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Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer,

If you are a software developer who wants to build scalable AI-powered algorithms, you need to understand how to use the tools to build them. This course is part of the upcoming Machine Learning in Tensorflow Specialization and will teach you best practices for using TensorFlow, a popular open-source framework for machine learning. The Machine Learning course and Deep Learning Specialization from Andrew Ng teach the most important and foundational principles of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This new TensorFlow Specialization teaches you how to use TensorFlow to implement those principles so that you can start building and applying scalable models to real-world problems. To develop a deeper understanding of how neural networks work, we recommend that you take the Deep Learning Specialization.
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Rating 4.5 based on 1,128 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks, 4-5 hours/week
Starts Jun 26 (35 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From via Coursera
Instructor Laurence Moroney
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Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Software Development Mobile And Web Development

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What people are saying

neural network

Finally I came to know how to train a neural network.

Provides great overview on the process of designing and learning the neural network notall concepts are 100% clear Beginner rather than Intermediate level.

Course is nice but more keras then tensorflow It was a thorough introductory course on Tensorflow and Neural Network algorithms.

Comprehensive introduction to the image processing using convolutional neural network and deep learning algorithms.

Great course and clear explanation of all the codes to do the deep neural network Excelente curso para saber como funciona TensorFlow, bastante recomendable.

This is an amazing and easy introduction to tensorFlow It has been a good start for me to get into the neural network and tensorflow world.In week 4, the level of study increased a lot.I feel like I just stepped in to the world of AI nice course!

excellent course to get you started on the tensorflow for deep learning models.very carefully designed and well explained by laurence a beautiful way of learning and developing the skills in tensorflow Excellent Practical course & hands on for the theory i had learned on Deep Neural networks.

Great Course for learning convolution neural network using Tensorflow and Keras.

I could gradually and repeatedly learn and practice the neural network through the examples.

This course is an excellent starter for people who want to learn about Tensorflow and how to use it to create neural network model very quickly .

Very good introductory course to use TensorFlow for convolutional neural networks It was perfect for getting the basics of tensorflow right.

Really nice introduction to neural network.

It gives the intuition behind TensorFlow and you quickly build simple neural networks with interesting data set.

Good intro to Neural Networks, but would recommend going through other Machine Learning courses if a complete beginner.

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deep learning specialization

I took the Deep Learning Specialization before (which admittedly set a very high standard) and expected this specialization to be similar, just more focused on Tensorflow.

For full benefit I think this must be paired with some more theory oriented courses like the deep learning specialization.

Full disclaimer: I already completed the Deep Learning specialization from so I guess that is partly why the course seems too easy from me.

The course doesn’t have the depth of the Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng but Keras is a great Deep Learning Library This course is amazing for new learner.

I had decided to take this course midway through the Deep Learning specialization.

Looking forward to joining deep learning specialization programme.

It's relatively simple course if you've already finished Andrew Ng's deep learning specialization A very well-presented, well-structured course with a good balance of theory and practice.

Also check this out if you're planning on taking the Deep learning specialization .Also excellent is that the exercises can be done on, so you don't need a strong computer, or to spend time on installations.

Decent enough but much too abbreviated and lacking the depth I expected from a course after taking their deep learning specialization.

A good course for reviewing Tensorflow and Keras after taking Andrew Ng's deep learning specialization Very good course on Deep Learning and Computer vision.

But I think the 1st course are a bit too basic for someone who took the 5 courses Deep Learning Specialization.

On the other hand, students like I, who have already completed Deep Learning Specialization would find this course too basic.

A good course to take after finishing up the deep learning specialization from

If you're already familiar with deep neural networks, conv nets, ect (as explained in Andrews Deep Learning specialization) this course will be a breeze, but it will teach you how to use tensorflow as intended.

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neural networks

Probably best suited for people who are already programmers and have theoretical knowledge of neural networks but want to learn keras.

It is clear and clean code to me as a beginner of Keras Really great platform to start implementing different neural networks .

An excellent introduction to Neural Networks!

An awesome practical course that helps me to start creating my first neural networks using keras in such great methods, the instructor is very good at delivering the knowledge he has.

A great course for Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks using Tensorflow It was pretty basic but good.

As a beginner before this course I was quite intimidated by the coding behind neural networks.

very good The code on colab notebook is not clearly visible on screen Wow, amazing, true technical hands-on course A Good course presenting many interesting concepts about computer vision and convutionnal neural networks.

I less start because being pretty green with Neural Networks, there were some concepts that I did not understand right off the bat Easy and interesting.

This course was overly helpful...almost all the buzz words I've heard and read about neural networks now seems to be coming together... Es un gran curso para aprender los principios de la AI tocando código desde el primer momento really helps me a lot A good intro course about tensor-flow and machine-learning for programmers.

The course seems to be focused on students who are new to neural networks.

