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What is Data Science?

Introduction to Data Science,

The art of uncovering the insights and trends in data has been around since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used census data to increase efficiency in tax collection and they accurately predicted the flooding of the Nile river every year. Since then, people working in data science have carved out a unique and distinct field for the work they do. This field is data science. In this course, we will meet some data science practitioners and we will get an overview of what data science is today.
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Rating 4.6 based on 7,030 ratings
Length 4 weeks
Effort 3 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week
Starts Jun 21 (30 weeks ago)
Cost $38
From IBM, Google Cloud via Coursera
Instructors Alex Aklson, Google Cloud Training, Polong Lin, Rav Ahuja
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Data Science IT & Networking
Tags Data Science Data Analysis Cloud Computing Security Information Technology

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What people are saying

after completing this course

Course content is good.But could be better if we have included more real time examples to understand and explore the capabilities of Data Science I really really love the contents inside this curriculum- what I feel after completing this course, littlea bit closer to my future job landing.................... peers not graded properly Very Informative introduction, and a different and practical perspective for Data Science.

I'm really happy that after completing this course, I get an introduction to the data science Excellent Course very helpfull for understand what is data science and the escencials to be a good data scientist great course and great content it really is a good kick start for beginners, the interviews and lectures were very interactive and helpful This course is quite good as it briefs us about what a big world we are going to dive into while doing this course Good Experience and eager to know more data science-related stuff It is a very good introductory course for Data Science Thank very much for introducing such an amazing course which ignited my learning skill again.

After completing this course I am finding me confident enough in understanding Data science and its scope in today's world.

wonderful experience and well detail for a good start into data science even though i have electrical engineering background i was little hesitant to enroll in this course but after completing this course i feel confident about data science course easy to understand entry course.

just the overview of what to do for data scientist...very useful After completing this course I have a good understanding of Data Science Gives very good information on what is data science Assignments are not upto the right standard - I think t Excellent !!

I was aware of data science term but after completing this course now i can confidently say that I know about the data science and what does a job of data scientist is .

After completing this course you can easily understand and define what is Data Science and clear your doubt about Data Science.I recommend this course to all beginners.

I am very happy after completing this course.

But after completing this course, I have come to realize that Data Science is completely different than Machine Learning.

I am more interested in learning about Data Science after completing this course.

this course i good for people who doesn't have any IT backgroun Excellent course After completing this course, I got a glimpse of terms like Data Science, Data Scientist etc.

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real life examples

Or some real life examples like my instructor once told story about how Facebook and Walmart and some other business giants have used data science to reach success.

Good Start for Data Science Beginners Great introduction with real life examples the student can relate to.

Really helpful for beginners in Data Science as concepts, terminologies explained in simplest way relating to practical real life examples.

The best part is the real life examples that have been shown.

Why not show some real life examples and the impact of Data Science has on the world?

Very useful course and can be easily related to real life examples.

The course requires better content such as more use cases and real life examples.

A good course who want to learn basics of Data Science and Carrer Good introduction to the data science world Useful Excellent introduction to Data Science with real life examples of applications and career paths.

This course has helped me understand all the related concepts about Data Science I found the way of moving forward with real life examples and applications of data science very nice.

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financial aid

I have no words for describe this experience in coursera, Many thanks for approve my financial aid.

It was fantastic experience while going through this course and helped lot to understand what is actually Data science .Thanks to coursera to allow me financial aid scheme and also thanks to IBM to make such wonderful course.Thank You Very good introduction to Data Science.

Thank you for ibm and special thanks for financial aid coursera.

Thank you Coursera for the financial aid.

where I mostly ended up a page with ML / Deep Learning words instead of what actually is Data Science,,,But this course starts with defining as "Data Science is a Process ,,,," which is so nice to hear after such situations I faced, All around a good course for all the people of diverse sectors interested in Learning Data Science.Thank Coursera for the Financial Aid Understandable Clear explanation about Data science and Data scientists It was a good introduction to this excited field.

