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Accounting Analytics

Business Analytics,

Accounting Analytics explores how financial statement data and non-financial metrics can be linked to financial performance.  In this course, taught by Wharton’s acclaimed accounting professors, you’ll learn how data is used to assess what drives financial performance and to forecast future financial scenarios. While many accounting and financial organizations deliver data, accounting analytics deploys that data to deliver insight, and this course will explore the many areas in which accounting data provides insight into other business areas including consumer behavior predictions, corporate strategy, risk management, optimization, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how financial data and non-financial data interact to forecast events, optimize operations, and determine strategy. This course has been designed to help you make better business decisions about the emerging roles of accounting analytics, so that you can apply what you’ve learned to make your own business decisions and create strategy using financial data. 

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Rating 4.3 based on 455 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks, 3 -5 hours per week
Starts Jul 3 (50 weeks ago)
Cost $99
From University of Pennsylvania, Google Cloud via Coursera
Instructors Brian J Bushee, Christopher D. Ittner, Google Cloud Training
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science Business
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Business Software Development Finance Mobile And Web Development

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What people are saying

last week

The last week is more of a general methodology.

Last week of lessons were more simple and intuitive to understand, but overall, a very insightful module First of all, I really enjoyed Professor Ittner's presentations.

In first for weeks all the analytics are explained and decisions are shown, in the last week only principles and overall concepts are introduced.

The last week will be of more benefit as I help business organization within my company develop their business strategies.

The last week is pretty interesting though!I am taking the full business analytic course - and find that the quality and complexity of content is all over the place!!

The last week felt very disconnected from the first week and like it belonged in a different course almost.

4 stars since the last week felt under-done and repetitive within itself.

The last weeks lecture was too much theoretical.

The lecturer is decent at best but read quiz questions very carefully as there are slight word changes that are easy to miss.The most helpful part of this class was the last week (measuring the financial impact of non-financial things).

Really great course, the last week is really easy and with another teacher so was a bit sad to change but still great.

Barring the last week (thus that star), couldn't have been worse.

both professors were very professional and competent Awesome course, I have really enjoyed the last week when the linkage between non financial metric and financial performance is established and so many important ideas are discussed , it's like a perfect resume of the whole specialization program.

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prof. bushee

Sincere gratitude to Prof. Bushee and Ittner for delivering lecture with such finesse.

I was lucky that I'd taken Prof. Bushee's accounting course on coursera before i enrolled this one.

Specially Prof. Bushee, he made the lessons so interactive and fun!

Prof. Bushee is hilarious,, really like his teaching technique not a big fan of accounting honestly, but i quite enjoy the course.

Thank you Prof. Bushee!

Hope you will continue to produce more The Capstone project has been getting delayed since JanDont expect yourself to complete the specialization There was a gap between the prerequisites mentioned on the course details and those stated by Prof. Bushee during the lectures.

Kudos and Cheers, Prof. Bushee and Prof. Itner !

Prof. Bushee made the concepts very clear and helpful.

I want to thank Prof. Bushee for his fantastic accounting classes.

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first three weeks

The first three weeks focussed heavily on ratios and detecting fraud and earnings management in an organization, the fourth week seemed to actually relate to data analytics and how non-financial aspects of a company play a role in the financial outcomes.

Since the competitive business strategies must be deduced from a combination of published information and reported financial performance, the first three weeks will be of greatest benefit in this aspect of my job.

No numbers used .Rest was Fantastic and a great leaning experience.The lectures on earning management was very nice and interesting HORRIBLE professor for the first three weeks.

The first three weeks needed Problem Sets to apply the learning, something that greatly enhanced the Operations Analytics course.

The first three weeks have many supporting Excel files, but topics this challenging would have benefited greatly from practice questions and scenarios, similar to those found in Operational Analytics.

The first three weeks didn't relate to the first three courses of this specialization and seemed more centred around forensic accounting.

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easy to understand

Some concepts were really interesting and easy to understand and some of them were really tough.

Easy to understand and with fun!

He makes every lecuture interesting and easy to understand.

In terms of the spreadsheets, I thought that the Original, the Ratios and the CommonSize tabs were fairly straight forward and relatively easy to understand.

Professor Bushee is interesting and although what he teach is quite difficult for beginner, he tries hard to make it fun and easy to understand.

The presentation of complex material was easy to understand and with great humor.