It is a good course and starter for someone who wants to learn TensorFlow and get a knack of implementation of Neural Networks on Real Life Datasets.Well Structured and articulated course work and notebooks.

Excellent course to introduce fundamental neural network concept and illustrate how to build easily Neural Networks thanks to tensorflow high level API.

Please rewrite code for TensorFlow 2.0 This course jumps right in and in a clear way presents a few real world like problems and solutions for them using neural networks.

A really simple and intuitive approach to Neural Networks in TensorFlow.

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computer vision

Good course which gives the brief explination on how to use the TensorFlow framework to solve many computer vision problems.

It also only focuses on computer vision domain.

I would suggest first clearing your fundamentals of machine learning and computer vision before taking this course.

The course demystified simple computer vision classification use-cases by leveraging TensorFlow.

In fact, for me, it was an introduction for using Tensorflow for computer vision.

Good introductory courser to step into AI , ML and DL world with computer vision application without a doubt, Laurence's teaching is much better than reading the documentation!

Great basic introduction to the world of computer vision.

Great content it was a good intensive course for constructing a off-the-shelves computer vision classification model excellent course Amazing way of putting all the stuff together Thanks for awesome lectures.

I thought this course is more focused on the basic elements of TensorFlow, but it was very heavy on computer vision.

Very Methodical way of progressing from simple to slightly complex methods in Computer vision.

Absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting a basic knowledge on computer vision using TensorFlow.

Very good for learning basics of TensorFlow to use building neural networks, and CNNs for use in Image Processing and Computer Vision.

GREAT COURSE Great foundations of Deep Learning for Computer Vision from a practitioner perspective Loved it..!!

If you want to learn deep learning, go to cs230; cs231n for computer vision; cs224n and cs224u for NLP; cs20 for Tensorflow.

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easy to follow

I learned a lot about image processing, TensorFlow and CNN.The exercises are useful to practise the coding and concepts.Thank you Very good course Vary practical and easy to follow material.

A concise but rich introduction to Neural Networks and Tensorflow, that was easy to follow, engaging and informative.

This course is well structured and easy to follow.

easy to follow This course provides the basic foundation building blocks to do Deep Learning with TensorFlow framework.

Easy to follow; Simple and well organised examples Really Enjoyed the course content .

The lessons are clear and easy to follow.

I found this course extremely practical and easy to follow!

i love this course it puch me in CNN NN Keras world i love it easy to follow along and learn Great and easy to understand with concrete examples and Jupiter notebooks to experiment with own data I am new to the tensorflow.

Good exercises that were easy to follow.

Easy to follow while providing material for those who eager to learn more Awesome course.

Thank you Laurence for providing an easy to follow set of videos and exercises.

Easy to follow explanations and very didactic examples.

Useful and interesting, easy to follow.

Got some basic idea of deep learning and tensorflow Very fundamental and easy to follow.

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highly recommend

I highly recommend this for other people.

Highly recommend for students, engineers, and scientists.

I highly recommend Awesome, Really interesting!

I highly recommend it especially if you have ML background and just looking to refresh your knowledge and explore TensorFlow and Keras.

I highly recommend (as Andrew suggests) doing the Deep Learning specialization first, so that you learn what's really going on.

For a serious ML practitioner wannabe, I highly recommend to take Andrew's Deep Learning course first, then move on to Tensorflow specialization.

Thoroughly enjoyed this course and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to prototype and build quick model POCs for your business objectives.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in CNNs.

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looking forward

Looking forward to more cool stuff to learn in the other 3 courses.

Looking forward eager for next courses of this series.

Looking forward to more such courses.

I believe there is till a lot to learn about tensorflow and deep learning and i am looking forward to the next courses !

There is nothing for $49 in it (except really cool teachers) I am looking forward to more such courses.

Looking forward to take up the next course This course is well structured with very good instructional delivery.

Looking forward for the next course in this series.

Looking forward to the next course(s) Great Technical Course!

Looking forward for the next part.

Looking forward for another courses in this lineup.Thank you Moroney, Andrew Ng and Coursera for a fantastic introduction course.I loved the projects at the intro stage, and these were so well explained.

Looking forward for more courses in thing specialization.

Looking forward to the next course in this specialisation!

I'm looking forward to finishing this specialization.

Just amazingly well done in every aspect.Looking forward to taking the rest of the sequence!

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by andrew ng

Recommended after completion of the Deep Learning specialisation by Andrew Ng.

a bit redundant with the Deep Learning Specilization by Andrew Ng but a very good reminder I really liked the way the mentor went through the course.

I would recommend people to explore Machine Learning and Deep learning specialization offered by Andrew NG for in-depth knowledge of the concepts.

I would recommend to study a course like Machine Learing by Andrew Ng as well to get a better understanding of the foundations of neural networks.Teaching is great and the materials worked flawlessly.

