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PLC Fundamentals (Level I)

This course (only ten dollars on PLC Dojo) is designed to equip the novice with no prior PLC programming experience with the basic tools necessary to create a complete PLC program using ladder logic common to most current platforms. 

Using the Rockwell software RSLogix 500 and FactoryTalk View Studio, we will be covering such topics as general controls, digital and analog IO, ladder logic programming, alarm / notification handling, HMI, emulation, best practices and more. 

In the end, we will go through an entire, working PLC program and HMI line by line to solidify comprehension of the learning objectives.

What's covered in each of the five PLC courses I teach here and on my own PLC Dojo site?

This course, (PLC Fundamentals) teaches you how to program with the focus on ladder logic, which is the most popular PLC programming language.  The goal is to teach you everything you need to know to make a PLC do what you want it to do.  You are also given all the software necessary to both CREATE and RUN your own programs live - right on your own computer. For some people, that's all they really need.

But for the people who want to really master PLC programming, they have the option of continuing into the advanced material with me.

Applied Logic (Level 2) forces you to take what you've learned and solve problem after progressively harder problem unassisted.  You get a spec and are told simply: "Make it work, and don't progress until you have."  After, you get to watch me solve each one as well.  By the end, you don't just know how to program - you are a

Process Visualization (Level 3) gives you both knowledge and experience in FIVE different HMI / SCADA development environments.  By the end, you've created several

IEC Paradigms (Level 4) is only for the heavyweights.  This course teaches you how to program using all five IEC programming languages (plus one more) in multiple environments.  There are projects as well, so by the end, you have seen it all and DONE it all as well.  There won't be anything anybody can show you that you won't already be familiar with.

TIA Portal Master Project (Level 5) is the culmination of everything. In that course, you'll program an entire power plant using all five PLC programming languages (in PARALLEL. ) with a full HMI. It's a massive and complex project that really showcases your talents in an interview.

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Rating 4.5 based on 3,382 ratings
Length 21.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $0
From Udemy
Instructor Paul Lynn
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Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software Hardware

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What people are saying

so far

So far everything has been explained in a way for me to catch back up as I am familiar with PLC programming from school.

So far it feels like having total control over the program ( which obviously is an ilusion ).

So far, my objective of just getting familiar with the ladder logic environment in which my Customers use the information available for the instrumentation I have been selling is being satisfied.

So far...So good.

So far information is very easy to understand and explanation of the info is also easy to understand.

Perfect for anyone with little or no experience with PLC coding Taking this course has been really enlightening so far.

So far so good!

I guess I do understand everything so far, but need to solve some problems of build something that works.

Good instructions so far.

So far so good.

Only did the first few sections, so far... it's starting off nice and easy, assuming (hoping) the pace will pick up soon.

In all, satisfied so far, for sure Teaching every aspect in the simplest way due to which every student will learn PLC in a better way The instructor is doing an amazing job explaining the topics at a beginner level and the pacing of the program is great.

which I liked pretty much so far... the product is as advertised relay does start from the basics, easy to follow and instructional so far im finding this part a little slow, but it is very comprehensive to learn the very basics from the beginning The course is great so far.

Great content overall so far; however, I do feel the quizzes should be slightly more challenging to ensure critical points are learned.

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ladder logic

I found this course a really good introduction to ladder logic programming and it had some great information on programming best practices!

Subjects that are complex are broken down to create quick and easy comprehension, such that the student is given a solid foundation to understand the basics of Ladder Logic programming.

I really like this course I have an Automation background (my specialization in university but never worked on the field) and I needed to quickly learn Ladder logic (learned only SFC, ST, FBD) and the fact that this was in Rockwell software also helped as I had never worked with it before.

With Paul's clear instruction and using the free version of RSLogix family of IEC-1131-compliant ladder logic programming package installed locally on my laptop, I was able to create PLC programs.

We covered general controls, digital and analog IO, ladder logic programming, alarm/notification handling, HMI, emulation, best practices and more.

Very interesting topic and ladder logics are well explained by the instructor .

If you don't have any experience with ladder logic, but it is something you want to familiarize yourself with, then this course is a must.

Very informative introduction to ladder logic.

This course improved a lot of my knowledge and helped me to understand how to build ladder logic diagram for PLC from scratch.

As a seasoned programmer in several languages both professionally, and as a hobbyist, I was aware of Ladder Logic but never was formally introduced to it until this course.

the ladder logic could be defined by itself?

I had no experience with Ladder Logic or PLC Programming and this gave me a really solid foundation.

It covers not only the basics of the technical setup procedures, but the basics of ladder logic as well.

The theory of the ladder logic is clearly explained and supported with very good practical examples.

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step by step

Well organised and step by step!!