I get the financial aid, and I am very much pleased to COUSERA and IBM both for design this type of unique course and supporting me by financial aid.

Again i thank u coursera for giving me financial aid.

Thank you for the financial aid Coursera.

Appreciate Coursera gave me financial aid for this.

The only problem is there is no financial aid option for any of the courses.

:) Excellent teacher was very good and all the content was also very good thankyou coursera for providing me financial aid and provide me this course free of cost.

I have got an amazing experience through out this course , thanks for your financial aid because of that only I am able to complete that course , thank you so much This is a very good overview for newcomers Great start point!

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que es la ciencia

Es in gran curso, detalla de una manera muy precisa lo que es la ciencia de los datos y lo que se requiere estudiar para llegar a serlo.

Describe que es la ciencia de datos y los medios para lograrlo, que debe contener un informe científico, como así también cual es el papel de un científico de datos, sus cualidades y características.

Un excelente mapeo general de lo que es la ciencia de datos This course will give complete introduction about data science.

Muy buen cuso que te da una idea clara de lo que es la ciencia de datos y que habiliadades tiene que desarrollar quien esté interesado en convertirse en un científico de datos.

Excelente apertura para dar un poco de contexto al estudiante con respecto a los alcances de lo que es la ciencia de datos.

Me parece un curso informativo y conceptual muy completo acerca de lo que es la ciencia de datos y el perfil del científico de datos.

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day to day life

Brilliant Intro to Data Science Great Start It is a great introductory course to have a broad view of Data Science and role of Data Scientist in day to day life Awweesome!!

Knowing the experiences from the people who deal with data science in day to day life is very helpful for a student.

Provided a great knowledge about the importance of Data Science in day to day life and its usage.

I like to mention that I have not clear conception about regression but the way he taught with a simple day to day life example, is just a magic in my brain and now the concept is totally clear.

The course delivers a clear cut explanation by providing clear cut examples and through professionals, teach us what exactly a data scientist does in day to day life.

The way every data scientist professional explain their views on how the career would be on the day to day life and what skills do you need to develop to be one of the best in the field.

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ciencia de los datos

es una excelente introduccion al mundo de ciencia de los datos.

Informative and helpful :) Aprendi lo suficiente en este curso para decidir realmente que quiero hacer con mi vida , ayudo demasiado a alimentar mi curiosidad por la ciencia de los datos y la importancia tienen.

Thank you Coursera good for the introduction to this field Posee diferentes actividades, lecturas y vídeos que ayudan a comprender claramente en que consiste la ciencia de los datos.

Es una excelente introducción al mundo de las ciencia de los datos.

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data science professional certificate

I am excited to continue the remaining courses in the Data Science Professional Certificate.

And I am looking forward to the next modules of the "IBM Data Science Professional Certificate"!

I am subscribed to and paying for the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate and when I attempt to submit a quiz within the "What is Data Science?"

I hope to find techniques details in remaining courses of IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate has great content and the instructors are competent enough.

Especially its a part of IBM Data Science Professional Certificate that's a great deal within itself.Thank you Coursera for this course and to help me start on the path of Data Science.

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cientista de dados

Ajudou-me a entender melhor as técnicas e teorias relacionadas a Ciência de dados e sobre a profissão de cientista de dados.

Recomendo à qualquer pessoa pois explica detalhadamente o que é Ciência de dados e o que faz um cientista de dados!

Excelente curso para quem esta começando no mundo do Data Science.Mostra o que pode fazer, o universo em que esta entrando, os objtivos e um caminho que deve traçar para ser um Cientista de Dados.

Muito bom, especifica desde as primeiras noções do que é ser um Cientista de Dados e alguns pontos de trabalho e projetos já aplicados, e reconhecidos.

Data science é um conceito moderno e por isso questões como a sua definiçaõ e aplicabilidade geram muita confusão para quem está iniciar, este curso ensina tudo oque um potencial cientista de dados precisa saber para iniciar a sua carreira.

