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Build a Shopify Dropshipping Business from Scratch


Follow along with my Videos showing you EXACTLY how to build your own E-Commerce Dropshipping Business from the ground up. I have documented the WHOLE process, from the initial idea, all the way through to the first sale through Facebook Ads.

About Your Instructor:

Adam has run E-Commerce ventures since he was just 15 Years Old. With 7 Years under his belt, he's now 22 and specialises in Dropshipping. In 2016 he demonstrated his knowledge and ability in the E-Commerce field...

Firstly, on eBay, he started with £0, and was able to turn over £8000 in 8 weeks, without having ANY inventory.

More notably, in September he launched a brand new website on Shopify. Within 3 weeks he had already turned over more than £1000 in a single day, and within 3 months had already received multiple 6-Figure valuations for the website. Less than 4 weeks in to 2017, this website finally hit 6-Figures in Gross Sales in GBP £.

A Word from Adam:

Now it's 2017, and I want to give back to the community that helped me grow in 2016. I'm planning a LIVE Case Study taking absolute newbies from Zero, no knowledge or experience in E-Commerce at all, right through to earning their first online income with a Dropshipping business.

I'll be showing you all of the tools and tricks I used on my first store, as well as some bonuses that will blow your mind. To supplement the course, I have also created a dedicated Shopify Startups Facebook Group which I encourage you to Join and Participate in. You can add me on Facebook and Message me to Request an Invite to the Group.

The beauty of a Dropshipping business is that it can be run from anywhere in the world. This year I aim to work remotely on my Dropshipping ventures from at least 3 different countries.

...What's your Goal for 2018?

The Topics and Areas Covered in this Course include:

  • Niche, Product and Theme Research and Selection, using cutting-edge tools
  • Secret Extensions to get Cashback automatically on Domain Names - meaning minimal Start-Up costs.
  • Access to an awesome Shopify 14 Day Free Trial
  • Registering and Linking a Domain Name to Shopify
  • Full coverage of Shopify Settings (Payments, Shipping, Checkout etc)
  • How to Add ALL of the necessary Pages to your Website
  • How to Create a Professional Navigation Bar
  • Getting a Business Email Address and Linking it to your Website
  • Adding an App that Allows you to Import 1000's of Products in just a few Clicks
  • Setting up Collections, Product Pages and also some basic tips for Shopify SEO
  • Shopify Theme Editing, including Walkthroughs of useful HTML and CSS Edits
  • Editing the Store Language Settings - Something most people completely ignore.
  • Free Resources for Creating Graphics and Branding
  • Setting up and Linking Social Media Fan Pages and Accounts to Shopify
  • Top Tips and Tricks to Increase your Conversions and Sales
  • A Complete Guide to Setting up automatic Shipment Tracking and Customer Updates
  • A Complete Guide to adding Google Analytics, Goals and Funnel Visualisation, AND the Facebook Pixel to your Shopify Store
  • Adding a Checkout Countdown Timer
  • A Secret to Earning Cashback on your Dropshipped Products
  • An Overview of Print on Demand Dropshipping
  • A Guide to Retargeting Ad Campaigns
  • A Complete Guide to Lead Generation
  • A Complete Guide to Email Marketing
  • A Walkthrough of Getting Traffic to your Shopify Store
  • Plus much, much more.

In addition, we also have a brand new Facebook Support Group for the Course.

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Rating 4.3 based on 1,217 ratings
Length 9.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $11
From Udemy
Instructor Adam Reed
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Entrepreneurship

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What people are saying

According to other learners, here's what you need to know

step by step in 69 reviews

I like how Adam goes through everything step by step for the beginner like myself.

I love the way how this course is truly a step by step way to build a Shopify Dropshipping business.

Step by Step tutorial, Very easy to follow!

And takes you step by step through the process while keeping you informed as to WHY he’s doing what he’s doing.

He led us step by step to the fulfillment of the vision, including very helpful tips and mostly his willingness to share his wealth with all of us.

Step by step, everything is well explained and easy to understand.

Adam Reed provides step by step instruction on how to get started, creating your website, and increasing conversions using ads on social media and other outlets.

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highly recommend in 25 reviews

Actually I'm very interested to know more of this course content I have to say it is mind blowing and I highly recommend it.

I would Highly Recommend.

Highly recommend if you want to get started in using shopify.

Highly recommend!

Highly recommend this course!

Highly recommend it!

100 % highly recommend this course.

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drop shipping in 16 reviews

It seems professional business like drop shipping business.

I believe I have definitely more than the basic understanding as per what it takes to start and run a drop shipping business.

This course has kept me motivated to work on a drop shipping store with Shopify.

This is such a great course, fills in a lot of gaps about setting up an online store for drop shipping.

On this one however Adam keeps you engaged, his videos are really easy to follow, and if you go along what he does you should have no trouble setting up a successful drop shipping site.

Adam is very knowledgeable about drop shipping i've learned so much.

but i wish he went more in depth on how to choose a niche because that is the most important aspect of drop shipping.

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highly recommended in 13 reviews

Highly recommended.

A+++ Highly recommended!!!!!

Highly Recommended!

Highly recommended for 11 bucks when you consider that there are $1500 courses out there Excellent intro in to Shopify.

Highly recommended course.


Highly recommended Great course that goes into heaps of detail!

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facebook ads in 10 reviews

I wish the course could be more organized in the matter of topics, and also that the Facebook ads section would go into more detail.

The Facebook ads portion was a little confusing Didn't know what direction to take found this course and already its been making sense.

Adam has helped me immensely, and I'm already on to his Facebook Ads course.

Great for site building, uploading products, creating an appealing store Don't expect any help for Facebook ads here.

This course is great for beginners like myself.It teaches you how to build a website on the Shopify platform correctly.It doesnt not go into depth on facebook ads marketing but it's a good start.

He shows he has a good knowledge of Shopify and Facebook ads.

Missing on: - diving deeper into Facebook ads - explaining deeper how to choose a good product Those 2 subject not explained deep enough on the other hand I guess each of them can be a long course by it self so only one star off... other than that very good material and instructor the course has great info about dropshipping and marketing in general but it's not organized, some videos are of low quality and no resourses.

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straight forward in 9 reviews

Very Good Info Tells You More Than Other Courses Does It Step by Step With You I'd say about 40% of the actual recorded content is painful typing through forms that are already pretty straight forward and internet pages loading.

But so far very helpful and straight forward.

An easy start, really great at understanding whats going on and what to do very straight forward and useful information Good course content and everything has been explained well.

Interesting however some of the illustration is hard to follow Great quality content and real easy to understand The beginning is really informative for a newbie like me:) Detailed straight forward explanation so far Very interesting and in depth so far.

Easy and straight forward expalanation of foundation of dropshipping and how to search for ones niche.

The information given is straight forward, no time is wasted on theory.

Great I am not done yet but happy so far great content and information very intreting course concise and clear straight forward so far smooth explanantion A bit little information well explained everything's sound.

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Master Sales Guide Consultant $69k

Staff Study Guide Writer $71k

Discovery Guide $76k

Regulatory Guide Program Specialist Contractor $76k

Owner President Guide $132k

President Guide Lead $165k

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Rating 4.3 based on 1,217 ratings
Length 9.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $11
From Udemy
Instructor Adam Reed
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Entrepreneurship

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