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The Complete JavaScript Course 2022

 The #1 bestselling JavaScript course on Udemy.

Updated for ES2021 and ES2022 in November 2021

"Really, really well made course. Super in-depth, with great challenges and projects that will solidify your Javascript understanding. I found the lectures were paced perfectly Jonas doesn't skip over anything that might be useful to a JS developer" — Carson Bartholomew

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. It powers the entire modern web. It provides millions of high-paying jobs all over the world.

That's why you want to learn JavaScript too. And you came to the right place.

Why is this the right JavaScript course for you?

This is the most complete JavaScript course on Udemy. It's an all-in-one package that will take you from the very fundamentals of JavaScript, all the way to building modern and complex applications.

You will learn modern JavaScript from the very beginning, step-by-step. I will guide you through practical and fun code examples, important theory about how JavaScript works behind the scenes, and beautiful and complete projects.

You will also learn how to think like a developer, how to plan application features, how to architect your code, how to debug code, and a lot of other real-world skills that you will need on your developer job.

And unlike other courses, this one actually contains beginner, intermediate, advanced, and even expert topics, so you don't have to buy any other course in order to master JavaScript from the ground up.

But... You don't have to go into all these topics. This is a huge course, because, after all, it's "The Complete JavaScript Course". In fact, it's like many courses in one. But you can become an excellent developer by watching only parts of the course. That's why I built this course in a very modular way, and designed pathways that will take you through the course faster.

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and confidence that you need in order to ace your job interviews and become a professional developer.

Why am I the right JavaScript teacher for you?

My name is Jonas, I'm an experienced web developer and designer, and one of Udemy's top instructors. I have been teaching this bestselling course since 2016 to over 400,000 developers, always listening to feedback and understanding exactly how students actually learn.

Recently, I took all my teaching experience to build this new and greatly improved JavaScript course. It's now the best and most in-depth JavaScript course that you will find on Udemy (and maybe the entire internet).

I know how students learn JavaScript and what they need in order to master it. And with that knowledge, I designed the ideal course curriculum. It's a unique blend of real-world projects, deep explanations, theory lectures, and challenges, that will take you from zero to an expert and confident JavaScript developer in just a couple of weeks.

So what exactly is covered in the course?

  • Build 5 beautiful real-world projects for your portfolio. In these projects, you will learn how to plan and architect your applications using flowcharts and common JavaScript patterns

  • Master the JavaScript fundamentals: variables, if/else, operators, boolean logic, functions, arrays, objects, loops, strings, and more

  • Learn modern JavaScript (ES6+) from the beginning: arrow functions, destructuring, spread operator, default arguments, optional chaining (ES2020), and more

  • How JavaScript works behind the scenes: engines, the call stack, hoisting, scoping, the 'this' keyword, reference values, and more.

  • Deep dive into functions: arrow functions, first-class and higher-order functions, bind, and closures.

  • Deep dive into object-oriented programming: prototypal inheritance, constructor functions (ES5), classes (ES6), encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism. [This is like a small standalone course]

  • Deep dive into asynchronous JavaScript: the event loop, promises, async/await, and error handling. You will use these to access data from third-party APIs with AJAX calls. [This is like a small standalone course]

  • Learn modern tools that are used by professional web developers: NPM, Parcel (module bundler), Babel, and ES6 modules

Check out the course curriculum for an even more detailed overview of the content :)

This is what's also included in the package:

  • Up-to-date HD-quality videos, that are easy to search and reference (great for Udemy for Business students)

  • Professional English captions (not the auto-generated ones)

  • Downloadable starter code and final code for each section

  • Downloadable slides for 40+ theory videos (not boring, I promise. )

  • Free support in the course Q&A

  • 25+ coding challenges and 25+ assignments to practice your new skills (solutions included)

This course is for you if...

  • ... you want to gain a true and deep understanding of JavaScript

  • ... you have been trying to learn JavaScript but: 1) still don't really understand JavaScript, or 2) still don't feel confident to code real apps

  • ... you are interested in using a library/framework like React, Angular, Vue, or Node.js in the future

  • ... you already know JavaScript and are looking for an advanced course. This course includes expert topics.

  • ... you want to get started with programming: JavaScript is a great first language.