Da um panorama geral sobre o que é ciência de dados, quais suas principais aplicações e quais as habilidades que uma pessoa precisa desenvolver para se tornar um cientista de dados.

Todos os aspectos importantes para iniciar uma carreira na área de ciências de dados são pontuados incluindo área de atuação e habilidades necessárias para um cientista de dados.

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es un curso

Es un curso muy didáctico y sobre todo práctico para que quienes trabajamos podamos darle seguimiento con facilidad.

The course gives a good view on what is a data scientist and what is data science Es un curso orientado a aprender conceptos basicos A very general course about data science and data scientist.

Es un curso introductorio.

good GREAT course Es un curso muy bueno, con muy buen detalle de los temas vistos.

Es un curso resuelve dudas fundamentales a aquellas personas que están interesadas en meterse en este mundo, y lo hace de una manera muy sencilla.Acá entendederas que es Data Science y diferenciarlo de conceptos con los que normalmente se confunden, tales como Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, entre otros.También aprenderás que es lo que hace en su dia a dia un Data Scientist, el pool de skills requeridos y las formas de llegar a convertirte en uno.

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muito bom

Muito bom mesmo.

Muito bom para o aprendizado sobre Data Science, uma ótima introdução The course is great, but it is a bit difficult to navigate through coursera.

E Muito bom o treinamento.

Muito bom, até agora.

muito bom The course is very simple and assists in developing a foundational understanding of data science.

It was greatly put together and easy to understand Um curso muito bom para te introduzir no mundo do Data Science!

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eye opening

Eye opening module.

Lots of information and easy to understand It was really an eye opening course towards journey of Data Science.

I got my first feel of data science thanks to Coursera for the eye opening.

A really eye opening introduction which succeeds to stipulate interest in the subject.

This course was eye opening and at the same time it really helped me to understand data science in general.

the course is very eye opening Its a really good course for Data Analyst Aspirant.Thanks to coursera for this.

The course was indeed very helpful and eye opening to me personally.

By doing this this my base is clear, so this is very important for all new comer whose want to come in data science eye opening and informative.

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norman white

Norman White seemingly doesnt believe that courses such as these have too much value.

Great course for introduction to data science Fascinated with Murtaza Haider and Norman White.

Thanks to Murtaza Haider and Dr. Norman White for making the foundation an easy-to-understand session.

I'm saying this from my own experience before starting i thought it would be very difficult to understand but when i start learning i loved it because the tutors are excellent i felt like their not taking class just like a personal talk with them like a guest visiting our home especially Mr.Norman White and Mr.Murtaza Haider .

The series of lectures, assignments were lucid and makes even a layman to understand what is data science and where and all it can be applied.Especially loved the explanations from Dr.Murtaza Haider & Prof. Norman White.

Stephen Sherman ("Garbage in garbage out'), Shingai Manjengwa, Mandeep Kaur, Luis Martins, Diana Zarate Diaz and final but not the least the incredible Prof Norman White.

Excellent videos from Professors Mr. Norman White and Mr. Murtaza Haider.

Videos and reading material is good especially from Dr. Haider and Prof. Norman White.Need more examples or scenarios about data science and implications of data science at various fileds by respective data scientists.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

AD, Data Science $47k

Associate Data Science Supervisor $55k

Science writer / data analyst $63k

Genomic Data Science Programmer $75k

Volunteer Director of Data Science $78k

Expert Data Science Supervisor $79k

Supervisor 1 Data Science Supervisor $91k

Guest Director of Data Science $101k

Data Science Architect $105k

Head of Data Science $131k

Assistant Director 1 of Data Science $133k

Owner Director of Data Science $149k

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Rating 4.6 based on 7,030 ratings
Length 4 weeks
Effort 3 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week
Starts Jun 21 (30 weeks ago)
Cost $38
From IBM, Google Cloud via Coursera
Instructors Alex Aklson, Google Cloud Training, Polong Lin, Rav Ahuja
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Data Science IT & Networking
Tags Data Science Data Analysis Cloud Computing Security Information Technology

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