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Financial Markets

An overview of the ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise. Emphasis on financially-savvy leadership skills. Description of practices today and analysis of prospects for the future. Introduction to risk management and behavioral finance principles to understand the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries. The ultimate goal of this course is using such industries effectively and towards a better society.
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Yale University

Rating 4.7 based on 309 ratings
Length 8 weeks
Effort 7 weeks of study, 3 - 4 hours per week
Starts Nov 19 (18 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Yale University via Coursera
Instructor Robert Shiller
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Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Business
Tags Social Sciences Business Finance Economics

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What people are saying

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financial markets in 57 reviews

Very helpful when coming to understand the fundamentals of financial markets.

I learned the concepts and most importantly I developed critical thinking ability on the regulations and operations of financial markets.

Very useful course to develop your knowledge in financial markets A great introductory level course which is recommended for anyone with a remote interest in finance irrespective of whether they have a background in finance or economics.

It was a great overview of Financial Markets by a great teacher.

I would like to thanks Yale University and Coursera for this opportunity, this course contains information on Financial Markets that depending on how eager students are, one can go deeper and increase his/her knowledge.

Exceptional summary of the fundamentals of Financial Markets.

Really nice introduction to the theory of financial markets!

All what you need to understand financial markets.

highly recommend in 13 reviews

Amazingprofessor Highly recommended Very useful!

Highly recommended for anyone with even a budding interest in behavioral finance.

The course is extremely interesting and Professor Shiller is extraordinary I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I will highly recommend it to all of my friends.


Therefore, I highly recommend this Financial Markets course.

I love this course and highly recommend.

Highly recommended!

I highly recommend it!

professor schiller in 9 reviews

One of the recommended books was quite is great to hear Professor Schiller however I feel more effort should have been put into the questions as some involve looking for answers on the net.

Really enjoyed this class, Professor Schiller is a good and interesting lecturer.

Professor Schiller is so intelligent and a great professor!

Professor Schiller is a shining star amongst the field of finance.

A very nice course wonderful professor Love how professor Shiller explained financial market in an engaging and understandable way The course and Professor Schiller were both excellent!

Professor Schiller gives a good primer on financial markets.

Professor Schiller is perhaps the best on his field Very good introductory course to financial markets.

I appreciated the clear explanations of professor Schiller, as well as the historical context regarding the various financial tools that are available nowadays (insurance, stocks, options ,etc.).

recommend this course in 8 reviews

I would surely recommend this course.

The exams at the end of each lesson are useful to consolidate what has been learned.I would recommend this course to anyone interested in getting to know the financial world.

I highly recommend this course.

Highly recommend this course.

All in all, I do recommend this course for everyone - even if finance is something you're not interested in - it gives you a good footing in developing solid financial knowledge and health.

I highly recommend this course for anyone the likes finance.

Being a complete newcomer, i would very highly recommend this course to anyone curious about this field.

I recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn about finances.

learn from in 7 reviews

Regards, Dr. Suman Chakraborty Amazing to learn from such a knowledgeable professor.

It is delighting to learn from Mr Shiller , a noble laureate directly.

Robert Shiller is an exceptional teacher, and has a skill that enables students to engage and easily learn from.

Always a great experience to learn from the best!

The professor is really good, it's worth taking the course just to learn from him.

How often do you get to learn from a world leading expert and Nobel Laureate?

Funny to learn from an American that the Dutch were such early financial innovators.

world of financial in 6 reviews

Excellent course for the ones aiming to start in the world of financial markets.Key points perfectly explained, in a easy way.Ententaining course, no doubt It was really a good learning session about the Financial Markets.

This is a very interesting course, which gives me a fantastic introduction of the complex world of financial analysis.

Exceptional course that not just introduce the world of financial markets, but also explains how certain things are what they are now, the principles behind these actions/ events/ decisions.

Robert inject a rare blend of human sensibility with intellectual clarity in guiding the learner through the complex world of financial markets in way that is enjoyable, practical and highly relevant to living life with more integrity and responsibility with the financial tools or "instruments" at our disposal.

It was a great course with valuable information that has inspired me to delve deeper into the world of financial literacy This course was aweful!

I had no prior experience with the subject matter but now 'Financial markets' seem friendly.. :) This is a wonder introduction to a frustatingly confusion world of Financial Markets.


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Mental Health Counseling Research Methods Part-Time Faculty $14k

Assistant Editor, TED Ideas $55k

Methods Chemist $67k

Software Ag web Methods and Unix (USC & GC Only) $67k

Editor, TED Ideas $69k

Adjunct Professor, TESL Methods $73k

Senior Editor, Moving Ideas Network $91k

Methods Manufacturing Engineer $93k

Methods Engineer 2 $116k

Manager - Logistics Methods and Project Manager $118k

Methods and Tools $134k

Senior Methods Analysis $149k

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Yale University

Rating 4.7 based on 309 ratings
Length 8 weeks
Effort 7 weeks of study, 3 - 4 hours per week
Starts Nov 19 (18 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Yale University via Coursera
Instructor Robert Shiller
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Business
Tags Social Sciences Business Finance Economics

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