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Introduction to Salesforce Certification and Career Planning

This Course and Instructor were recently featured in InfoWorld.

This course covers the Salesforce Platform and Cloud Computing. I cover the various Salesforce certification and career opportunities that are out there and help you chart your course to the cloud.

I cover what cloud computing is, what Salesforce is, and the types of jobs available to you. I also give you tips on how to get resume building experience. This course is a starting point for you to chart your course to a well paying and satisfying cloud career. I conclude this course with recommended next steps and resources to get you on the fast track to certification, and ultimately, relentlessly pursued by recruiters.

The demand for Salesforce Developers, Administrators, Consultants, Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, etc. is immense. The Salesforce Platform is an attainable path to developing applications in the cloud, without code. No experience is required. You can do it.

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"Is the instructor knowledgeable about the topic?" 99.9% answered YES

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Rating 4.5 based on 377 ratings
Length 1.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $0
From Udemy
Instructors Mike Wheeler, Aaron Wheeler
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Language English
Subjects Personal Development
Tags Personal Development Career Development

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What people are saying

We analyzed reviews for this course to surface learners' thoughts about it

so far in 16 reviews

Good and informative so far.

Its been pretty informative so far.

So far the course is right on point for me.

Genuinely Happy so far to enrol on this cause.Mike's way of teaching is fantastic This course is perfect for someone who doesn't have any Salesforce experience at all and is thinking about how to get started with Salesforce.

I wish the professor had more intonation in his tone or enthusiasm, but other than that lectures are good so far.

Interesting, so far.

So far, it's AWESOME.

So far this course is EXCELLENT, iNSTRUCTOR is very knowledgeable in explaining the CLOUD, and very captivating, i have now finished the course and I would still rate the course & Instructor as EXCELLENT.

easy to follow in 15 reviews

Easy to follow thorough explanations about the certification prepare you to learn Salesforce!

Easy to follow even for beginner.

Easy to follow, good level of knowledge presentation for both beginner and more advanced student Very well outlined course.

Very concise and easy to follow.

looking forward for actual action Very helpful The instructor speaks clearly and at a pace that is easy to follow.

Easy to follow.

You get right to the point, as this course was easy to follow and your motivation makes learning Salesforce doable.

Thank you for a easy to follow presentation,and explaining the ease of use.

overview of salesforce in 9 reviews

Introduction to Salesforce Certification and Career Planning is a high-level overview of Salesforce CRM.

Great overview of Salesforce and considerations for your career- exactly what I was looking for Great introduction to Salesforce, a good way to reinforce my current studies this summer towards a Salesforce Certified Administrator certification and good value as well since I intend to review the chapters again.

Excellent overview of Salesforce within the context of someone seeking to learn Salesforce or who is considering a career change into a viable field with job security.

A must learn course for anyone considering a career change, or just want to get a general overview of Salesforce, and career paths.

Course provides a good overview of Salesforce CRM and associated certifications for beginners.

Great overview of Salesforce and career path.

Great video, Thanks Great overview of Salesforce and the opportunities that exist!

clear and good intro Excellent overview of Salesforce!

career options in 8 reviews

Gives you an overall sense of salesforce and potential career options.

As an experienced Salesforce professional, I think this course is provides a thorough introduction to the history of Salesforce and would definitely be useful to someone interested in learning more about it and what some of the career options are with a Salesforce certification.

This was very informative about how Salesforce evolved as well as the potential career options, which are numerous!

Especially liked the detail provided around the different career options and how to gain Salesforce experience.

Career options helpful.

Its give snapshot of career options for salesforce For free it's really great.

clear and concise in 7 reviews

Clear and concise.

Very clear and concise explanation and detailed instructions Definitely an informative course.

Very clear and concise.

Its very clear and concise and breaks everything down to points that are personally important to me in my career change.

I gave this course 5 stars because of the clear and concise introduction to this technology!

para ser una intro no está mal Mike is very clear and concise.

Uses clear and concise lessons to make me ready to sign up for his next course.

sales force in 6 reviews

So far, Mike is exposing me to a much greater understanding of what Sales Force is capable of in the growing Cloud industry.

Brief and clear explanation of what Sales Force it is.

I would highly recommend the course to someone who wants to make a career switch into sales force.

This is a great course to get introduced to sales force.

-> Provided all the info that will help me to understand which path to take for a career in sales force.

Also the instructor shared valuable tips and techniques to Learn and apply sales force practically.

lots of doubt clear I expected to learn about sales force.

the video is for sales force users who are going for interviews This was a good introduction to Salesforce and pursuing a career in this field.


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

SalesForce Consultants $63k

Platform Usher $66k

Salesforce Champion $72k

Platform Coordinator $75k

Salesforce Engineer $84k

Platform Technician $84k

C++ Platform Developer $90k

Platform Exec $107k

Platform Programmer $121k

Platform Engineering $124k

Platform Producer $149k

Platform Planner $185k

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Rating 4.5 based on 377 ratings
Length 1.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $0
From Udemy
Instructors Mike Wheeler, Aaron Wheeler
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Personal Development
Tags Personal Development Career Development