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Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools

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Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development,

This course will give you an overview of client-side web UI frameworks, in particular Bootstrap 4. You will learn about grids and responsive design, Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript components. You will learn about CSS preprocessors, Less and Sass. You will also learn the basics of Node.js and NPM and task runners like Grunt and Gulp. At the end of this course, you will be able to a)Set up, design and style a web page using Bootstrap 4 and its components, b) Create a responsive web page design, and c) Make use of web tools to setup and manage web sites. This course also includes an honors track that enables you to work on your own project developing a website using Bootstrap 4. Students enrolling in this course should have prior good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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Rating 4.8 based on 681 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 4-6 hours/week
Starts Nov 7 (84 weeks ago)
Cost $50
From The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology via Coursera
Instructor Jogesh K. Muppala
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Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Computer Science Mobile And Web Development

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What people are saying

web development

It gave me tools to continue my research for web development There were some good aspects of this course, but the entire premise is that it is built on Alpha software.

It also focus a little on npm, grunt, gulp, less, sass and other useful stuffs that could make an initial approach to front-end web development easier.

Great course ever for any Beginner to learn about web development Really goes in-depth for Bootstrap.

The instructor is highly qualified and well committed to ensuring that all students obtain a clear understanding of the course material: the video lectures and written course material are of superior quality, and the professor frequently responds to questions posted by students via the forums.Overall, this course -- along with the entire web development specialization -- provides affordable opportunities to students attempting to develop the expertise required to secure employment as web developers.

A really nice course to get started with bootstrap.The course material was very well prepared in a way that the new user will find no difficulty in going through the course This is a really nice and helpful course which takes you through the basics of Bootstrap 4 and responsive web development on a high level.

Also touches upon basics of version control and other tools complimentary to web development.

Good way to learn about Web Development!!!

Nice course ,all because instructor and study material is too good ..It is so helpful everybody should try this if they are interested in web development ); All course is very good, thanks to prof. Muppala.

Excellent course for web development beginners I enjoy this course I could update my knowledge abou bootstrap EXCELLENT COURSE best Awesome I learn lots of things!

Great specialization course to take for Web Development Good Course!

THis course my skill improve web development.

Good course and good teaching, the grunt gulp part is pretty hard to follow for me though but I think that is a good introduction to many programming ideas Great topics solid materials Really enjoyed the course and really like my lecturer Great course, even for beginners in web development.

Excelent web development course for beginners!

Nice Explanations Very Helpful Course Its a very good course Great intro to web development with Bootstrap this course will lead you to application of your skill in bootstrap Professor Jogesh K Muppala is an amazing teacher.

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so much

Jogesh is a wonderful teacher, Thank you so much nice course I don't know if Bootstrap can be explained better than this.

Thanks so much!

One thing i love so much about his courses is that he is always active and present in forums to answer questions unlike Michigan University i asked a question for more than a month no response and his method of calm explanations is a plus.

Thank you so much professor.

Learned so much during this course.

I learned so much from the exercises and liked building the website each week.

Kudos ;) very nice course, think you so much.

very good Excellent course.I had learn bootstrap 4 , node.js, expres.js, mongodb from basic to advance.Jogesh Muppala has excellent teaching skill.he took a real world project and made all courses(MEAN STACK) on that that user's can easily catch and understand where it is used.Thank you so much Jogesh Muppala sir.

Thank you I really loved all the content of this course, i learned so much about the bootstrap structure and all of your components, I can say that i can do a full front web UI only with this content.

Very useful for responsive website designing... Have learned so much in such a short time!

Thank you for your work, thank you so much.

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step by step

He's very clear to understand and does a great job on taking you step by step on how to use Bootstrap and some tools to make your Web Development life easier.

very interesting and useful SIr is very good just clearing the basics and going step by step s\so enjoyed the tutorial and feeling that i utilised my time taking this tutorial Finally a course that revisits , all small part needed for whole web stack .. it's going good , though the teacher looked boring, don't judge a book by it cover.

i am not getting any way to communicate with the instructor for asking my questions, because of which i am not able to go ahead in this course It should be 4.5 stars, Good content, step by step explanation by instructor is nice.

Explanations are given step by step, each piece of detail is clearly explained.

If you are a learner who learns well while following exercise instructions step by step to get to know the material and possibilities this course is perfect for you.