Does any of these look like you? If so, then start this adventure today, and join me and 400,000+ other developers in the only JavaScript course that you will ever need.

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Rating 4.5 based on 10,000 ratings
Length 69 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $23
From Udemy
Instructor Jonas Schmedtmann
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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What people are saying

coding challenge

The coding challenges are very helpful too, they help cement the knowledge Jonas is a really good teacher and this is the second course I'm taking with him (the first was HTML5 and CSS3), so I think I can have a word on that.

But I learn more when I have coding challenges then project.

To get the best out of this course, spend time working on the numerous coding challenges and individualizing them to really get the key concepts!

Projects part was nice and also coding challenges This was a really well structured and thoughtfully produced course.

The 3 projects, as well the coding challenges were great to apply the new content learnt through out the course.

I wish there were more coding challenges throughout the course - like show us how to do something in the abstract as an example, then challenge us to implement the correct code on our own.

Great course, I liked the coding challenge exercises at the end of some of the sections.

The coding challenges are really useful as they give me a chance to put whatever i learn to test.

The coding challenges were extremely helpful.

The first few chapters were quite basic but the coding challenges and projects were amazing and kept my interest.

I couldn't complete the first two coding challenges on my own, and so I was worried I may not be retaining the information - but the third coding challenge I completed on my first try, all on my own, without a single error along the way!

I really enjoyed the coding challenges because I could compare my solution with the one provided by Jonas and learn a lot from there.

Great course, I just wish there were more exercises throughout each topic instead of just a coding challenge at the end of each one.

Thx Jonas, keep working :D I love this course, I was able to do coding challenge 8 with ease after everything I've learned so far.

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step by step

He choses his materials carefully and walks you step by step twoards complicated subjects.

If you follow the course step by step and do the exercises and projects, you should get through it without much problems.

I don't feel overwhelmed with the content at all because everything is explained step by step!

great style, step by step guide to really catch what is going on and to practise!!

good instructor, teaching step by step, clear and giving proper challenges to be solved by the audience which makes you know whether you have learnt the topic or not.

The projects were a challenge, but they went step by step, and I learned a lot.

Jonas is really good, able to understand easily, and interesting Amazing experience all around It's very helpful to see these apps being built step by step.

The thing that i loved the most about this course is the apps that he builds step by step after each section.

absolutely horrible Good explanation step by step, so far very good !

Once I learn something that I do not know I`ll give better rating Really enjoying the videos & step by step explanations.

Answer feedbacks are also quick and comprehensive, no matter how dumb questions you ask :) it's nice because it takes you to step by step and has challenges to see if you really understand it.

Very informative and takes you step by step through the course.

Works perfect on phone and tablet execellent course, jonas is really teaching javascript step by step from beginner to advanced, amazing what i am learning here as a web developer for years.

Amazing instructor/teacher, explains everything very clearly and thoroughly, making this subject really engaging, doesn't just types code in the screen leaving you clueless, he actually takes the time to explain what everything does step by step and in which scenarios it applies, highly recommended for someone interested in learning JavaScript from the very basics to advance coding, with tons of examples and coding challenges, in a very nice pace with well made videos, clear speaking voice, very easy to digest and not get tired.

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web development

Solid foundation for web development.

But I'll say that this is a rock solid introduction to JavaScript that'll show what you can do with JavaScript in web development.

I am by no means knowledgeable in JS, but I have been reading about it, and I think it's a lost opportunity to not show that JS can also be used outside the web development field also.

For New learning web development people ,will get some basic idea, like how websites will work and Design.

I'd recommend this course to anyone who would like to or currently works in web development.

I highly recommend this course, and I will most likely be purchasing more of his web development related content in the future.

I definitely look forward for other courses on web development and programming in general by the author.

I thought this was a very thorough introduction to JavaScript and the tools used in web development.

Some early content was basic for an experienced programmer in other languages, but it covered front end web development very well and includes modern Javascript usage.

I was a beginner in web development and by that i mean i relied on copy pasting random code from the internet .

This course is by far to most elaborate and yet to the point learning source i have found for learning java script and overall web development .