The step by step instructions and the introduction method is very good for a newbie like myself in PLC Programming environment.

Its step by step, clear and basically easy to follow and learn introduction and pre-lectures are really useful and understandable.

I like the step by step introductory explanations before jumping in and doing something.

He will walk you through the process, step by step, and will encourage you to make sure that you fully understand everything, prior to proceeding onward.

This course is amazing , I always had the curiosity of learning how to program a PLC, honestly I had no idea how a PLC works and how to program one, right now I think that my knowledge is pretty good, the fundamental of how to program a PLC are inside of this course, that is very good structured and take you step by step to understand everything that you need to learn how to do a program.


The following are the comments: • I wish to have more practical example I knew absolutely nothing about PLC programming and the instructor guides you step by step through each process.

The way Paul takes us through this course step by step is just what makes the course more interesting as you proceed further .

The course is divided in small steps and gives step by step learning.

I have taken a lot of courses during my life time, but this is the first one in my opinion that is outstanding in explaining real world situations and demonstrates step by step how to program and troubleshoot the program before rolling it out into a live process.

-The course makes you progressed step by step -The instructor talks slowly and clearly -A tool is provided to practice what you have learned I enjoyed the course and learned a few things I don't already know.

The instructor is very good at building up knowledge gradually, step by step, with not too short, not too long explanations.

Very detailed step by step instructions covering specific basic features related to beginning level PLC programming presented in a logical format.

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highly recommend this course

I highly recommend this course!

perfect teaching I highly recommend this course to the students/engineers/technicians who want to learn from basics about PLC programming, especially if they are interested in working with Allen Bradley PLC programming environment.

I am EXTREMELY satisfied and would HIGHLY recommend this course to any 'beginners' out there.

I would highly recommend this course, can't believe there's so much info for such a low price.

I highly recommend this course for beginner industrial technicians.

Overall, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who needs an instructor that’s there to clarify concerns and also wanting to gain a strong foundation in understanding PLC programming.

I highly recommend this course.

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning ladder logic.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone just starting out learning about PLC,s like me.

I highly recommend this course to anyone getting started to build a solid foundation!

I highly recommend this course and Paul in general.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in plc programming.

I highly recommend this course to any one wanting to learn or brush up on their code work.

The course is very good , I highly recommend this course for each person want to learn PLC programming step by step.

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allen bradley

I learned more in this course than I did after weeks of reading dry, boring manuals on PLC's from Omron and Allen Bradley.

I have worked with Allen Bradley for years and finally, I feel like I have a good understanding of the logic.

I already have Keyence KV Studio, Allen Bradley RSLinx and RSLogix, Delta WPLSoft and Schneider Electric TwidoSuite.

For now I'm working on Allen Bradley, as I learned it here.

I still got a much from this course even though I completed an Allen Bradley SLC500 taught at my local college years ago.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the basics of Allen Bradley PLC's and wants to advance to a higher level later on.

Enjoyed taking this course, and while I do have a omron cj2m plc, I plan on finding a used allen bradley and semiens to become familiar in the different product packages.

I realize that the Allen Bradley HMI programming software is very expensive, thus not practical to include in this course.

I have taken several ControlLogix 5000 classes from Allen Bradley and found this class to be more informative and useful.

This is a great introduction to PLC programming using Rockwell Automation's development tools for Allen Bradley PLCs.

While I don't do much if any on an Allen Bradley PLC, my company is currently using a CLick PLC and doing small projects with it, I am now the main programmer for all our PLC involved projects.

Este curso me hizo reforzar los conocimientos ya adquiridos anteriormente, además de mostrar otros (y muy buenos) criterios de trabajo al programar PLCs Allen Bradley que no había visto en industria.

I have a background in Mitsubishi PLCs, but this course does a good job of not only explaining basic PLC principles, but giving exposure and experience with the Allen Bradley Series of PLCs as well!

I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone starting out using Allen Bradley RSLogix 500 - the principles are also useful for other platforms too :) Exactly what I was looking for.

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real world examples

Paul's a great teacher who makes sure you understand all the concepts (and demonstrates their importance in real world examples) rather than rushing you through everything to make you feel like you're learning a lot.

This course is GREAT, he gives tests, overviews and demonstrates real world examples that I highly appreciate.

There were some occasions when the information given was already obvious and I would have appreciated real world examples of common programming bugs and how to avoid/correct them.

what sets this course apart is the real world examples Paul uses.

The real world examples enhance all that is being taught.

Paul does a wonderful job of explaining each task/step with real world examples too!

Gives best practices and real world examples that you won't get in other courses.

Paul is a natural teacher and is highly effective at sharing his knowledge of control systems with real world examples enforcing concepts along the way.

Real world coding guidelines along with real world examples.

I want to see more real world examples.

