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C# Developers

If you want to be a real pro C# coder, you need to master your keyboard and Visual Studio. You need to be able to navigate in your code base, find and modify code in seconds. Great coders hardly ever use the mouse. They do everything with the keyboard. They use shortcuts and some tricks to type less and generate more code in less time. And that is what this course is all about.

Say goodbye to Solution Explorer and navigating between folders to find classes.

  • How to navigate in the code like a pro: no more clicking back and forth to navigate between members of classes. Jump from one method to another and come back to where you were.
  • How to compile, run and debug applications faster and more effectively.
  • 60+ shortcuts that will boost your productivity (both on Windows and Mac)
  • How to reduce your chance of getting RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • Ideal Student

    This course is most suited to junior C# developers new to Visual Studio. But even if you've been programming in Visual Studio for a few years, you may still learn tips and tricks that you're not aware of. There is a whole section dedicated to ReSharper, which is one of the greatest plug-ins for Visual Studio. If you've never used ReSharper before, this course is a must for you.

    Full Money-back Guarantee

    No questions asked. If you don't learn anything from this course, ask for a refund within 30 days. All your money back.

    "Every Visual Studio programmer in the world needs to take this short course. Seriously. Take it. Now. The value per money is simply immense." Gino Costescu

    " - Jake Janes

    There are awesome, ninja coding skills on the way. " - Fredy Guibert

    "Great course. It's neat and systematic and shows some usefull tricks for VS." - Nikola Kratka

    "I've been using VS for many years. So, I'm quite familiar with navigating VS with the keyboard, but I still learned some very cool tricks." - Jason E. Rice

    "Great course, great instructor: You did a great job. I'd take any other course you'd teach." - Saif Ahsanullah

    "Very clear, helpful and to the point: The course is very helpful. I was looking for this kind of course because I'm a professional web developer with 3 year-exprience, with a very poor performance keyboard with Visual Studio, so your course is helping me a lot." - Antonio Marques Taltavull

    "Awesome. Great instructor, short and too the point, really helped my programming. Hardly took an hour of my time to learn the basic concepts. Love it. " - Eshan Singh

    About Your Instructor

    Mosh (Moshfegh) Hamedani is a software engineer with 15 years of experience. He has been involved in the design and implementation of numerous projects of varying size and complexity, including web applications, mobile apps, desktop applications and frameworks.

    So, do you want to learn the time-saving techniques of pro C# developers? Take the course now and get started.

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    Rating 4.3 based on 468 ratings
    Length 2.5 total hours
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    Cost $12
    From Udemy
    Instructor Mosh Hamedani
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    Language English
    Subjects Programming
    Tags Programming Languages Development

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    What people are saying

    tips and tricks

    This course has a lot of great keyboard tips and tricks as well as how to use ReSharper to improve your workflow.

    Of course, 5 stars :) Nice tips and tricks for Visual Studio users.

    It presented many useful tips and tricks.

    Had helpful tips and tricks on how to improve the speed of coding within the Visual Studio environment, but I do not feel as though it was worth the money I spent on the course.

    My only complaint was that I still wanted more tips and tricks after I finished the course.

    I have learned about a lot of new tips and tricks I have not used before.

    The course delivers what it promised, tips and tricks in Visual Studio to make you more productive.

    The tips and tricks described will definitely increase productivity and are presented concisely with no fluff.

    Excellent hotkeys, tips and tricks.

    He covers first and foremost tips and tricks you will probably be using every day to increase productivity and ease of coding.

    As someone who naturally types slow, the tips and tricks in this course more than compensate for that.

    Recommended for those looking to reduce the amount of time spent typing, and those looking to increase productivity Thanks Mosh for the wonderful tips and tricks using VS!

    Though most of the shortcuts were pretty basic for any .NET developer, I really liked the Code snippets lecture where I certainly learnt few tips and tricks that I'm surely gonna use in my programming life.

    Quick and easy to understand lectures, lot's of useful tips and tricks for people new to Visual Studio.

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    so far

    Excellent course so far.

    So far so good.

    I myself have been an avid keyboard-only user for years and I am aware of just about 99% of what I've seen so far.

    It is still a very good course and I like Mosh's teaching style so far (looking forward to the c# intermediate and advanced courses) and as I wrote in the introduction, I do recommend this course.

    So far, it has been basic information that anyone familiar with Windows should know.

    This is the funnest course I have taken so far on Udemy.

    I know this information so far.

    So far I have only seen basic Windows-knowledge.

    So far everything is very basic.

    too simple so far, but would be good for someone starting, see how it progresses :) I'm learning a lot of tips for faster coding; A few of the tips aren't included in the download pdf.

    I have worked on the C # courses - Basis and Intermediate so far - I am thrilled!

    :) It's my first Udemy course and so far it looks really good Fantastic course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A few of the shortcuts so far have been simple things that I already knew and used as they were commonly known and used as Default Windows Functions by people who are already somewhat familiar with IT, Computing, and Keyboarding/Typing.

    So far I've only been shown mainly Windows selections, whereas I thought I was going to to be learning things that were more specific to Visual Studio.

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    my coding speed

    A really solid class that is going to improve my coding speed.

    Thanks for Live Templates )) This has incredibly increase my coding speed.