I started this course without any knowlwdge of JS i already had some coding knowledge but only in structural languages ​​(c, pascal, arduino, avr) but after taking this course i started to love web development.

I hope Jonas makes a React course someday since I am learning one right now, after this I am going to take is node js course, thanks again Jonas for starting my love for web development.

Awesome Course As an embedded software engineer looking to expand into web development, this course was fantastic!

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works behind the scenes

This course was very comprehensive about JavaScript as a language, and Jonas did a great job explaining all the language features and how it works behind the scenes.

Incredible, Not only will you learn how to code in JavaScript but you will understand how it works behind the scenes, A skill that very few JavaScript programmers possess Recommended!

The part that I've appreciated most is the section 3 of this course where the teacher describes how javascript works behind the scenes.

Not only that but you actually learn how javascript works behind the scenes.

Jonas is clearly a very experienced and talented developer and he understands how JS works behind the scenes.

You don't only learn how to code in javascript, but also how javascript works behind the scenes.

- After that you get to know how JS works behind the scenes.

I think this is very important, because programming is a logical thing and if you dont know how js works behind the scenes you can't really get how all of this works.

I learned a huge amount about how JS works behind the scenes, and so now when I source a solution from stackoverflow, I actually know what the code does and why it works.

This course was absolutely amazing, it gave a really solid understanding of javascript and how javascript really works behind the scenes (which is extremely important).

A highlight from all his courses is showing you how it works behind the scenes, this is a tremendous help as it deepens your understanding and ability!

I liked very much that not only the basics of the language are affected, but also how it works behind the scenes.

The lectures about the execution context and the lexical scope are invaluable to understanding how JavaScript works behind the scenes.

Jonas is explaining all the details how JSworks behind the scenes (that is why I will redo the course, to fully understand all the concepts) and the budget app project is good too because it shows how to develop a real JS project.

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computer science

That's especially good if you are a self taught programmer who already knows one or two languages - Jonas goes deep into details of computer science concepts, so it doesn't feel like learning the same thing again.

It was very helpful since I am a fresh A-Level Computer Science student and my course at sixth-form consists of 80-90% javascript coding.

As someone with a computer science degree from the way back past (1983 to 1986), I appreciate the theoretical underpinning that Jonas gives and this makes me feel like I have a firm foundation going forward.

I have a background in Computer Science and learned Java before, so I was able to swiftly go through the basics and just see how to do typical things like variables, functions in JavaScript.

I studied computer science, but have not used it in nearly a decade due to certain jobs.

Uses good programming / computer science terms.

*And* the best is Jonas's explanations of Computer Science concepts in JavaScript, with application code for the theory, which enables you to speak at a higher level of expertise in job interviews.

It's like taking a computer science course but better!

Was afraid I wasted money at first because it was just the super basics of computer science, but then it got into what makes the history and what makes Javascript unique (dynamic typing, type coercion, lexical scoping, etc.

I took AP Computer Science Principles at my school where we used CodeHS, and this course is far better.

I have been coding regularly for about a year, now, but I don't have a Computer Science background.

Things that help all ranges of computer science.

This course is everything I wish my bachelors degree in computer science was!

I am struggling in my AP computer science course is high school, and I would say this is exponentially helping me.

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worth every penny

It worth every penny!!!

Best bang for the buck / worth every penny!

Worth every penny!!

perfect mix in depth theory and praxis with very good teacher...absolute top javascript course, worth every penny, you will not regret... Great course - thorough explanations given of detailed and complex programming in a way that is relatively easy to understand.

Worth every penny!

This course was worth every penny.

Worth every penny.

This course is worth every penny.

Really good course, Jonas goes over all the topics slowly with patience, I have wasted my money on a lot of online courses (on Udemy), this one however, stands out, it's simply worth every penny.

this one was worth every penny, no question about it.

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hello world

It runs the first 'Hello World' but will not run the 2nd one.

I spent well over an hour right off trying to figure out why my code for "Hello World" wasn't working at all.

I realized that I wrote the 'Hello World' in the index file from the final folder, but I was trying to view it from the starter index file.

There have been updates to chrome, Brackets, and some confusion on where to save files Brilliant, just done the first taster lecture on the basics and got my first hello world!

When I loaded the page and inspected the element, viewing the "console" tab, my code "Hello World!!!"

