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Master Software Testing+Jira+Agile on Live App-Be a TeamLead

Course last Updated - Nov 12- Jira Tutorials on Live Project + QA Behavioral Interview Questions   Gain  7+ Years  Real time  experience as a ( Team/QA Lead) level by just following through this course"One Single Course to Master everything in Software World." Learn on Agile Scrum Practices, Software Development Life cycle, QA Process, Software Testing methodologies , and Project management tools like Jira, Bugzilla etc.

Are you struggling to know what happens in Software World to deliver the Project?Do you want to gain the Project Lead level skills with out any prior real time experience?If YES this course is right choice for you. I will also be your Life time mentor in giving you right directions for your Project needs.

How this Course is Organized?

Below are the topics we will focus on section wise. And there is very  much depth discussion on each topic below

  • Understand how Software Projects is handling in Agile Environments We shall be using Jira (Project tracking tool) to demonstrate the process   

  •  How Software Testing is handled in traditional software development life cycle. 

  •  Get familiar with different types of Testing available and their usage in real time projects

  •  Thorough Understanding of Jira and Bugzilla tool for Project Management 

  •  How to write Edge Testcases with out of box thinking and understand the process of Defect life cycle

  • SQL Basics

    And below are the keywords which you will come across and learn in this course

  • Software Testing

  • Agile Scrum

  • Agile Kanban

  • SDLC

  • Water fall model

  • Out of box thinking in designing Testcases

  • Test plan

  • Testing types and their usage

  • Real time project demonstration End to end on Jira tool

  • Bugzilla

  • Defect Life cycle

  • Test Plan Design

  • Scrum Master skills

  • SQL

  • Test Driven and Behavioral Driven development

Wish you All the Best .

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Rating 4.1 based on 585 ratings
Length 10.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Rahul Shetty
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Language English
Tags Development Software Testing

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What people are saying

so far

Yes it is helping me a lot also I am able to relate it in my current job So far, the approach for the lessons are very practical and can be applied to real world.

It has been a decent course so far.

SO far i liked it the way he is teaching Excellent experience I love the detailed explanation Really a osm lecture provide to you sir.

So far we're just through the intro, so talking through word documents isn't anything that's blowing me away but I appreciate the thoroughness and this is about what i expected from this course at his point.

It was amazing... very clear concepts, I think its good for beginner also so far so good This course is good.

Yes So far I understand where we are going with the course and what to expect from it.

yes Really helpful to have real time agile and JIRA exp i just want to submit it after some sessions so that i get clarity for rating o unico problema e o sotaque Perfect I liked the way he is explainning so far... the grammar is not very good as well as a lot of spelling mistakes.

Completeness so far is good.

So far so good.

yes Good so for good So far.

For now all is great So far it is good.

Can't complain so far.

I have enjoyed the lessons so far and the instructor does a great job explaining the material.

I am playing video with 100% volume in my laptop but i can hardly hear the instructor specially lecture 3 and 8 as i have so far completed up to lecture 8 I expected rich of information and more explanations for these applications of QA, but it is enough for beginners Easily understandable, covered almost each and every point in the concepts.

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easy to understand

I liked the way Rahul explains the things from scratch in layman terms which makes the course easy to understand.

The instructor Rahul's teaching is very good and easy to understand.

Easy to understand, a lot of good practices.

It’s very easy to understand Good Excellent course.

Nicely explained, easy to understand for beginners, new to subject.

Easy to Understand and covered all the required topics of Functional Testing.

Very easy to understand and to follow.

Videos are very precise .Easy to understand the basics of testing .Very simple language .Can you give few more real time examples which are helpful for interviews .Thanks .

because the content and the theory provided in sql and quality assurance is not enough to attend the interviews those are very basics......and in sql there is a lot to learn but what they provided is just basic not much .... amazing course... Its easy to understand even for beginners.

easy to understand ..

Explanation is simple and easy to understand very well demonstrated using simple examples;easily understandable by a fresher.Thanks!

It's not the meat of the course, so maybe not that important, but still.. well explained and easy to understand.

Easy to understand, very nice course.

nice videos...easy to understand The course is really informative and he explains very well .

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with real time examples

I am eagarly waiting to finish the course and want to be knowledgeble in Testing This course explains you testing concepts with real time examples and trainer helps in clarifying your all doubts , makes the concept clear and helps in get into software testing .

Very explanatory analyst Well explained and Rahul tried to explain in very practical way to understand It was nice course & manual testing concepts with real time examples explained very nicely.

Also nothing was said about V- model Very useful course contains explanation with real time examples which is helping me to understand and grab the concept very easily.

Easy to understand with real time examples.

Excellent explanation with real time examples and scenarios A bit hard to understand what he's saying but I have a bit of previous experience from QA I can fill in the blanks making it somewhat easier for me to get the point on what he's trying to say.