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earning management

"I didn't read the Iliad or Odyssey some I'm not going to ask you to" in reference why in regression there are Greek letter used for coefficients (it's a fair assumption that someone taking this class understands coefficients), a 30 second exchange where a PC generate student says that they're "stocked" to run some regression followed by Proffessor Bushee informing us that "we're going to run some narly regressions", Professor Bushee saying he doesn't know how to perform Earning Management Analysis on Mars but he certainly knows how to do it on Earth, and a joke why people don't like accountants.

The whole idea of earning management was cool.

Highly recommended to those who wants to dive deeper to the next level of ratios and earning management strategy.

The big data prediction models for earning management tracing were good... Great course supplement for business professionals.

Business Analytics are almost exclusively outside of the financial forensic world whereby earning management and fraud topics are relevant.

It equipped me with a good knowledge of financial statements analysis and earning management basics.

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business analytics

Bushee is one of the best online teachers i've ever seen must take course in business analytics Very good course...

It was very breathtakingly and I think that it is the best course within the Business Analytics specialization.

I enrolled in the Business Analytics Specialization course with a focus on analyzing a business from the inside, not outside.

The best course in this Business Analytics specialization!

It is a very good course, bur i expected more from Business analytics and is more for auditors.

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non-financial metrics

The most notable contribution was linking non-financial metrics to financial performance.

I only wish the portion on non-financial metrics included some examples or insight in how best to quantify non-financial metrics in do week 1 and 2 were kind of boring, but maybe necessary; weeks 3 and 4 were more interesting from a business point of view (i'm not so much interested in accounting as in business decisions).the virtual class of professor Bushee was quite funny :) Excellent course, first 3 weeks were very technical but highly informative.

Interesting examples on how to identify number management and how analytics can help to set up non-financial metrics that drive financial outcomes.

Not just because it gives you the frame and the foundations of Financial Analysis, but also because it gives the insight of the importance of other non-financial metrics in the financial performance.

Thanks Linking non-financial metrics wasn't very informative.

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real life

I have learnt some very new concepts and appreciate the application of it in real life.

Very practical and useful The course with its in-depth information and refined texture has helped me to gain a lot of knowledge, and also helped me to look at at real life accounting issues with additional statistical spectrum in place.Both the professors has provided quality lectures and reading materials which I am going to brush-up over the period of time as appropriate.

In this course I learned very useful models that I started applying to real life work projects right away.

Pls enhance course content on similar real life case studies and regression models around financial statements analytics.

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earnings management

A data analyst would be focused on improving the business and doing the analyses that pertain to improving certain aspects of a business, not finding his manager's earnings management using an M-score etc.

It was quite hard for me (non-accounting person), however I really enjoyed the form of the lectures and the content itself (the earnings management + its revealing).

useful in terms of how to dig into accounting statementsI would have appreciated other pratical applications examples apart from earnings management or frauds detection Fantstic course.

The big data block is not actually about the big data, it still gives you a good overview of how to identify earnings management on a greater scale.

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learning experience

All of the videos offer similar opportunities and I think having specific problems or questions will enhance the learning experience rather than just suggesting that they “go look at the spreadsheet”.

but overall itis a good learning experience Outstanding course.

Nice learning experience Prof. Bushee is simply amazing Best learning experience on Coursera!

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professor ittner

Professor Ittner was very direct but also was very engaging in how he delivered his content.

If I could give a rating for just Professor Ittner, I would give a 5 star rating.

I found Professor Ittner very enjoyable and entertaining.

I wish I could say the same for Professor Ittner.

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in-line quizzes

What was missing for me was some in-line quizzes.

I understand... ” I also recognize that some students, in past courses, have probably said they don’t find the in-line quizzes valuable.

I think that it would help the students to have some in-line quizzes – this not only breaks up the longer videos and helps to keep students focused but also provides a reinforcement of key concepts.

I think in-line quizzes or practice questions would be helpful for students – perhaps ones that asked students to do specific things in the spreadsheet and come back with an answer.

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Senior Analytics $198k

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Rating 4.3 based on 455 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks, 3 -5 hours per week
Starts Jul 3 (50 weeks ago)
Cost $99
From University of Pennsylvania, Google Cloud via Coursera
Instructors Brian J Bushee, Christopher D. Ittner, Google Cloud Training
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science Business
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Business Software Development Finance Mobile And Web Development

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