The reason why I'm giving 4.5 stars and not a 5 star rating is I have the same problem as with other tutorials - I'm learning how to print "Hello world" or create something very basic like text calculator, while world around me talking about AI and VR.

I can write "Hello World" now...

After all the classes the only thing I could honestly say I learned to code was “Hello World!” (Sad I know).

It's like i boarded the train at Hello World!, and sat down to read a book in the bar car, and all of a sudden, walla!

I am following exactly what the instructor is demonstrating on Section 2, lecture 8, i am getting an error, i can not see 'Hello World' as supposed, instead i get errors when i click on console tab.

Could not understand how to get to script.js and change Hello World!

to Hello World!!!

easy to understand Like it so far Esta muy bueno ctrl-S was not saving the script.js file to the folder so I had to manually create a file with the 'Hello World!!!'

Only problem I had was getting the console to log "Hello World!"

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my only complaint

My only complaint is he assumes we are running MacOS so saying "hit command option X to get the debug window" means nothing on Windows Chrome.

My only complaint.

My only complaint is that there wasn't any information on how to test the applications.

My only complaint is that closures where quite unclear at first for me, but googleing it a bit found an explanation that fitted better to my understanding.

My only complaint is that the bulk of the course is taught in ES5.

I'm just starting the Objects/Functions section, & my only complaint is that Section 4 got very difficult to follow very quickly.

My only complaint is displaying the code editor next to the browser page; it makes reading the code a little bit of a challenge.

I wish some of the challenges were worded a little more clearly for beginners but that's really my only complaint.

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front end development

I went into this course with a lot of background in Python and data science, but hardly any experience with front end development, which I needed for a personal project I was working on.

and this seems so far to be a good transition to front end development.

this course is easily to understand, and this author give the best curriculum I highly recommend this course to those who are serious about Front end development.

By the time you finish the course, you should have all the skills you need to start doing some front end development, and the knowledge and confidence to move on to more advanced topics in the language.

Great course for those who are interested in front end development.

It’s a good refresher for someone who wants to get back into/get more experience with front end development Really great course for learning the fundamentals of Javascript!

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colt steele

I'd go with Traversy Media or Colt Steele.

I've taken Colt Steele's Web Development course and wasn't completely confident in writing Javascript, I knew to become a Web Developer and to move on with my career I needed to get a great understanding of how to use Javascript and be proficient in it.

After working with one of Colt Steele's courses I've realized his course as people have been saying is a bit dated at this point.

For every set of lessons, he provides as challenging an exercise as Colt Steele or CodeWars.

He is very clear and efficient, and for me, he is in the TOP 3 of best teachers of Udemy ( with Colt Steele too).

:) I started this course after getting about 80% of the way through Colt Steele's 'The complete web developer bootcamp' because I wanted to get a better understanding of JavaScript and become better at it.

PROS: 1) Jonas is a good instructor and while going through the beginning of the course which was mostly a repetition of Colt steele's JS section, I still managed to learn a few new things about the fundamentals which Colt Steele didn't mention, so props to Jonas for that.

I am taking Colt Steele's Web Dev Bootcamp and love that course, but I am stopping long enough to take this course.

I have gone through the front-end material by Colt Steele's course on Udemy so much of this is review.

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deserves 5 stars

In the beginning, i rated in 3 , but im half way through and i gotta say i learned a lot from him so he deserves 5 stars.

I would like to understand JavaScript to it's core so I can use functions in other projects without your help, so take this little suggestions into consideration :) Nevertheless, your course deserves 5 stars, because it's above my expectations.

This course deserves 5 stars for the explanation and implementation of the Module pattern alone.

Without a doubt this course deserves 5 stars Great material and explanation.

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ins and outs

I absolutely love the course, it has taught me the full ins and outs of JS.

Jonas explains the ins and outs of javascript such as hoisting very well.

It was a great way to learn the language and Jonas really takes you through the ins and outs of everything.

Aside from the ins and outs of JS, Jonas actually teaches you how to program and how to think about structuring the project.

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Rating 4.5 based on 10,000 ratings
Length 69 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $23
From Udemy
Instructor Jonas Schmedtmann
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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