Plagues, Witches, and War

The Worlds of Historical Fiction

A unique and exciting introduction to the genre and craft of historical fiction, for curious students, aspiring authors--anyone with a passion for the past. Read classics of the genre, encounter bestselling writers of historical fiction, and discover your own historical archive while interacting with a global community of interested readers.
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University of Virginia

Rating 4.5 based on 76 ratings
Length 13 weeks
Effort 10 hours of videos and assessments
Starts Jan 14 (last week)
Cost $49
From University of Virginia via Coursera
Instructor Bruce Holsinger
Free Limited Content
Language English
Subjects Humanities Art & Design
Tags History Arts And Humanities Music And Art

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What people are saying

We analyzed reviews for this course to surface learners' thoughts about it

historical fiction in 13 reviews

The genre was relatively new to me (previously not a historical fiction reader), so I discovered many wonderful authors.

I adore historical fiction and this course drained the life from it.

I learned so much about the evolution of the historical fiction genre, which is my personal favorite.

It is such a good course to understand about the different areas of Historical Fiction Excellent videos and reading material!

I learned a lot about writing historical fiction, and I was able to add several books to my already teetering TBR pile.

I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in history or historical fiction.

I learned a great deal about historical fiction and it inspired me to carry on studying the genre once I had completed the course.

It gave me many skills and techniques to think about as I attempt to eventually become a historical fiction writer myself someday.

well as in 5 reviews

It prompted me to read several books I had not read before as well as learn much about my own writing.

This course was unique in presentation as well as content.

很好很有意思 Although I did not read the course description as well as I should have, this course was actually better for me than I expected.

It was fun and informative to hear the different viewpoints of the diverse authors as well as the relevant questions from the students in the seminar.

There's a wonderful reading list required to read as well as multiple guest speakers besides the professor to help explain more about the genre.

so much in 4 reviews

Learned so much, I might take this course again!

Learned so much and was my favorite of the three classes I took this last month on coursera.

Great class and i learned so much about history xcellent teacher Interesante, fascinantes escritores invitados y una buena retroalimentacion por parte del equipo y los participantes.

much about in 3 reviews

very interesting in 3 reviews

The content was very interesting.

A very interesting course with a fascinating subject I've been intrigued by for a while.

A very interesting course.

professor holsinger in 2 reviews

Professor Holsinger's videos were rich and focused.

Thank you, Professor Holsinger.

Congratulations, Professor Holsinger!


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Historical Interpreter 2 $40k

Associate Curator of Historical Photography $61k

Managing Editor, Fiction $65k

Professional genealogist and historical researcher $66k

Psychological Thriller/Fiction/Horror Author $66k

Author, Historical Fiction $71k

Historical Landscape Architect $84k

Fiction Writer Consultant $94k

Curator of Historical Photography $96k

Fiction Professor $102k

Product Manager, History and Historical Periodicals $106k

Professor of Historical Theology & Wesleyan Studies $111k

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