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rs logix

Very good breakdown of the various tools available in RS Logix 500 database.

I've been using RS Logix 5000 at work, but this briefing showed me a great deal on the difference between the two programs.

Review of things I have learned in a PLC class I took but need to move forward with learning the advanced RS Logix 5000 quickly.

I followed Paul and copied everything he did in RS Logix for the DEMOTEST and the ALARMS programs.

It goes into a good level of depth explaining how to program, how to set up your programming environment and how to utilise the basic commands in RS Logix.

Great course it has helped me with the rs logix 500 environment as i have only ever worked with the 5000 environment.

I know RS Logix offers a simulator.

Good start to RS logix im not the smartest guy, but your class is barney style enough to help a dummy like me both understand the material, and retain the knowledge.

I only wish that it was updated to RS Logix 5000. definitely great course to start PLC programming.

Missing some steps in RSLogix in how to associate instructions with addresses and run programs... maybe that comes later, but I would have liked to follow along with the video using RS Logix, and I find I lack some fundamentals to do so.

The course lecture gave me a brief overview of what RS LOGIX is and how a user can interact with it.

I currently am new to the concept of PLC programming I have done ladder edits, but not writing code from scratch and so far the course is developed in a great aspect I left this rating because I work in the repair industry and from time to time interact with RS Logix and just thus far I have picked up very useful information as to understanding and learning my way around the program which will make me much more efficient going forward.

Enjoy the using of RS Logix 500 instead of 5000. ok so far I haven't seen much of the course but I can tell you that I am enjoying it.

Easy to follow SO FAR VERY INFORMING yes a good refresh on rs logix 500 since i usualy work on omron plc Clear, concise and relevant material.

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well put together

This course was extremely well put together and presented.

It is well put together and for beginners like myself.

Course is well put together for beginners, some advanced stuff here and there but careful not to intimidate beginners.

I have C++ programmer background and I still found the course to be interesting, very well put together.

This course is well put together on PLC programing.

The material/content and instruction is very well put together.

Material is very organized and well put together.

Well put together and very easy to understand!

its fine and ok Videos are very well put together and easy to understand So far very easy to use and understand it is good explaining i consider myself lucky to ever thought of taking this course of plc from scratch with Mr Paul ...the classes made the plc so easy to understand and use and even love to program ...i do appreciate the class as well as the 101 help and support in no time ..thank you for being available Very interesting so far Easy to use anytime anywhere on phone clear, concise, easy to follow easy to understand.

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no prior experience

Starts out slow and general enough for a novice with no prior experience to stay along with the instruction and not get confused or turned off instantly right at the start.

I have no prior experience in the PLC world but definitely feel more comfortable now.

I had absolutely no prior experience in PLCs or ladder logic, and I took this course to prepare myself for a job as a controls engineer.

The course is challenging for someone with no prior experience, but is is laid out logically and delivered clearly.

It's just making it simple for novice Everything I am learning right now is helping me with my internship where I had no prior experience in ladder logic.

A good, slow burn class when it comes to covering the basics of PLC's Very easy to understand for someone like me with no prior experience in PLC.

Very easy descriptions for those with no prior experience.

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look forward to continuing

I look forward to continuing this course and the rest of the subsequent courses afterward.

This was an excellent primer and look forward to continuing on with the subsequent course to extend my knowledge.

The instructor seems to be very passionate and knowledgeable about PLC programming and I look forward to continuing on.

I am appreciating the pace and style of the instructor and look forward to continuing the class.

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go back and review

I need to go back and review It goes a little slow for me, but that might be because i already have had instruction in the basics of plc programming.

This course is great I have found it necessary to go back and review areas that I thought were very simple initally.

The tutor was great and the way the course is designed you can go back and review lectures when your not clear about something.

If you listen to Paul and actually go back and review where you have questions you will figure it out and be better for it.

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starting from scratch

Yes this course is good with lots of information and on the top of that this is really starting from scratch Very useful and basically process fundamental Sr. Lynn, congratulations and thanks your for this magnificent course, i'm already an automation engineer and electronics engineer so i know some of the technical info you gave to us, but this course is more than that; you gave us excellent tips and practices that i will never forget.

Through no desire of my own I just recently had to come out of being semi retired and I am starting from scratch again and do not have thousands of expendable dollars to attend these other classes that are offered from major schools.

starting from scratch again twenty years after completeing Mitsubishi course at mt local college.

I love it It is a very good course starting from scratch Clear explanations with simple language.

I have some knowledge, But starting from scratch really helps.

well detailed straight forward especially for beginners starting from scratch Thorough Explanations so far.

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Rating 4.5 based on 3,382 ratings
Length 21.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $0
From Udemy
Instructor Paul Lynn
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software Hardware

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