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Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization

Colossal pyramids, imposing temples, golden treasures, enigmatic hieroglyphs, powerful pharaohs, strange gods, and mysterious mummies are features of Ancient Egyptian culture that have fascinated people over the millennia. The Bible refers to its gods, rulers, and pyramids. Neighboring cultures in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean wrote about its god-like kings and its seemingly endless supply of gold. The Greeks and Romans describe aspects of Egypt's culture and history. As the 19th century began, the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt highlighted the wonders of this ancient land, and public interest soared. Not long after, Champollion deciphered Egypt's hieroglyphs and paved the way for other scholars to reveal that Egyptian texts dealt with medicine, dentistry, veterinary practices, mathematics, literature, and accounting, and many other topics. Then, early in the 20th century, Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun and its fabulous contents. Exhibitions of this treasure a few decades later resulted in the world's first blockbuster, and its revival in the 21st century has kept interest alive. Join Dr. David Silverman, Professor of Egyptology at Penn, Curator in Charge of the Egyptian Section of the Penn Museum, and curator of the Tutankhamun exhibitions on a guided tour of the mysteries and wonders of this ancient land. He has developed this online course and set it in the galleries of the world famous Penn Museum. He uses many original Egyptian artifacts to illustrate his lectures as he guides students as they make their own discovery of this fascinating culture.

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Rating 4.5 based on 342 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Starts Jul 3 (23 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From University of Pennsylvania via Coursera
Instructor David P. Silverman
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Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Humanities Art & Design Business
Tags Social Sciences History Arts And Humanities Economics

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What people are saying

dr. silverman

Thanks Dr. Silverman.

Dr. Silverman thanks a lot!

I recommend reading the suggested books (majority are free of charge) but also purchasing Dr. Silverman's book Ancient Egypt which is a staple in Egyptology classes.

Interesting Dr. Silverman is clear and easy to follow, and I appreciated the many suggested readings that were available online from various institutions.

I want to thank Dr. Silverman and his colleagues to bring that amazing course to us.

I loved Dr. Silverman's lectures and the photos of artifacts from the museum.

The subject matter is of great interest to me but unfortunately Dr. Silverman standing paralyzed before a projected backdrop and lecturing in a monotone doesn't do it.

Thank you Dr. Silvermann.

An extensive amount of information pertaining to the the ancient civilization, and Dr. Silverman explain everything with great understanding!

Dr. Silverman's lectures are very engaging and highly informative, always leaving you feeling excited for the next lecture.

Dr. Silverman the the content in this course is wonderful.

Thank you Dr. Silverman.

The quiz was the best part good Absolutely fascinating I love the course, the content, and Dr. Silverman's book.

Dr. Silverman's lectures and book are great!

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introduction to ancient egypt

It was a great introduction to ancient Egypt I think this course is very informative but I feel, the narration is very flat and some modulation can be used.

Course is a great introduction to Ancient Egypt, format and outline is well thought out.

Fantastic introduction to Ancient Egypt.

A very good basic introduction to Ancient Egypt.

I enjoyed the course, I have learnt a lot and Great course for introduction to Ancient Egypt!

Of the courses I've taken through Coursera, Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization is, by far, my favorite.

I would like my quiz corrected.Overall, I got what I came for - a fairly comprehensive overview and introduction to ancient Egypt and Its Civilization.

Lecturer seemed uncomfortable with presenting to camera at first, but seemed to improve as course went on This course is really a good introduction to Ancient Egypt.

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penn museum

The materials in the Penn Museum were often referred to and shown.

The most exciting part of the course is the sneak peak that you get in the Penn Museum collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts and also the various other photographs in each video.

I sincerely thank the team at Coursera, the Penn Museum and David Silverman for their efforts in putting together such a great course!

Lots of detail, particularly about the Penn museum.

learned a lot about Egypt which is total vacancy in my knowledge before taking the course and helped in greater understanding of Penn Museum's collection I liked it, but I've expected more videos.

Fantastic content, I really learnt some new things I am inspired to travel to visit Penn Museum.

Dr. Silverman is very knowledgeable in his field and every time he mentioned some artifact in the Penn Museum, it made me more and more interested in visiting.

And every word have become concrete when I progress in this course under Prof. Silverman's instruction and tour in the Penn museum.

Excellent teacher and to be able to see important pieces in the Penn Museum was a plus.

