Teach English Now! Lesson Design and Assessment

This course is part of a Specialization (series of courses) called TESOL Certificate, Part 1: Teach English Now!.

Learners will be introduced to designing lesson plans based on principles and knowledge of learning objectives, assessment plans, methods, materials, and learning activities. Learners will find and prepare appropriate teaching materials through careful analysis, adaptation and creation of professional resources. Learners will also reflect on the cohesion between lesson design and teaching philosophies.
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Arizona State University

Rating 4.8 based on 344 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Starts Jan 14 (last week)
Cost $50
From Arizona State University via Coursera
Instructors Dr. Shane Dixon, Dr. Justin Shewell, Jessica Cinco
Free Limited Content
Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Education
Tags Social Sciences Education

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lesson plan in 37 reviews

A superb course for understanding the tidbits of lesson plan Excellent Course!

You create a lesson plan with the goals in mind.

I learned a lot about the correct way to plan a Lesson Plan and how to form lesson objectives.

:) Thanks a lot for the chance to Organize my lesson plan scientifically Give me many new ideas! I really loved this course.

This course reminds me of the importance of lesson planning Each course is excellent.

I learned many new things related to lesson plan.

Never thought that lesson planning could be that interesting I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to teach (not only) languages as well as to anyone who has some teaching experience and needs to " push themselves forward".

A must have for English Teachers~ This course has an excellent structure for helping you put together a lesson plan and assessment.

so much in 16 reviews

I learned so much in one week than in the ten months that I have culled my own resources.

team obviously puts so much time and thought into each aspect of the course and makes it easy to learn from.

I've learned so much!

Thank you so much for a great class!!!

nice Fantastic course Thank you so much , u are nice community Thank you THANK YOU VERY MUCH I´VE LEARNED TONS OF NEW INFORMATION......IT IS A GREAT COURSE Beautiful course that I wanted to do since sooo many years ago... happy to have found it online at a 'trusted p Great course Just great thanks a lot.

Thank you so much for the instruction.You are great, Ana Pelayo.

Thank you so much for this amazing course.

I learned so much!

teach english now in 7 reviews

This lesson really helped me focus my lesson planning abilities by using research backed methods and approaches to lesson design, thanks, Teach English Now!

The whole Teach English Now!

I enjoy it very much The teach English Now method of online learning is very engaging and a far cry for a taking head in the screen.

It is amazing end very useful experience to have a course like :Teach English Now!

Nice course , i'm learning and i'm satisfied with the full courses Teach English Now Great course!

Great material is covered in the Teach English Now!

Teach English Now is a Superb Course!

looking forward in 7 reviews

I´m looking forward with excitement for the capstone project, and then the next course.

I'm looking forward to starting the next course.

I am enjoying it and looking forward to become a certified professional.

Happy to be here, every teacher should enroll to this course good Ace course Very practical approach, looking forward to more Tesol courses.

Really useful Looking forward to learning more from these astounding teachers.

Hated that and would have wished you'd mention something so relevant in the summary in case someone had taken wrong notes or misunderstood during lectures.Otherwise: looking forward to working with you again!Thank you to the whole team.Feel free to connect or get in touch anytime.

I am looking forward to part 2. excellent appraches to teach teachers how to teach This course was very helpful.

dr. shane dixon in 6 reviews

Thanks dear Dr. Dr. Shane Dixon, Dr. Justin Shewell and Jessica Cinco This is a very good, actually excellent, course and I would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you Dr. Shane Dixon and Jessica Cinco for this fantastic course and interesting presentation, I recommend and advise all ESL/ EFL teachers to join the course.

Dr. Shane Dixon is great!

Dr. Shane Dixon is the most impressive instructor I have ever seen.

I almost didn't have to write throughout the series of these courses, since Dr. Justin Shewell, Dr. Shane Dixon, and the beautiful Lady, Ms. Jessica Sinco, ensured the knowledge is delivered into the right memory slots in a very organized way.I do strongly recommend you to join this beautifully designed Specialization.

But since that moment I've used any opportunity to listen to Jessica Cinco and Dr. Shane Dixon.

lesson plans in 6 reviews

I recommend this class to anyone who needs to create lesson plans, regardless of TESOL or not.

This one has been the most useful for me so far, I am currently teaching Marketing and Business, but used the techniques and the structures as well as the sample lesson plans from this course.

good project This course really taught me the importance of designing great lesson plans for my future ESL students.

Excellent tips to develop great lesson plans!

I enjoyed reviewing other lesson plans mostly as it gave me an opportunity to see my own mistakes and how to correct them.

If you want to improve your Lesson Plans or you do not know how to make one this is the course for you.


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Arizona State University

Rating 4.8 based on 344 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Starts Jan 14 (last week)
Cost $50
From Arizona State University via Coursera
Instructors Dr. Shane Dixon, Dr. Justin Shewell, Jessica Cinco
Free Limited Content
Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Education
Tags Social Sciences Education