Read more

rahul shetty

examples and in detail description of definitions and differences will help a lot Guys,I was a Nervous newbie in this software testing few days ago,but by just completing my 50% course,I am now confident becoz of knowledge shared by Rahul shetty sir,that i will crack the job of Software Test Engineer.I was 0 in Technical field,but now i can say i have some rare knowledge which will help me to deal with my goals and challenges in testing.Trying my level best to explore more n more in testing due to CURIOSITY ABOUT SOFTWARE TESTING created in my mind by Rahul sir's Guidance.Thank You sir There is a lot of information but the presentation is very bad.

Excellent tutorials and the teacher has taught very well throughout the course.Thank you Sir Rahul Shetty.

Having tried Selenium from Rahul Shetty which was the best ,the course explanation was not clear at some points and agile framework had very basic summary of presentation.

Yes Hi Rahul Shetty, Thank you so much for the wonderful course.

Thanks Rahul yes it was and the lecturer is taking his time to explain bits for bit the best of the rahul shetty is an amazing tutor and the way this has covered the topics i feel that why did i find him so late .

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step by step

Very nice way to teach online I feel like it is outer layer so far need to go deeper and show the real time project and scenario Yes this is great experience for me to learn this course step by step.

I Love his step by step explanations and descriptions The lecturer is hard to understand and the format not very clear.

Its good that its showed how to use Bugzilla (bug tracking system) step by step this is what I was looking for.

overall good , it is very easy to understand its explained step by step clearly with good examples.i recommend it strongly The way of teaching is excellent and easy to understand the process.

Instruction is step by step covering all points.

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recommend this course

I highly recommend this course to anyone who had little to no background in QA.

I will gladly recommend this course to friends So far i have enjoyed the contents of the course.

I learned a lot in short time, money well spent, I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get in to QA Testing.

I recommend this course for any QA beginner.

Read more

quality assurance

I have nearly 9 years in Software and quality assurance domain and the only reason I enrolled in this course is to refresh my fundamentals and see latest trends in the field of software testing and I must say I am happy with my purchase and look forward to pickup some new courses.

The instructor is braking down the prosesses for which he would teach in letter lecture The course is incredibly good and would advocate it if you'd prefer to make a career in software quality assurance domain.

I basically enrolled into this course to refresh my knowledge and workflow in the current world software testing and quality assurance.

Yes This is the right course for whoever wants to get into the software quality assurance industry or who is already in but want to refresh or get more insight.

I think the course so far has been generally informative and I like the teacher's pace and emphasis on what to look out for and what to consider when trying to learn about Quality Assurance testing.

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audio quality

Except audio quality for some(30%) videos, everything is good, very much knowledgeable guy and explaining in a very perfect way that I really liked a lot.

But audio quality needs to be corrected.

Explanation is really clear and spot on the point.Only problem is audio quality not clear sometimes.Also more practical examples required for clarity sake,else very good explanation.

In one video audio quality is extremely poor that we can not understand what you wanted to say many students have commented but no action taken.

Each video is just him lecturing with poor audio quality and no visuals.

The instructor needs to hire a QA to review his videos, audio quality randomly drops off.

j meter tutorial was good it is good The audio quality and the accent is bad.

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mr. rahul

This course was really sufficient to learn about QA thanks to tutor give a lot of information about main topic in QA and he try to help all of us as his students thanks to you Mr. Rahul i really enjoy it and i bought more from your courses fro udemy because you really know how to make things easier and better big thanks to you The way Instructure Is teaching very understandable.He covered Most important topics.

Mr. Rahul’s way of teaching is amazing.

Thank you Mr. Rahul Shetty Some terms like the difference between smoke, sanity, regression and verification/ validation are explained effortlessly here and were able to relate whatever I have read before.

I am a regular student of Mr. Rahul Shetty, I have done more courses with him, he is one of the finest trainer I have ever know, if I talk about this course it really doesn't matter because he is so good on his every courses, so guys close your eyes and do whatever this gentle man says...10 stars for all of his course.

I have become a fan of Mr. Rahul Shetty :-) I enjoyed it bery much.

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get into

He explains the material very well and I would totally recommend his course to beginners who are trying to get into the technical world.

Coming from science background, I want to get into IT industry and based on talking to experts, software testing is the most easiest route to be in IT.

I am excited to get into the technical side of things, and be able to apply my newfound knowledge.

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from scratch

More real scenarios required Amazing course The tutor is very comprehensive, definitely taking into account that many of his students would be learning QA from scratch.

Good course to start from scratch to get to know the concepts of Functional Testing and Basics of SQL.

I am mechanical engineer by background and want to learn software testing from scratch and I am not sure if this particular course will help me, as the tutor is using some common terms which I am not familiar with.

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real life

I expected more real life examples.

I have seen allmost all of your lectures and all are related to real life scenarios so very usefull in day to day life.

This course should include little more real life examples So far the course is very unorganized.

good tutor I want to do at the end Instructor was detail oriented with real life example.

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Rating 4.1 based on 585 ratings
Length 10.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Rahul Shetty
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Development Software Testing

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