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Genomic Data Science with Galaxy

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Genomic Data Science,

Learn to use the tools that are available from the Galaxy Project. This is the second course in the Genomic Big Data Science Specialization.
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Rating 2.8 based on 175 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Starts Jun 28 (153 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Johns Hopkins University via Coursera
Instructor James Taylor, PhD
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Language English
Subjects Science Data Science
Tags Life Sciences Biology Data Science Data Analysis Health Informatics

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What people are saying

final project

This one is totally useless: four lectures of 20-25 minutes and a final project that is impossible to complete based on those lectures.

The staff was mostly absent from the course -- completely absent in the second half when the students realized they could not complete the final project.

Final project is nightmare.

Final project is AWFUL (there is no lecture teaching about variant calling tools on Galaxy and how to manipulate VCF files and THAT`S what they pick for a final project!).

Very fun and educational This is a very good course but I took a lot of time on the final project because it was very difficult since much of the work was not covered in class.

The lectures in no way prepare an individual to tackle the the final project.

The final project is quite apprehesive at first glance, nevertheless its engaging when you pry for furthermore to create the ultimately functioning workflow of demanded results.

My suggestion would be to add on few more materials before the final project submission.

The lectures and quizzes were great to teach Galaxy to a first-time user, but were not sufficient to inform on how to do the final project.

If more information is provided on how to do the final project, then this course would improve.

The final project is TOUGH for beginners and requires you to implement skills that were not touched upon during the course.

It was super complicated to draw conclusions in the final project due to lack of information in the course.The Galaxy is very powerful, provides fantastic features, I think it would be interesting to extend the duration and create more in-depth materials.

Only one problem, it was difficult to perform the final project wiht the knowledge we got from the course.

I think the final project required much more domain knowledge than what the course actually taught.Peer review system can be sometimes very confusing.

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data science

I took the first offering of this, the second course in the Genomic Data Science specialization, and there are a number of issues that I hope the specialization team can work out.

The explanations given by Dr. Taylor are fairly good, but as with other courses in this specialization and in the Data Science specialization, the depth of the instruction is not quite enough to prepare students for the final project.

Someone recommended that doing command line tools for genomic data science really helped them.Definitely, worthwhile course.

As the second (of 7) course in the "Genomics Data Science" sequence, I had expected to learn more about genomic analysis.

The course is quite easy to take, which is reflected in its ability to inform the needed tools and approaches for doing some very basic genome data exploratory analysis.The Final assignment was however outside the scope of the learning from this course, as principles and anaylsis which are NOT covered by this course (but in a latter Genomic Data Science specialization - Command Line tools) , are required to complete the final assignment.

This entire specialization on data sciences for genomics is a horribly done effort with no co-ordination, inadequate theory, poorly thought out examples and assignments totally different from what is taught var rating = 3;rating += 1; // learn by doingrating -= 2; // learning deprecated and thus useless materialrating -= 1; // chaotic presentation and failure to explain any concepts deeplyreturn rating;>>>rating: 1 Good course, but project was not well explained or executed Overall, a very informative course.

I am taking this course as a requirement for the Data Science Specialization.

Good intro course for people trying to understand data science role in Genome related data and other informations.

There was a great leap between the first introductory course and the second (current) one in this genomic data science specialization.

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discussion forum

This course isn't kept up to date, no one from the course staff answers questions on the discussion forums (I see unanswered questions going back more than 6 months), and the lectures didn't sufficiently prepare most people for the course assignment.

You have to dig through the discussion forum to get some kind of hint of where to start.

Read the discussion forums and you'll see what I'm talking abut.

Some of the confusions can be clarified by reading bunch of past discussions, but it'd be much better if there is a single place (not discussion forum) where students can find all the necessary information regarding the final project and how to grade.

Help via the discussion forum was critical to design an analysis pipeline - so thank you Dejan and all contributors for the support.This is not a course I could easily do part-time: I don’t have time to read the fine print on what is available for free on Amazon, nor do I have time to go through all of the tools on galaxy to find out what would be the best for my analysis.On the positive side: I think Galaxy is a great tool.

The community in the discussion forum has been posting issues with executing the tutorials and assignments for over 3 years with no assistance.

Fortunately, discussion forum posts by students and Mentors provide guidance about the Galaxy software.

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final exam

Useful and lightweight course; except the final exam which is quite difficult, in my opinion.

The course material did not cover anything that we needed to complete the final exam.

The final exam is peer reviewed by two classmates and I didn't pass because one classmate is unable to open the vcf file It is very nice Course to learn the hands-on dry lab work for Biologists.

The final exam is out of proportion to what was taught in class.

Also, the final exam requires you to do a lot of search, find and define.

The final exam is confusing with very vague instruction.

The material is not sufficient to have a good learning experience with the Final Exam Very useful!

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felt like

The course felt like publicity for the Galaxy platform, and was generally uninteresting.

I felt like there was a lot of information that could have been explained, but wasn't.

It felt like following instructions to push certain buttons.

I felt like I was getting freshman-level lectures and than was given a graduate-level assignment.

I felt like the course project was far more advanced than all the other detail.

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very helpful

I found going through the galaxy tutorials very helpful.

Overall very helpful.

I hope they add some lectures as whatever lectures are currently available are clear content very helpful class.

This course is very helpful for postgraduate students dealing with sequence data analysis.

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very well

Also, the final peer reviewed project isn't explained very well and uses tools and methods that aren't even within the scope of the module.

The course is very well taught, the lectures are clear and easy to follow, the quizzes are properly designed and you can solve them with the material available.

The course is good, I don't feel like I'm very excellent with Galaxy at the end of it Not very well explained concepts in the course.

The course itself is very well taught, although the information is rudimentary relative to the final project.

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Rating 2.8 based on 175 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Starts Jun 28 (153 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Johns Hopkins University via Coursera
Instructor James Taylor, PhD
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Science Data Science
Tags Life Sciences Biology Data Science Data Analysis Health Informatics

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