I would recommend taking the series that is taught by Andrew Ng if you want to understand deep learning.

I found it great for the following reasons:- Laurence Moroney (Instructor) was very professional and clear while delivering the knowledge- The introductions by Andrew NG were really nice- Easy to understand codes and understanding of thr underlying principles- Varied topics such as CNN, NLP & Time Series- Very insightful by providing expert opinions about different ways of model optimizationI really enjoyed the course and I thank the instructor for the same :) This course gave me all the basics of TensorFlow that I couldn't find in a coherent format elsewhere!

I took the Stanford course by Andrew Ng first, so many of the concepts were very familiar - in some cases, the detail was just a little bit shallow - probably to avoid interfering with getting on with implementation - but this course certainly had references outside the course to some more detailed information on topics like how convolutions help identify features or the learning factor.

I previously took the 5 course deep learning sequence taught by Andrew Ng (which I would also recommend), and am VERY pleased with the first course of this sequence taught by Laurence Moroney.

Or maybe i need to take a supplement course for statistics and Neural networks by Andrew NG.

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laurence moroney

Recommended for absolute beginners to deep learning and tensorflow Much helpful for great start Thanks too much to Coursera, Andrew Ng & Laurence Moroney, to share and allow me to see such course in my country, Venezuela.

Laurence Moroney is so didactic that makes complex problems to look easy.

Mr.Laurence Moroney has explained very nicely on what is Tensorflow and how to build complex models using very simple code snippets.

Thank you Andew Ng, Laurence Moroney and for this wonderful course Good Excellent course to get a quick overview of TensorFlow and convnet.Love it...

Thanks Andrew Ng and Laurence Moroney for the content.

Kudos to the course instructor Laurence Moroney for this course .

Laurence Moroney is a great instructor who explains the code and concepts well.

An excellent course by Laurence Moroney on the basics of TensorFlow for training models ina short and sweet manner with good enough number of practical exercises to help us get acquainted with the methodology and syntax.

Thanks to Laurence Moroney for making the course as simple as possible.

And like the easy and clear way Laurence Moroney told about all this stuff.

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tensor flow

I learned a lot learned basics about tensor flow good This course is simple in comparison with the Deep Learning Especialization, However you can learn new things like training from folders and using callback for early stopping.

well explained unlike previous andrew-ng courses this course covers all the basics concepts you need to know about the tensor flow and if someone is taking this course good luck this course really helped thanks a lot coursera for these courses and giving us an opportunity to learn and explore!

Good course The course is real good with practical task for understanding the neural network and tensor flow.

课程内容十分有用且清晰,只是内容较少、习题过于简单了 good Nice and easy explanation of Tensor Flow.

Excellent course and I would strongly recommend this course It is a good introductory course on Tensor flow Great introduction on Tensorflow and some key concepts of NN, however I find the course fees is slightly too expensive for such an introduction.

Very good and concise introduction to tensor flow.

Great Course It's a great intro to tensor flow (nothing more and nothing less).

Very good course, It explores the basics of Tensor Flow and teaches you all ground knowledge needed to keep learning more.

Muy buen comienzo a Tensor Flow Excellent way of teaching.

very interesting to learn tensor flow.

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course to get started

good content for a beginner Awesome course to get started with TensorFlow if you know basics of machine and deep learning, python.

Very well structured course to get started with Deep Learning using TensorFlow.

Amazing course to get started with tensorflow and keras in computer vision.

Great course to get started with building Convolutional Neural Networks in Keras for building Image Classifiers.

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high level

Very elegant introduction to tensorflow with high level APIs such as tf.keras, totally loved it.

The course not really touch tensorflow, it all about the high level API which is Keras in TF.

Very easy to understand the contents especially using the high level API such as Keras.

There is no high level overview of how tensorflow actually works.

Great Although while pursuing a higher degree in AI it was great to learn the minutiae of machine learning methods, this course seems to provide the best abstraction for a high level programmer - giving flexibility to play around with different datasets and GPU architectures and making it super intuitive and easy to apply it to your own problems.

Great hands on experience and high level review of Andrew Ng's Deep Learning courses, which really go under the hood and explain the why.

A very good high level introduction on how to use TensorFlow :D very good course Learned the basics got some useful resources for further learning.

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Machine Learning Software Developer $103k

Software Engineer (Machine Learning) $116k

Applied Scientist, Machine Learning $130k

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Applied Scientist - Machine Learning -... $136k


Machine Learning Engineer 2 $161k

Machine Learning Scientist Manager $170k

Machine Learning Scientist, Personalization $213k

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Rating 4.5 based on 1,128 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks, 4-5 hours/week
Starts Jun 26 (35 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From via Coursera
Instructor Laurence Moroney
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Software Development Mobile And Web Development

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