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Tools for Data Science

Introduction to Data Science,

What are some of the most popular data science tools, how do you use them, and what are their features? In this course, you'll learn about Jupyter Notebooks, JupyterLab, RStudio IDE, Git, GitHub, and Watson Studio. You will learn about what each tool is used for, what programming languages they can execute, their features and limitations. With the tools hosted in the cloud on Skills Network Labs, you will be able to test each tool and follow instructions to run simple code in Python, R or Scala. To end the course, you will create a final project with a Jupyter Notebook on IBM Watson Studio and demonstrate your proficiency preparing a notebook, writing Markdown, and sharing your work with your peers.
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Rating 4.0 based on 1,782 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 3 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week
Starts Jun 28 (29 weeks ago)
Cost $38
From IBM via Coursera
Instructors Polong Lin, Romeo Kienzler, Svetlana Levitan, Aije Egwaikhide
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Software Development

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What people are saying

ibm watson

Kindly update the videos in the course to match the changes in IBM watson site A basic course going over the open source tools necessary to self-study data science.

I was really excited to dealing with IBM Watson Studio through the Internet.

Then when you are finally signed up, the video tutorial isn't relevant because it's not the latest version of IBM Watson Studio being discussed.

This is a good course, but they really need to update the screen shots to be up to date with IBM Watson Studio.

The IBM Watson Studio presented some issues but they were solved in less than 24 hours by the IBM Engineers.

IBM Watson related content needs to be updated and be more comprehensive Awesome course and well designed curriculum for beginners!

Not updated Videos are outdated compared to programs excellent course and very clearly explained This REALLY needs to be updated for IBM Watson studio, the tools are completely different than what are in the video The screenshots are outdated.

I've subtracted one star since the videos, especially in week 3, were not in synch with the online tools (IBM Watson Studio).

This course help me to understand and used to all the necessary tools which are required in data science I still find the course needs an upgrade informative It was nice to learn about the IBM cloud tools available, including IBM Watson Studio.

It gives good exposure to Jupyter and Zeppelin notebooks, as well as IBM Watson Studio.

good i had some troubles but i found out the way Excelente curso para tener una visión general de las herramientas en Data Science IBM Watson videos were a bit outdated The other courses I took are too easy sofar for me.

Especially the IBM Watson Studio section is something which needs to be worked on again.

I would have rated 5 stars although, IBM Watson Studio (Data Science Experience) was outdated and some had issues according to the forum.

It supposedly introduces the IBM Watson Studio but ALL the videos are outdated and do not reflect the platform currently on IBM's website.

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jupyter notebook

I feel very prepped to work with Jupyter Notebooks!

I was unable to do the final assignment because it's impossible to get to the Jupyter notebooks page when you sign in.

perfect Haaa heavy Great course to experience different data science softwares virtually The overall content was fine; however, the videos were sadly out of date and it was very difficult to set up an account and create a Jupyter notebook following the directions.

Trying to create a Jupyter notebook in IBM Watson for two days now as asked by the final assignment.

It needs to be more challenging but happy to be introduced to various helpful tools nonetheless The course gives an introduction to the Data Science tools , namely Watson Studio, Zeppelin & Jupyter Notebooks.

This course is really good and give basic ideas about various data science tools viz Jupyter notebook, zeppelin, R Studio IDE, IBM Watson Studio etc., great introduction!

The end-of-course project was 10x easier than figuring out how to set up a Jupyter Notebook in IBM Watson Studio.

Good intro to Apache Zeppelin and Jupyter Notebooks!

That was just confusing and it felt like there were large chunks of explanations missing for people with no programming background It's excited to know another text editor but jupyter notebook, thank you It is very cool source.

Outdated Information great to see how the IDE's work I had Jupyter Notebook installed on my laptop for months.

Difficult to follow as the Jupyter Notebooks have been deprecated.

Why not just write with a Jupyter notebook from your own web browser I wish there were more labs and more elaboration as to how to connect these tools to daily activities or useful things to broaden understanding.

The hands on labs they were informative and just perfect for introduction purposes Beautifully explained the working of the Jupyter Notebook, RStudio, IBM Watson, Zeppelin.

At the last, we have to write a Jupyter notebook and share it with our peers.

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open source tools for

good course They are basically promoting their products in this course Very exciting to discover and know there that such amazing open source tools for data analysis I really feel like I learned a lot, and gained a significant amount of confidence using these systems.