Step by step learning.

Very well explained, easy to understand, exercises step by step, no magical code from no-where, everything is explained.

Cours construit étape par étape avec du matériel d'apprentissage de qualité et bien présenté.---Course built step by step with quality and well presented learning materials This course is very informative.

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highly recommend

I would highly recommended it!!

I highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in or has a career in web and mobile development.

Highly recommend.

Highly recommended.

Very good course, highly recommend.

Highly recommend this course.

I would highly recommend this to anyone that would like to learn more about how to use github.

Not sure I'll remember all the deployment part but I'll watch the video later clear, enough to start I learned so much taking this class and I highly recommend it.

>.< I would highly recommend that the professor record the audio again.

I highly recommend it.

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front end

Good front end course Muy buen inicio para la especialización, no solo porque abarca Boostrap 4, si no porque nos muestra las distintas herramientas utilizadas para el desarrollo web.

Great overview of Bootstrap 4 Great introduction to Bootstrap 4 and Front End Web UI Very Good!!!

Best course of my life A nice entry level course presenting several technologies to develop the front end of a web application.Maybe more JQuery / JavaScript, Sass was great and less npm scripts, grunt and gulp.

In this course i have learned simplification of javascript with bootstrap and learned front end algorithm of website Great for getting a good overall grasp of the topic and some good practical examples!

We made a beautiful front end out of scratch.

i enjoy this course and have new information and skill ,thanks a lot It is a good starting course for knowing how everything at the front end works.

I think it is a very good course for laying your hands on front end development.

Fantastic Course Best course for web development The perfect course with perfect skill set i needed for Front End Web Development.

Prof. Mudala teaches you how to effectively reuse front end components.

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jogesh k. muppala

Jogesh K. Muppala is great teacher.

Thanks a lot Jogesh K. Muppala.

Jogesh K. Muppala is a very thorough and charismatic teacher.

Professor Jogesh K. Muppala is great!

I like Sir Jogesh K. Muppala teaching style, to give the student a clear understanding of each topic being discussed.

Thanks to Coursera, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and specially to Sir Jogesh K. Muppala for this course.

Learned a lot from this course thanks to mister Jogesh K. Muppala.Thank you very much.

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easy to understand

Easy course easy to understand and grow on, very helpful.

The instructor gave good detailed explanation about all the key points and made it really easy to understand.

The professor explains and demonstrate in a way that is very easy to understand and implement.

Easy to understand and good for beginners like me.

Instructions were usually on point, easy to understand and follow.

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well organized

Nice skills, well organized and effective !!!

Well organized and up to date with 2019 standards.

The course is well organized and it is fulfill to our needs in the reality but it needs more details especially when presenting Bootstrap Grid system.

It's the best course I have learned on web developing, with both the well explanation about the underlying theory and the well organized code practice.

I give 5 stars because the teacher was able to explain in few words very important concepts, without one single mistake and offering us a lot of very well organized links to a lot of information about each topic.

this course if full of knowledge about front-end frameworks and well organized clear teaching... i like to flow Awesome way to teach.

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only thing

The only thing I don't like is having to Grade the Assignment of others and that the assignment is not challenging enough.

The only things that should be improved IMHO are the discussion forum and the method of peer reviews.

The only thing I don't give the 5 stars is because the Gulp part is outdated.

The only thing i felt was not up to the mark were few of the last topics like Grunt and Gulp.

Instructor is very clear about everything.The only thing lacking was more detailed homework instructions.When you peer grade your peers, you see the actual grading rubric which is a lot more specific than the actual homework directions.Luckily, you are allowed to submit the assignments as many times as you would like.

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familiar with

Git, Gulp, Sass and Bootstrap are great tools every web developer should know about/be familiar with.

very good cource Good course Excellent course for anyone who is familiar with html, css, but cannot organise the subject in their mind.

This course was very useful for being familiar with bootstrap 4 component and classes, to become more professional, of course, you should practice more yourself and put your knowledge in action, I suggest everyone that take those honorable assignments seriously.

Nice templates and good for anyone familiar with html css and javascript.

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Rating 4.8 based on 681 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 4-6 hours/week
Starts Nov 7 (84 weeks ago)
Cost $50
From The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology via Coursera
Instructor Jogesh K. Muppala
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Computer Science Mobile And Web Development

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