world focused, but can be even more.

It taught me very important things to apply in the real world.

every topic is expalined with real world examples.

Course is perfectly designed for the young engineers to understand the applied physics to solve real world problems.

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highly recommend

It was a great experience to do this course with Dr. Wayne E. Whiteman ( from Georgia Institute of Technology-a great institute too), I highly recommend these types of courses, at least you summarize the important ideas, and get familiar with e-learning.

I would highly recommend Dr. Whiteman's online courses to everyone who is interested in pursuing mechanical engineering as his/her profession.

It's a great course, I highly recommend, helped me to understand better some concepts and have another perspective about matrices and your importance.

Thank you I highly recommend this course for those who want to form a solid background about mechanics.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and highly recommend it.

Highly recommend.

Highly recommend to anyone interested in mechanics to refresh or consolidate concepts.

would highly recommend it Application based teaching.

I highly recommend this course.

Highly recommend for any Engineering Major, or just brushing up for the PE/FE Exams, etc.

Introduction to Engineering Mechanics is an outstanding course and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a better understanding of statics.

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georgia tech

I really enjoyed this course and I'd like to thanks Georgia Tech and Coursera for high quality online course like this.

I would like to thank to Georgia Tech and Coursera for this amazing learning journey.

Thanks from my heart to Dr Whiteman of Georgia Tech.

For me, as mechanical engineer, it was very useful to see how this course, that I had some time ago in Serbia where I live and work, is presented at an top US and world university.Thank You so much Dr. Whiteman, Georgia Tech and Coursera for a really nice experience.Drazen Kosutic, BASc in M.E.

I had never heard about Georgia Tech, but because of this excellent course of "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering" I search about it and saw its magnitude.

I divulgate the Coursera plataform and the Georgia Tech to my collegues and hope that more and more students could appreciate the technology that you both offer to us.

Apparently this course contains half the curriculum of a Georgia Tech course on engineering statics, so you get a good amount of information.

Thanks to Georgia Tech.

Thank You Georgia Tech and Coursera for providing such a comprehensive and clear course material.

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real life examples

Dr. Whiteman is really good at conveying complex concepts and formulations in simple, easy to understand languages, and the demos and real life examples make the class very interesting.

Uses real life examples and visual aids to achieve clarity in his explanations.

Giving real life examples of objects helped a lot.

Your way of teaching, using real life examples, helped me to better understand and solve the problems.

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looking forward

Currently at week one and looking forward to the rest of the course!

Definitely looking forward to the followup courses!

I am looking forward for Mechanics of Material to learn more new things from that course as well.

Dr.Whiteman is an excellent teacher.His involvement throughout the course was great.The course material was clear and easy to understand.Looking forward to more courses from Dr.Whiteman.

Looking forward to be a part of the follow up course.

I'm looking forward to his follow up course in November.

Looking forward for more courses too basic!!!

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years ago

It helps me pick up what I left over since school more than ten years ago.

Use of props were excellent also, as my prof didn't use any props when I did this in Uni many years ago!

I wanted to brush up on the basics as I finished school a few years ago.

An amazing course good course helped me relearn aspects I learned may years ago Easy to catch up with his presentation and deep analysing of problems in concept level.

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subject matter

The way of presenting the subject matter is very lucid and interesting.

Professor Whiteman took pains to connect each week's subject matter to real-world problems, and the weekly quizzes provided a good opportunity to really think through the material.

Others with more advanced knowledge of the subject matter will have gotten a good refresher course.

These kind of courses are never going to be "easy", but that has nothing to do with the level of the subject matter.

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Senior Metalworking Systems Engineer, Georgia, Florida & Puerto Rico $106k

Executive Program Manager - Georgia Regents/Philips Alliance $111k

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Rating 4.7 based on 550 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort 5 weeks of material; 5 to 7 hours per week work for students
Starts Jul 3 (23 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Georgia Institute of Technology via Coursera
Instructor Dr. Wayne Whiteman, PE
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Engineering
Tags Physical Science And Engineering Mechanical Engineering

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