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Statistics/Data Analysis with SPSS

November, 2019.

Get marketable and highly sought after skills in this course that will increase your knowledge of data analytics, with a focus on descriptive statistics, an important tool for understanding trends in data and making important business decisions.  

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Whether a student or professional in the field, learn the important basics of both descriptive statistics and 

        By monitoring and analyzing data correctly, you can make the best decisions to excel in your work as well as increase profits and outperform your competition. 

        This beginner's course offers easy to understand step-by-step instructions on how to make the most of 

  Make Better Business Decisions with SPSS Data Analysis 

  • Create, Copy, and Apply Value Labels

  • Insert, Move, Modify, Sort, and Delete Variables

  • Create Charts and Graphs

  • Measure Central Tendency, Variability, z-Scores, Normal Distribution, and Correlation

  Interpret and Use Data Easily and Effectively with IBM SPSS 

        You can use it to perform every aspect of the analytical process, including planning, data collection, analysis, reporting, and deployment. 

        This introductory course will show you how to use SPSS to run analyses, enter and code values, and interpret data correctly so you can make valid predictions about what strategies will make your organization successful. 

  Contents and Overview 

        This course begins with an introduction to IBM SPSS. It covers all of the basics so that even beginners will feel at ease and quickly progress. You'll tackle creating value labels, manipulating variables, modifying default options, and more. 

        Once ready, you'll move on to learn how to create charts and graphs, such as histograms, stem and leaf plots, and more. You'll be able to clearly organize and read data that you've collected. 

        Then you'll master central tendency, which includes finding the mean, median, and mode. You'll also learn how to measure the standard deviation and variance, as well as how to find the z-score. 

        The course ends with introductory statistics video lectures that dive deeper into graphs, central tendency, normal distribution, variability, and z-scores. 

        Upon completion of this course, you'll be ready to apply what you've learned to excel in your statistics classes and make smarter business decisions. You'll be able to use the many features in SPSS to gather and interpret data more effectively, as well as plan strategies that will yield the best results as well as the highest profit margins. 

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Rating 4.3 based on 80 ratings
Length 3.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Quantitative Specialists
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business Data Science
Tags Business Data & Analytics Business Analytics & Intelligence

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What people are saying

easy to follow

Easy to follow and work along with the videos, the examples make intuitive sense and I finished up with a better grasp of how to apply the concepts.

Very easy to follow, step-by-step.

Very easy to follow.

It's concise and easy to follow.

Easy to follow.

The instructions for the beginner are very easy to follow and very detailed.

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descriptive statistics

very good for beginners This course is a nice review of key descriptive statistics.

Good introduction into SPSS and the basics of descriptive statistics.

As it is called descriptive statistics in SPSS I can't really complain about this - but be wary it is quite limited in scope and doesn't venture into the field of inferential statistics (that is in a later course) Some repetition in the middle series of lectures Just started the course - only a few lessons in - but I feel the detailed instruction and slower pace are just right for me as a SPSS beginner.

Perfect elaboration of Descriptive Statistics with interesting and engaging delivery.

This is a great step-by-step introduction for SPSS and descriptive statistics.

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very useful

yes this course very useful to me.

very useful to me Thank you very much This course suffers at times from a severe identity crisis.

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for beginners

Comprehensive course for beginners This course helped me remember thing I had learned in stats class but lso understand things I did not really know before.

looking for

If you are looking for a great hands-on way to get your feet wet with this comprehensive IB software, and brush up on key statistical terminology and measures, this course is perfect.

Because I am looking for something else (t-test, ANOVA, non-parametric stats, and I am hoping to get a handle to SPSS so that I can do those).

I highly recommend this course and looking forward for more courses from this professor!

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Vital Statistics Clerk $38k

Data Analytics (Statistics) $47k

Mathematics/Statistics Tutor $49k

Professor of Statistics and Mathematics $55k

Statistics Instructor $65k

Instructor - Statistics $70k

SQL/Statistics Developer $74k

Data Scientist/Statistics - Applied Technology $83k

Data Scientist/Statistics - Applied Technology - 13307 $92k

Data Scientist/Statistics - Applied Technology - 13867 $93k

Data Scientist/Statistics - Applied Technology - 13092 $93k

Data Scientist/Statistics - Applied Technology - 12729 $96k

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Rating 4.3 based on 80 ratings
Length 3.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Quantitative Specialists
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business Data Science
Tags Business Data & Analytics Business Analytics & Intelligence

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