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Business Analysis

Use cases are one of the most commonly used techniques for analyzing and modeling systems and business processes.  They are a core component of every Business Analyst's toolbox.

This course will give you everything you need to know to get up and running with this powerful methodology of analysis.

The course consists of four lectures plus a case study.  It should take no longer than two hours to complete.

Students will be able to download a use case template for their own personal or business use.

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Rating 4.5 based on 263 ratings
Length 2 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Don Hussey
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Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Finance Finance & Accounting Financial Modeling & Analysis

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What people are saying

use cases

May be worth giving some examples of other tools/techniques that are useful in other scenarios to cover off why it may not be good to use them instead of use cases.

Gives a good idea about use cases and how they relate to Business requirements.

The inclusion of misuse cases is useful from the security perspective Fantastic easy to absorb content.

It was a great match as I'm currently developing use cases for a project.

Generally it's good training to help us know the the method of creating proper use cases , but for the application scenario part, it's a little bit simple, it's better to show a good case and bad case meanwhile.

I took this course because I needed more insight into what use cases are and how to use them.

The one area of confusion I still have after taking the course is on the difference between use cases and user stories.

Well explained concepts about use cases.

This course has been great in teaching me the actual BA framework in using use cases.

It motivated me to take a project myself very clear, well explained Great explanation of Use cases.

Good match since I work in a software development environment Very clear and easy use cases class Very nice and good training, Thanks.

However, you did not described the difference between use cases and scenarios for SIT or UAT.

Good coverage This is very helpful to deeply understand the use cases.

I come from Agile environment but I felt they should have started out Waterfall with Use Cases until we could build a product backlog Excelente curso.

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very informative

it was very helpful, you just have to concentrate Very informative.

good explanation and summing up of course content This course is good and very informative.

very informative.

Very informative without the long winded BS.

Very informative and clears up a lot of myths.

The presentation was done in a quality manner and very informative This is the course, if you are serious about learning use cases, understanding their significance and using them effectively.

This course is very informative and helpful for those seeking to be the best in the field of IT and or BA.

The course is very informative and i like the scenarios.

Because all the information is basic, and has the estructure for all levels understand why is a use case and identify the goals to do it The course is very informative, Thank you Sir.

This course is very informative.

Best Part is “Miss Use Cases” this is very informative and honestly it’s very rare to hear on this topic.

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easy to follow

Good coverage of theory and practical examples, easy to follow, excellent use of video, slide pack and supplementary documentation.

Easy to follow.

Great however all throught the course it didn't let me do the quiz, even though I click on each one of them..I had no choie but to skip the quiz :( It was a good course to learn until now Very detailed and simplified into easy req This course was easy to follow along and highlighted critical steps in documenting use cases and the importance of creating use cases.

yes it's a very good course and easy to follow the information provided in the lectures.

Der Kurs gibt sehr gute Basisinformationen zum praktischen Umgang mit der Erstellung von Use Cases Concise but wish most of what the instructor said was more documented Very good simple to understand Easy to follow, step by step, kept it simple, good examples Clear presentation so far.

Thank you Good experience P It’s easy to follow and understand.

It was easy to follow and useful information.

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very clear

The course was very clear and easy to understand.

The instructor is very clear and crisp in communication.

Very clear and practical Excellent .

Very clear, concise and easy to understand instructions.

this makes much easier for entry level business analysts to write a use case Very clear and well presented The course was clear and to the point.

Superior description of the structure of a use case very clear and precise.

Very clear, very logical and sequential good for the start!

It maybe a bit slow for me yes offcourse Very clear and direct.

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case study

The course is great and fast introduction with valuable case study that gives me the experience of the instructor as BA.

The case study is genius.

Although the moderator wasn't very good at keeping your attention, I found the case study at the end of the course extremely helpful.

As if that's not enough, there's a scenario-like case study of a BA actually developing the use case for a system development from scratch.

Also appreciated the Case Study which covered the working dynamics in an actual project and the internal thought process of the business analyst as she starts writing the use cases.

Great... Case study at the end gave a practical approach of using use cases which can be useful for beginners like me.

nice course..enjoyed the case study scenario...Now I'm following the other Don Hussey course "Fundamentals of Business Analysis " I am currently developing use cases, so this is good information for me.

Simple, concise explanations and good case study include and exclude relations are missing.

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real life

He discusses a lot of real life example from the industry unlike other BA trainings that is too dry.

Many practical, real life tips !

It presented the whole process (including meetings, discussions, thoughts) through a real life scenario played on screen.

The best examples was the real life scenario at the end tying all the sections together.

i could use more (real life) scenarios.

I really like the ending example of an actual real life scenario for use cases.

Real life examples, demonstration, role play and case study makes the experience fun and interesting.

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real world

Excellent course for something new to the BA world and who is looking to complete a real world project with a non-technical approach.

Well paced, plenty of real world advices.

not tons but 5- 6 would be great Very good course to practice real world scenario and create your own use cases, use case diagrams and see real scenario shared in the course.

The fact that the information provided, was demonstrated with the "real world" analysis process made it a very succinct course.

I wished there were more real world assignments.

It's obvious the speaker has experience in real world analysis as covers some common pre-conceptions of a BA that you'll encounter.

As will all of his courses, you finish the course by working through a real world world scenario utilizing the skills you were just taught.

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practical examples

Great instructor with super easy and practical examples.

Don keeps the audience engaged with a lot of practical examples.

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Used Equipment Sales Rep $51k

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National Manager, Used Vehicle Marketing $101k

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Rating 4.5 based on 263 ratings
Length 2 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Don Hussey
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Finance Finance & Accounting Financial Modeling & Analysis

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