    I don't have any doubt in my mind this course will improve my coding speed and productivity.

    My coding speed has already increased dramatically!

    Knowing the shortcut keys in Visual Studio really increases up my coding speed.

    I look forward to using these from here on out and improving my coding speed.

    It has increased my coding speed and having to use the mouse less is a real timesaver.

    I have not doubled, I have not tripled, I have quadrupled my coding speed!

    These shortcuts will most definitely double my coding speed.

    Great Information Very helpful tips Most of stuff I know already Yeah, I wanted to learn how to improve my coding speed to improve my production It's Great :) I like the super short lesson format.

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    highly recommend

    I would highly recommend you take this course if you use Visual Studio!

    I highly recommend this course, especially if you are a student like myself.

    I highly recommend this course.

    If you are a slave to the mouse like I was, I would highly recommend this course for you.

    Would highly recommend.

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    more productive

    I'm not the fastest at typing, however, with these shortcuts wpm will be less critical and coding time more productive.

    The instructor doesn't waste your time and covers many techniques that you can use immediately to become faster and more productive while coding C# in Visual Studio.

    I enjoyed the course and recommend it if you want to get more productive with Visusal Studio and Resharper This is a great course because it's broken up into small bits that are easy to watch at work.

    Plan to go over the course again to catch additional helps to make Visual Studio more productive for me.

    This course focuses on those shortcuts that will make you immediately more productive.

    Bueno para iniciantes, pero tiene buenos trucos, algunos he apuntado y no lo sabía todavía, recomendable, es rápido y puedes aportar alguno truco =) Another great course by Mosh that I believe will help you in the real world to be more productive and rely on the keyboard to do the work for you instead of the Mouse.

    This one of the best investments if you want to really become more productive and a happier programmer overall :) The instructor has a very engaging attitude, and never bores.

    It really helped me being more productive.

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    using visual studio

    I've been using Visual Studio full-time now for about a year.

    Great course for newbie Found this to be a great course for someone learning to code C# and using Visual Studio.

    I highly recommend if you are learning to develop with C#, APT.NET, and using Visual Studio.

    I've been using Visual Studio for years and even being a seasoned user, I found the tips and tricks offered in this course to be extremely helpful.

    I have been using Visual Studio for many years, since VS 2005 but never really learned ALL of the short cut keys.

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    code snippets

    In my personal opinion, course could be much better with complete useful code snippets included.

    Pros: good production, extraordinarily useful shortcuts for code snippets and other features.

    Adding custom code snippets (templates) was the best part of the course.

    Some of the content was pretty basic for me, but the code snippets and the ReSharper sections were of great value Presentation, flow, coverage -- all excellent.

    All the information on ReSharper and code snippets has changed the way I code for the better.

    Unfortunatelly I didn't see how to create code snippets and project templates what is really cool as well.

    Anxious to get to the parts like code snippets and more advanced productivity shortcuts.

    Read more

    short cuts

    Thank you Mosh for this efficient review of short cuts and so on.

    Nicely done but these are commonly known short cuts.

    Thank you for taking the time and setting up these short cuts.

    Very Detailed U It seems like these short cuts are very valuable i think it will save me a ton of time if i learn them well, i couldn't find this information on just searching on youtube.

    These short cuts are gems for developers who want to spend more time cranking out code than typing.

    Useful info but if you know keyboard short cuts already (google them) then you will know bits of this course.

    Yet I have learned a great deal of short cuts from these videos, that will definitely speed up my coding and I can only thank you for Mosh for putting these videos together!

    Read more

    shortcut keys

    Definitely improves the coding speed...Gonna make sure to use it always and keep the PDF for shortcuts handy:) Good to know so many shortcut keys available to use from your course.

    However half of the course was about basic shortcut keys which I already knew.

    You could probably learn all the content of this course by simply looking over all the shortcut keys.

    And I'm saying that because, everyone can search on the web for a list with shortcut keys for visual studio, but only in your videos you demonstrate the large amount of time we save when we use these shortcuts and not the mouse.

    And, despite the lists of shortcut keys on the web, I've never heard of bookmarks for visual studio, which was something new for me and I will start using them from no on.

    Very good introduction to shortcut keys in Visual Studio and ReSharper.

    Read more

    already knew

    I already knew some of the shortcuts presented in this course.

    I already knew some of these tips but it took years before I discovered them myself.

    Great content that helps you speed up your coding in Visual Studio Course is pretty good I was wondering how many shorcuts I already knew but I found some of them I didn't see before.

    But to be fair most of them I already knew .

    Ok, there are small parts of your course here and there which I skipped them because I already knew what ware about, but most of the course is worth watching even for someone who is more than familiar with Visual Studio.

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    highly recommended

    Highly recommended.

    Highly recommended to other beginners and intermediate using VS.

    Highly recommended, many useful Tips and motivates you to look for even more topics about it.

    Read more

    keep up

    Please keep updating this course.

    Keep up the good work!

    I love the Re-Sharper part and it's really an eye opener for me Keep up the good work.

    Keep up the great work, I'd like to know if he teaches anything else.

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    Rating 4.3 based on 468 ratings
    Length 2.5 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $12
    From Udemy
    Instructor Mosh Hamedani
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects Programming
    Tags Programming Languages Development

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