Watson studio is really a great resource for learning the data science tools This course gives good practical understanding of the open source tools for data science, such as Jupyter Notebooks, Zeppelin Notebook, RStudio IDE, IBM Watson Studio.

This course of Open source tools for data science was very helpful in knowing about the tools and technologies which are used in data science techniques.

Very good A good overview of open source tools for Wonderful Videos are bit out of date so could be sometimes tricky to find the needed instructions!

Great course, I learned a lot about Open Source tools for Data Science!

very easy to follow Good introduction to Open Source tools for data science, including: Jupyter, Zeppelin and RStudio IDE.

Also I had to wait for peer review since I could not find other candidates who have completed the course with me...Recommended for beginner level A great course with lots of useful information and knowledge about open source tools for data science.

Great course to know about open source tools for Data Science!!

Comprehensive but student-friendly introduction to common and popular open source tools for DS.

Great Course introducing us to these tools A good introduction about open source tools for Data Science.

Excellent overview on using IBM Watson data platform and various open source tools for data science.

Great Great Introduction to open source tools for data science.

Good teaching of Open Source tools for Data Science Keep it up...

Good starting point for data science This course introduces the learner to the open source tools for Data Science in a very efficient manner.

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ibm data science experience

Introduction of plenty of useful tools I learned how to use Jupyter Notebook in the IBM Data Science Experience and practically with its proficiency in preparing a notepad along with the Markdown recording.

The Coursera videos to IBM Data Science Experience (now IBM Watson Studio) are outdated and therefore lead to unnecessary confusion and, to a point, obstruction of completing the course.

very valuable material The IBM Data Science Experience videos need updating since its now IBM Watson.

Last part is a bit out of date after IBM changed the interface of IBM Data Science Experience.

Manque des tests en images pas à pas Amazing learning experience This course was just Amazing it gave me a quick tour about how to use IBM data science Experience and its notebooks It good and give us Basic Knowledge where to start IBM cloud tool and DSX related setup is not clear Not a bad course if the student is brand new to data science / computer science / programming.

They show IBM Data Science Experience (former ediiton of IBM Watson) and because the interface is not looking the same, tracking the steps is difficult.

Thanks for this class, I learn a lot about "Skills Network Labs" and " IBM Data Science Experience".

Good it has to be updated Good course, but the videos should be updated, for example, it shows IBM Data Science Experience when the name changed to IBM Watson Studio.

On the other hand, I hope the parts mentioning IBM Data Science Experience are updated to mention IBM Watson Studio, because it did get a bit confusing in certain parts of the course.

The "IBM data science experience" has been changed now to "IBM Watson Studio".

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final assignment

the instructions and tools for the final assignment were very difficult to use and frustrating.

This causes additional problems as the final assignment depends on getting started with the IBM website.

IBM Watson Studio, the platform where you are supposed to do the final assignment, doesn't work properly and nobody cares.

the material isn't update as the ibm labs and the individuals need extra time and efford to do the final assignment It's too useful step towards my career Thank you very much for the excellent presentation of the material and the available intellectual tasks.

The instruction for the final assignment is totally outdated, it was a terrible experience.

course's final assignment should be little bit harder Good short introduction to using notebooks across various data science platforms.

The course primarily shows the UIs of the tools and its scope/what it supports and very little about open source tools as such the demo tool version was not the same we used for doing final assignment outdated.

However I was incorrectly graded in the final assignment hence weighing down my aggregate score.

In the first week or two, you use one service, then in the middle weeks use a different one, but in the final assignment, you're using a service that you signed up for in the beginning.

It's really annoying bc the final assignment was required to use the IBM platform.

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waste of time

This course was a waste of time.

It is a humongous waste of time.

Good introduction of open resources, though some contents are outdated and caused some unnecessary waste of time great course, hands on practice with tools in DS Good one to start hands on I have stopped going though the IBM specialization after this course - this review is for beginners (like me), who have no coding/programming background.

Course 2 was just a waste of time.

It was complete waste of time Course had a lot of content, that was great, but lessons and instructions did not match the software from IBM to be used.

But still, most of the course is a waste of time, as all those tools could be described and linked as a part of some module in a more difficult and hands-on course.

waste of time with no added value.

This course is a waste of time and slows people down, that are interested in learning about Data Science.

While the contents can be somewhat useful, the course itself is a complete waste of time and money Had problems with creating notebook on IBM watson studio and got no expert help.

Cuesta trabajo el ejercicio porque no esta cual como indica el ejercicio Nice videos with hands on availability using Skills network labs Gets you ready for data science tools This is a waste of time.The course introduces various tools for data science.

