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Learner's Guide

Denton Zhou | Updated April 26, 2018

New to Online Courses and MOOCs? Want to get more out of learning from them? Our Resource Center and FAQs can help.

In the past year, we received hundreds of questions about online courses from our visitors. Some of these are frequently asked and you'll find those in the FAQs. Others didn't come up frequently, but we thought they were important with responses every online learner can benefit from reading. The guides below are an organized collection of those responses.

For Students

For Professionals

For Lifelong Learners

Online courses themselves are undergoing rapid change all the time. New kinds of courses, new formats, new technological developments, all shape the way we learn. We'll track these developments closely and update the resource center over time. To stay in the loop, be sure to bookmark this page.

One last thing. To make your life easier, we've written separate guides, one each for students, working professionals, and lifelong learners. If you don't know which one applies to you, try skimming through each for insights.

We hope you find these guides helpful. If you still have any burning questions, let us know in the comments or by contacting us through the site.

Thanks for reading and happy learning!

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