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Public Health in Humanitarian Crises

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This course introduces a set of public health problems experienced by people affected by natural disasters and/or conflict. It discusses the many changes in people’s lives when they are uprooted by a disaster, ranging from changes in disease patterns, access to health care, livelihoods, shelter, sanitary conditions, nutritional status, etc. We will explore what humanitarian interventions could look like if we want to mitigate the effects of disasters. The course content is a mix of theoretical knowledge and many practical examples from recent disasters. We think this course is unique because it contains so many practical ‘real-life’ examples and is taught be instructors and guest lecturers who together have over 200 years of experience in this field. The course consists of 10 modules totaling approximately 9-10 hours of delivered content with an additional 2-3 hours of self-work (quizzes and writing and evaluating a short peer-review assignment) as well as lively discussions forums. The course has been designed in a way that each module builds on the lessons of previous modules. However, modules can be accessed in any order and some can stand alone. You do not have to pay for this course if you choose to enroll without a certificate. Sometimes referred to as auditing, enrolling without a certificate means that you will have access to all of the videos, quizzes, assignments, and discussions. The only difference is that you will not receive a certificate upon completion. Click the Enroll Without A Certificate link to sign up and begin the course. Even if you enroll in a session that has yet to begin, you may access most of the course materials right away by clicking the Preview Course Materials link. However, you will have to wait for the session to begin before posting on the discussion forum or accessing the final peer-reviewed assessment. Visit the Learner Help Center for details about session schedules.

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Johns Hopkins University

Rating 4.8 based on 39 ratings
Length 6 weeks
Effort 5 weeks, 2-3 hours per week
Starts Feb 25 (tomorrow)
Cost $49
From Johns Hopkins University via Coursera
Instructors Mija Ververs, Gilbert Burnham, MD
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Science
Tags Social Sciences Life Sciences Medicine And Healthcare Governance And Society Public Health

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public health in 12 reviews

This class is very interesting and informative, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a class to expand their knowledge and awareness of Public Health in the Humanitarian relief context.

Informative, insightful and useful for those involved in public health assistance in fragile environments.

Good course, I liked the smooth division of the topics and the lectures simple and comprehensive way in tackling different public health matters, giving related examples from ongoing crisis and lesson learned from past crises.

This course helps in the understanding & identifying humanitarian crises and the role of public health care managers.

An excellent course to help one to understand and address public health issues in humanitarian crises.

this course was exceptional, well prepared, every module have clear and achievable objective, the presentation was excellence according to quality of the video and the content I think this is the perfect springboard for entry level humanitarian professionals who considering a career in humanitarian aid, and global and public health Thank you for the opportunity to take my first Coursera course.

The course was very complete and comprehensive, covered many aspects and integrated many factors associated to public health issues in humanitarian crises.

Great introduction to public health.

humanitarian crises in 6 reviews

great course in 5 reviews

Great course.

Nice one Great course, I recommed it to all.

A great course with motivated teachers.

I recommend this for all physicians This course should be a part of every environmental engineering and environmental health program A great course!

Great course on Humanitarian Health, congratulations.

health in humanitarian in 3 reviews

An excellent introduction to the issues and challenges relating to Public Health in Humanitarian Crises.

Good basic overview of Public Health in Humanitarian Crises- giving a comprehensive overview.

Very interesting Public Health in Humanitarian Crises is a actual problem As a humanitarian clinician ,learning some public health aspects is worthy and has helped me to understand so many issues related to my current work in the field.


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Affiliate Faculty for the School of Practical Theology $44k

Registered Nurse - License Practical Nurse Agency $55k

Practical Nurse Med-Surg Units $58k

Licensed Practical Nurse Lead $63k

Licensed Practical Nurse (North Hills) $65k

Supervisor License Practical Nurse $70k

Licensed Practical Nurse (CLINICAL) $72k

Many different sales & marketing positions $80k

Many various sales positions Manager $81k

Many Positions $82k

Associate Adjunt Professor of Practical Ministries $94k

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