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step by step

Step by step directions enabled me used Jupiter notebook.

If there are step by step instructions, it will save me some time to quickly start.

This course is structured well, easy to understand instructions along with step by step guidance.

Adequate time and information (particularly step by step with screenshots for setup of notebook etc.)

It's not just listing of tools but step by step application which makes me more confident-I know exactly where to fetch each tool I need in a Data Science Project.

great learnings its generic course knowlwdge, and face challanges to open and creare Whatson Studio projects as well to open link with my assestments The learning has been broken down step by step.

An interactive course that gives resourceful insights to the tools available online for data science The tools and website is sometimes hard to connect, and has maintenance/update very often and it made it extra difficult for us new comers to follow up without step by step guide to the new features, which prolonged the course and it wasn't very necessary.But I did learn a lot from this course hopefully the tools and guides get better for the future students.

Still at very beginners level, but step by step..

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hands on experience

Hands on experience helped me to get a feel of how the tool works.

Good hands on experience using jupyter notebook and open source tools!

This course is basically trying to promote IBM products without any notable skills learned Excellent course to get hands on experience on open source tools available for data scientists.

This was a really intuitive course with hands on experience on Jupyter Notebooks, Rstudio, Python 3.It turns out to be the more I'll practice the more I'll learn and this course really turned out to be helpful as a stepping stone towards it.

Intro to tools are good but it's just Intro not even one small project to get hands on experience.

Informative and hands on experience on tools lts a great course to introduce those IBM open source tools for Data Science.

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sign up

it would help if the videos were also updated so there is less confusion for students when they try sign up for an IBM account.

Consider whether it is really necessary to have us sign up to 2 different cloud lab environments, surely one would suffice.

I want to learn some really skills and theory, not how to sign up for a IBM account, which is so complicated, almost took me half hour to figure out how to sign up this account.

The Watson Studio needs to be updated to reflect the current sign up process, however.

The videos will make you sign up with lots of IBM services and won't teach you anything about it.

best one IBM Watson Studio sign up video should be updated accordingly with the updates elementos visuales desactualizados Excellent class for beginners that is well taught.

You HAVE to sign up for IBM's cloud service and use a clunky tool there, and on top of that the videos are so out of date that the UI has completely changed.

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at times

As a complete beginner, I felt at times, that the lecturer was speaking to a more experienced audience.

There is a small problem at times.

A little too easy (only took an hour or two) and navigating IBM's Watson is confusing at times.

Nice overview of different data science tools, though at times it can feel like an advertisement for IBM's cloud platform.

At times, for examples, during the setup phase for the tools, I felt stuck and the fact there was no one around to answer questions made it more challenging.

The IBM resources on the cloud that are used for this course are fantastic, although they are slow to load at times or confusing to navigate.

The IBM cloud advertisements make it feel more like a product endorsement than a real course, at times.

I found myself lost at times, as the current version of Watson does not match the version shown in the lectures.

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get familiar with

Good to get familiar with open-source tools.

Very interactive course to learn the tools and get familiar with .

This area is going to require some extra work on the students' part to get familiar with the tools but is a great lead-in.

A great material to get familiar with Watson studio, which combine many kinds of languages.

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create a notebook

The incoherence between the IBM tools interfaces in the videos and the real interfaces makes us lose quite a bit of time with simple tasks just as setting up an account or create a notebook.

IBM Watson was updated and changed the design, it became harder to understand how create a notebook and etc.IBM Watson is lagging, the code (Python 3.5) runs through time.The final assignment is described incompetently, as there are bindings to the cells.

There were two main negatives to the course: 1) The videos and readings for IBM Watson Studio need some serious updating - once the account was created it was very trial and error to create a notebook.

However, education materials in videos are not updated so it makes difficult to find out where to an account create a notebook.

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Science writer / data analyst $63k

Genomic Data Science Programmer $75k

Volunteer Director of Data Science $78k

Expert Data Science Supervisor $79k

Supervisor 1 Data Science Supervisor $91k

Guest Director of Data Science $101k

Data Science Architect $105k

Head of Data Science $131k

Assistant Director 1 of Data Science $133k

Owner Director of Data Science $149k

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Rating 4.0 based on 1,782 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 3 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week
Starts Jun 28 (29 weeks ago)
Cost $38
From IBM via Coursera
Instructors Polong Lin, Romeo Kienzler, Svetlana Levitan, Aije Egwaikhide
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Software Development

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