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The complete AutoCAD 2018-21 course

This is the only course you will ever need to learn AutoCAD right from scratch.

Major Highlights of The Course

  • Most comprehensive AutoCAD course online with 184 video lectures

  • All lesson files included for download

  • Self-assessment quizzes and Practice drawings at the end of every section

  • 150 AutoCAD command list and AutoCAD quizzes eBook included

  • New features of Auto

This course is a full-length Auto The course is designed for a beginner as well as seasoned users.

A beginner can start learning the software right from scratch by following the course along just from lecture one. A seasoned AutoCAD user will also find this course very comprehensive and they can choose the topics they want to learn about skipping the basics.

Project-oriented course

The course lessons are mostly project-oriented and most of the tools and commands are taught with their real-world applications. Each module ends with a practical question which is related to the course and students are encouraged to answer the questions before moving further.

Drawings for practice

Apart from module end questions this course also contains a complete section dedicated to "practice drawings" and projects like floor plan, circuit diagram and other.

Instructor support for questions 

I understand that students will have questions related to the course and its necessary also for a healthy learning process hence I encourage students to ask their questions related to the course in the Q&A section of the course. I answer each and every question as soon as possible and so far I have answered every single course-related questions from students on Udemy Q&A section.

If you are still thinking whether you should enrol or not then I encourage you to watch some of the preview videos and test the waters before you actually enrol in the course and even after enrolling if you feel that this course failed to meet your expectations then you can always ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.


You need to have access to AutoCAD software (student, trial or commercial version) for this course. This course can be used with AutoCAD LT as well.

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Rating 4.5 based on 732 ratings
Length 18.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $15
From Udemy
Instructor Jaiprakash Pandey
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Design Architectural Design

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What people are saying

easy to understand

It was easy to understand and follow.

The instructor (Jaiprakash Pandey) is very good about explaining things in an easy to understand way.

Bob Well structured and easy to understand.

yeah,Its really easy to understand and use simple ways to explain.I am really enjoying it.Hope i will go through it to the end.Thanks I thought that the course was very good.

The instructor is taking it slow and making everything very easy to understand.

I have followed the course in-between working find very easy to understand and easy to keep up Thanks Make sure you don’t try to use the Mac version while learning AutoCAD.

Interface is completely different, although eventually, I will need to learn it using my Mac OS good course in 650 rupees but it can be more better if instructor will explain making of gemotry used for explainig tools I loved it, easy to understand, Instructor is awesome.

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so far so

So far so good!

His voice is soothing but not boring, excellent use of video techniques to draw the student's attention to the important parts of the screen So far so good, the teacher is easy to understand whis is good considering english is not his native language I am guessing.

So far so good.

Watching the course on my IPAD pro, while working on my laptop So far so good.

Worth the $10 only 2 classes so far, but so far so good yes yes it was a good match well detailed and easy to be followed.

So far so good, i believe thing will get better as i learnt.

The course is still starting, so far so good.

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step by step

Step by step instructions are clear and very easy to follow.

Excellent step by step in clear way with deep knowledge thanks a lot.Before this course iam zero now iam becoming Hero in every section to section.

But I am making due its going too fast for my skill level Very good step by step introduction to Autocad.

Excellent explained, everything step by step, i'm still starting but this course seems super great!

Very good explanation Good so far, easy to follow along and detailed step by step progression.

It moves through autoCAD step by step.

It is dem0onstrative , clear and step by step Instructor is very thorough and clear So far very helpful Very informative, I have been using CAD for several years as a self taught user, I have found the need to have a formal class to improve my efficiency, and learn the RIGHT way of doing things instead of the long way I have been using.

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too fast

Instructor moved too fast toward the end-fortunately I was able to replay these sections and finally got it e.g.

Initially i thought the instructor spoke too fast but as i started to understand it wasnt a problem.

Can't stop learning :) BRAVO Excellent Simple explanations and the instructions are not going too fast.

Did not think this would be this affordable and useful Going a little too fast All the lectures were explained so clearly and it is perfect for beginners to understand Autocad properly.I would recommend this to others as well.Overall course is very good.Thank you so much.

Maneja un lenguaje sencillo y demostrativo con el video A little too fast to follow well.

plus transfer it to my desktop so i can be exploring all the buttons at the same time as you are explaining it, otherwise i think it will be hard to retain the information without practical experience at the same time...i wish there was a way to make downloadable tutorials which work in an actual autocad file..i am pretty sure that is how they taught an online course i took in flash at was great its good, being taught the basics so i can be more efficient in the program use Clear instructions He should have given little bit of idea of what keys will be used on Mac He speaks & demonstrates too fast!

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auto cad

i'm excited about having auto cad 2019 on my laptop Nice content add section form plan also well thought course, would recommend anyone who wants to learn to use all features of autoCAD and be efficient in their drawings.

It is very helpful to my work Got more detail and know more fundamental of Auto CAD.

I Had zero knowledge in auto cad.

I forgot how to use auto cad since I had used it more than a 2 years back.

Great videos So far so good This auto cad 2018 course is excellent yes Learning basics with descriptive knowledge, that is AWESOME.

easy to understand as he explains from basic stuff who has no knowledge about Auto cad.

Before taking this course, i thought that i knew auto cad well and that it wont add a lot but the instructor and his curriculum were good enough to teach me a hundred more times what i already knew.

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jaiprakash pandey

Thank you Mr. Jaiprakash Pandey for explaining so meticulously.

I truly want to thank the tutor (Mr. Jaiprakash Pandey) for this amazing course of AutoCAD and making learning easy and efficient.

Mr. Jaiprakash Pandey created one of the best courses for AUTOCAD.

Mr. Jaiprakash Pandey is indeed knows his job.

The training was wonderful, the way of explaining each and everything in detail was awesome through this we can do many more things by understanding these things, easy to understand, effective training, overall superb..... a big thanks to jaiprakash pandey sir.... helps me a lot thank you once again Fantastic class!

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Rating 4.5 based on 732 ratings
Length 18.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $15
From Udemy
Instructor Jaiprakash Pandey
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Design Architectural Design

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