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Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching

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Do you want to learn how to digitally sketch images for games and film like an industry pro? Or maybe you’re wanting to branch out and try working digitally? In any case you’ve come to the right place.

The 'The Ultimate Guide to Digital Sketching: Beginner to Advanced' course will show you how to digitally sketch and draw skilled images that will stand up as professional work. The techniques taught in this course can be translated into any program from Photoshop to Procreate. This course will enhance or give you skills in digital drawing, or your money back.

This course is your track to building a solid portfolio of digital art and concept art. Whether for your own portfolio or for client work.

This course will take you from having little knowledge in how to draw and sketch to creating professional drawings in as little as one week.

So what else is in it for you?

You’ll be taken from basic sketches to creative ideas and drawings, from beginner to expert

You’ll gain instant access to all of the course. You can follow along and recreate my drawings or use it as inspiration to draw your own masterpiece.

The course is setup to quickly take you through step by step, the process of creating digital sketches. It will equip you with the knowledge to create stunning images and concept art.

This all comes under one convenient easy to use platform. Plus you will get fast, friendly, responsive support on the Udemy Q&A section of the course or direct message.

I will be here for you every step of the way.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to start creating today.

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Rating 4.4 based on 383 ratings
Length 5.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructors Austin Batchelor, Caleb Ceran
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Design Game Design

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What people are saying

so far

I like the course so far, it has some nice info I thought the line thickness trainings were especially good.

Learnt a lot so far, the information is invaluable.

I think it's awesome so far.

So far, I'm liking it.

Good advice & short videos are easy to fit in I'd go for more stars but I don't have a tablet yet and its pretty tablet centred, I don't remember to read anywhere that it would be like that but the course is great, so far I'm having fun and improving, hope I can enjoy and learn even more when I get one.

From what I've seen so far, this course seems pretty promising and looks like it will be able to improve my sketching capabilities.

So far I haven't seen anything that shocks me I haven't got very far yet, but so far it's been great, the very first exercise was inspiring and very useful in my opinion :) Great so far, very intuitive!

So far so good Super excited to continue this course and do the assignments.

the lines technique is good as a method for coming up with ideas for character design really good exercise and very fun to do :) Reasonable speed, intriguing brain storm ideas in the intro, so far not bad!

Greatly improved my skills Enjoying it so far, but still early days.

Pretty good so far.

So far so good.

Love it so far!

This course so far has been great Austin really goes into detail about why he teaches these different methods of sketching rather then telling you to do something and then giving you an assignment without explaining the reason for said assignment, my advice for anyone who goes into this course for the first time is to prepare yourself to refer back to a lot of the previous lectures or just take notes as you go along because honestly every lecture has a lot of good and valuable information.

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easy to understand

Great course - easy to understand, a lot of great drawing techniques, tips for the business and so on.

Very interesting and easy to understand the course.

"I recommend this course for everyone who want a great start with sketching" I really enjoy this course, Austin´s sketches are amazing and the classes are easy to understand Excelente curso, muy completo, va desde los puntos básicos y avanza hasta las partes más complicadas de la ilustración, enseña a crear hábitos para dibujar todos los días, el instructor se ve que tiene experiencia y conocimientos en este campo y sabe explicar muy bien.

Austin's English is easy to understand and the subtitles helps a lot in some cases.

The instructor is a pro and broke everything down into easy to understand steps.

I'm a beginner and this course is really easy to understand.

Easy to understand and fun so far.

Easy to understand Awesome!!!!

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feel like

Feel like some basics (e.g.

I feel like the inspiration exercise would be better once I have some fundamentals down.

It does mean it can feel like you're almost teaching yourself.

I feel like maybe he could touch on that a little more, and reassure his viewers because I'm already discouraged.

The fact you did so nicely even with a simple sketch I feel like for beginners it is a little daunting.

I started from 0 and learned a lot of cool methods; I feel like I just need to keep practicing.

I feel like that would be helpful with tackling the studies and drawing from imagination.

Making several thumbnail poses also help because I wont feel like I was locked into one pose and having to make it work even when it starts to go south.

i was a digtial artist but after some time away i got this i feel like it is worth it Great guide for sketching, extremely practical and well thought out!

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clear and concise

great course, easy to follow through Instruction is clear and concise.

Still was a good guide to have and having a teacher to provide the information in a clear and concise way is very helpful.

The instructor is clear and concise with his instruction.

Austin is very clear and concise The course is starting really good and you explain in a way I can understand So far i am interested and want to see more, this course has grabbed my attention and i would take on another course by this person.

Really simple, clear and concise - but also very effective.

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get better at

I want to de-stress and do something that I enjoy and at the same time learn and get better at somethings I enjoy.

As a beginner, I found Austin to be a great instructor.He gives useful tips and explanations on how to practice efficiently and get better at drawing.

Because I want to get better at making art and so I can impress my mum,friends and so my future will improve .

It is very clear what you're suppose to do in order to get better at this course.

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recommend this course

I highly recommend this course.

I have learnt so much and would recommend this course.

I recommend this course to new users, but slightly experienced people can also lean quite a bit.

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digital art

Another excellent course from Austin packed with more than enough information to become a better digital artist.

I have some experience as a traditional artist, but I have been out of practice, and really do not do digital art.

Defiantly take this if you're interested in learning digital art and love to draw monsters and animals.

If you're new to digital sketching and have some familiarity with digital art programs.

I really enjoyed it and picked up some techniques that have significantly speed up my workflow Yes, perfect match in learning digital art and sketching rather than refining drawings and becoming a slow learner.

muito bom, exercícios iniciais são excelentes, para pegar a pratica I really like that it's agnostic about the drawing platform, Most digital art instruction supposes that you love photoshop.

So far....I have a background in digital art,I mostly work on pieces that end up; as final renders, so this is all about sketching and being organic with the material It looks great so far!

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line game

I am quite taken with Instructor Austin's imagination in the creatures that he's designed from the random lines he's been given as I'm a big fantasy creature buff as well; might I add that I am also quite fond of the line game he's shared with us as this is the first time I've heard of it but it seems extremely efficient in practicing creativity and ingenuity.

I am especially pleased with the line game lesson, I think this could be used as a way to get past the blank page when no ideas are coming to you.

And the basic line game seems a good start whether or not you have much sketching experience.

The Inspiration line game is definitely great for getting ideas!

I really loved starting with the line game - got me hooked right away!

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really enjoyed

This is an excellent online course, I really enjoyed it.

introduced to me some of the basic principles of sketching, gave good examples of what to learn, etc I really enjoyed taking this course.

finding new ways of sparking my creativity I really enjoyed the way the instructor explain stuff!

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starting point

10/10 would recommend to anyone that's looking at getting into art as an awesome starting point.

I need A LOT of practice :D Would prefer IF app supported side by side views it's a good starting point if you have, like me, no experience in drawing (except few lines here and there).

It's a good starting point and very helpful to get the ball rolling and motivate you to learn more and see where you can eventually end up.

Really safe starting point with the existing line drawings - not intimidating and easy to explore both ideation and rough execution.

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too much

I learned too much about sketching, this course gives me an idea about what is sketching.

This will give you too much knowledge about understanding angles.

:) I have given up on this one, won't watch another video, you really don't learn much, there is too much filler this exercise was really fun to do actually and helped me look at things differently.

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Rating 4.4 based on 383 ratings
Length 5.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructors Austin Batchelor, Caleb Ceran
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Design Game Design

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