Become an Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants keep organizations running smoothly. Master the skills necessary to thrive in this fast-paced job, from effective communication and business etiquette to the must-have technology skills that are essential for all administrative professionals.
Learn the essentials of efficient and productive administrative work.
Communicate effectively and with confidence.
Master the fundamentals of the Microsoft Office suite.

Course modules include:
  • Business Etiquette: Phone, Email, and Text
  • Learning Typing
  • Time Management Fundamentals
  • Note-Taking for Business Professionals
  • Communication
  • Learning to Be Assertive
  • Learning Word 2016
  • Learning Excel 2016
  • Learning Outlook 2016
  • Learning PowerPoint 2016
  • Learning Access 2016

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From Lynda
Instructors Suzanna Kaye, Anson Alexander, Paul Nowak, Nick Brazzi, David Rivers, Dave Crenshaw, John Ullmen, Chris Croft, Jess Stratton, Adam Wilbert, Garrick Chow
Length 14 Hours
Availability Current
Price $25/month, Free Trial Available
Language English (English)
Subjects Business
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This course teaches valuable skills*


Yearly salary

This is the average pay in the US for people with these skills.

We've collected a sampling of potential jobs below.

Bingo Attendant


Database Warehouse Analyst(Director)


Database Warehouse Analyst (Experienced)


Data Control Clerk (Senior)


*Median income figures across U.S., note that actual salaries vary.

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