I also love the Penn Museum in Philadelphia which inspired me to take this course!

The richness of the Penn museum is not taken advantage with an introductory tour.

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very informative

So informative and such an encou Very informative, and easy for beginners to grasp!

Very informative and further elaborates on topics of only heard about.

Very informative and interesting!

Very informative despite this.

great class, very informative Interesting class, which give a good overview of Ancient Egypt.

slightly boring way of explaining the history behind every statue by the tutor with a monotonous voice tone I liked this course..thanksfull with you coursera and the university from penssilvanya Very informative and professional in the way the information was presented.

Very informative This course was incredibly informative and the thorough integration of real artifacts was a pleasure.

Very well done and very informative.

Very informative.

A very informative course with a lot of amazing detail included.

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learnt a lot

ı learnt a lot from him.

I learnt a lot and I enjoyed each of the videos and content since it provided me a new perspective about the studies that researchers have in different parts of the world.

I learnt a lot and it has increased my desire to learn more about Ancient Egypt.

I have learnt a lot with this course.

Amazing course i learnt a lot about egyptian history.

I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.

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highly recommend

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is genuinely interested in learning more about Egyptian myths and history.

Highly recommend - instructor is very wise Very interesting, makes we want more!

Highly recommended While the information is interesting, the speaker is horrendous.

It was an excellent course and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Highly recommend!

I highly recommend it.

Would highly recommend the class!

Also bought his book, i highly recommend!

Highly recommend to others with an interest in Ancient Egypt.

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egyptian civilization

Provided great background info on the culture and revealed new perspectives-I learned a great deal about how diverse and dynamic the legacy of ancient Egyptian civilizations are and gained better fact-based knowledge that contradicted some of the info I learned in the past.

très bon cours dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de sous-titres en français j'ai appris beaucoup sur ce pays I would like to thank this course for giving me opportunity to learn and discover more about the Egyptian Civilization .

My interest in Ancient Egyptian civilization began in early childhood and has stuck with me ever since (I'm in my forties now).

Couldn't have found a better course than this to get started on the Egyptian civilization.

Excellent course to introduce the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

This course offered by University of Pennsylvania had very much helped me in knowing the Egyptian civilization.

Very professional and informative This course is truly wonderful, I found with it a very large amount of documented information about the ancient Egyptian civilization to the degree of fascinated me, and made me feel information poverty about my country civilization ..

I have the answers of many of my questions about the Egyptian civilization.

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so much

I love to learn about colossal pyramids, imposing temples, golden treasures, enigmatic hieroglyphs, powerful pharaohs, strange gods, and mysterious mummies are features of Ancient Egyptian culture that have fascinated me so much.

Thank you so much informative and fun!!

Thank you so much for and interesting and informative class.

Thank you so much Coursera for existing and bringing in universities like Penn into the online learning forum.

I liked so much!!

I'm learning so much.

Now I know the history, the symbols, their gods, the significance of mummification, the christian motifs that were "borrowed" from the egyptians and so much more.

I have so much fun in this course.

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really enjoyed

Amazing , i really enjoyed it .

Really enjoyed this class.

I really enjoyed learning more about ancient Egypt.

i also really enjoyed the session in the lab.

That being said, I really enjoyed the class as a very direct knowledge-gathering experience.

I really enjoyed this course!

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easy to understand

The course is not too fast paced, provides subtitles and is generally easy to understand.

brilliant for wanna be egyptologists Really enjoyed taking this course it was very fascinating but easy to understand.

It is easy to understand and assimilate.

It was great and easy to understand.

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dr silverman

I will surely take any other course on Egyptology if offered/ organized by Dr Silverman on this subject.

Veryintrestingandalottolearn Informative for the beginner but Dr Silverman really does have to work on his deadpan delivery as the excitement of the teacher spreads to the student.

Finally, while Dr Silverman is, clearly, an eminent academic, he is not a natural presenter, reading from a script and uncomfortable on camera.

Descriptive I really enjoyed this course and I will miss Dr SIlverman's voice.

Las explicaciones del Dr Silverman son muy claras y fáciles de entender.

Dr Silverman lectures were very interesting and informative, Bought both course and optional book.

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Rating 4.5 based on 342 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Starts Jul 3 (23 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From University of Pennsylvania via Coursera
Instructor David P. Silverman
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Humanities Art & Design Business
Tags Social Sciences History Arts And Humanities Economics

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