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Understanding the Brain

Learn how the nervous system produces behavior, how we use our brain every day, and how neuroscience can explain the common problems afflicting people today. We will study functional human neuroanatomy and neuronal communication, and then use this information to understand how we perceive the outside world, move our bodies voluntarily, stay alive, and play well with others.
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Rating 4.8 based on 332 ratings
Length 11 weeks
Starts Nov 21 (last week)
Cost $49
From The University of Chicago via Coursera
Instructor Peggy Mason
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Science
Tags Life Sciences Biology Basic Science

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What people are saying

professor peggy mason

This a very fascinating MOOC, Professor Peggy Mason is a great, captivating teacher and a very positive, wonderful human being, sciences and humanity needs more people like Her!

Thank you again Professor Peggy Mason!!

I really like the professor Peggy Mason!

Professor Peggy Mason introduced us to neurobiology in comprehensive and engaging way.

Congrats to Professor Peggy Mason.

First of all, I would like to thank the professor Peggy Mason.

Professor Peggy Mason rocks.

Professor Peggy Mason is a great teacher.

Thank you, Professor Peggy Mason!

Great course and amazing professor Peggy Mason.

Professor Peggy Mason is sooo charismatic.

Ótimo I learned so much from Professor Peggy Mason.

Professor Peggy Mason is an excellent teacher, and she's explanations are fascinating.

Professor Peggy Mason is Amazing!

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so much

:) excellent Thank you so much Prof. Mason for sharing your knowledge so generously.

I enjoyed this course so much, can't wait to learn more.

She helped me understand so much about the basics of neurobiology in our daily lives, and her presentations are clear and easily understandable.

Thank you so much the team and Dr. Mason as well as coursera for giving me the opportunity to take part in this course!

I am very happy to have learned so much!

amazing I learned so much!

Very glad I opted for this class, learned so much!

I learned so much and I loved Peggy!

Thanks so much!

I am sure that a course would benefit so much is the students had opportunity to address their questions and thoughts to Prof.Mason and her assistants directly.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much.

Learnt so much.

Definitely one of the great courses on the neurobiology which helped me learn so much.

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easy to understand

It's a very good course, easy to understand and nice teacher.

Not very easy to understand everything from the first time but it's not impossible to see into!

Interesting, modern, easy to understand and at the same time highly informative.

Professor Mason has prepared the course in a very systematic manner and presented the subject in a way that makes it easy to understand and to follow.

The course is easy to understand while it has covered quite a lot of details on neurobiology.

Professor Mason's lecture is very vivid and easy to understand for student with little background of Neuroscience, and also full of humanity care and empathy for people who suffer from neurobiology diseases.

it is great for medical student I enjoyed this course a lot, Prof. Mason is a brilliant lecturer, very passionate about her subject and makes very complex phenomenas easy to understand.

Easy to understand, and a pleasure to watch and listen to.

easy to understand.

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nervous system

A great overview of the nervous system.

A great experience, so thrilling to understan a bit more about our amazing nervous system and brains!

Excellent class to understand the basics of the nervous system.

This course goes into minute detail describing the brain and central nervous system anatomy , while relating its function and ailments to many conditions we see around us or even in ourselves .

Professor Mason taught the course topics in a very structured, clear and concise way covering many different aspects of the functioning not only of the brain itself but also of the nervous system as a whole.

Would recommend to anybody who is interested in the nervous system and neurobiology.

What an amazing way to explain the nervous system, its development, and functions of each of the components.

A wonderful overview of the workings of the nervous system.

There are also many lab classes where you can see and observe the various parts of the nervous system, and they are well linked to the theory classes.

I'd recommend you to go through this course to understand how every part of our body is controlled by the brain, how beautiful and complex our brain is, and how various disorders can be caused by problems in the nervous system.

I would recommend everybody to buy the book of Professor Peggy Mason Pretty good for general understanding of the central nervous system....

This course has been a great introduction, and although it was demanding on certain lecture videos, overall it helped me grasp the essentials of the brain and the nervous system!

I taught me a lot about the human brain and the nervous system.

What I especially like about this course is that besides teaching people knowledge it also promotes awareness and compassion for people that are affected by diseases or injuries of parts of the nervous system.

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highly recommend

I've told everyone I know about my learning from this course and how much I love it, and I'd highly recommend for anyone, whether knowing or having an interest in the subject or not, to dive in and let you mind learn all about the wonders of our brain.It's a fantastic course and I hope to find more to take.

I highly recommend that if you sit this course to read the books Peggy notes throughout.

I highly recommend the course.

Very high quality, Would highly recommend One of the best courses and professors I have ever had.

Highly recommended.

I highly recommend this course.

Highly recommend!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

I love her empathetic and thoughtful tone when explaining life challenges faced by neurological patients.I highly recommend this course to people who want to know more about neurobiology and neurobiological diseases, who are neurological patients themselves or families or friends of neurological patients, and who want to use knowledge to gain some senses of control or help others.Accessibility: The course structure is well organized with clear focus in each week.

I highly recommended to anyone who loves to learn about the brain.

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everyday life

So, my motivation to take this course was simply a matter of lifelong learning, just to discover areas that have not connection to my everyday life.

This course helps the learner understand how the brain processes stimuli and correlates to everyday life.

Best course in Neuroscience so far!The content really match the title : You will learn many neuroscience notions explained with examples of your everyday life, which make it easiest to memorize!Teacher is great and give you many examples and illustrations of what she explains, which make the course really alive.She speaks slowly, probably for people struggling with english, so you can easily speed up video at x1,25 ... and voilà!

It's really amazing to view neurobiology through the case analysis of everyday life!

The course helped me to enjoy ordinary things of everyday life more and to understand myself and others better.

It is inspiring, very useful and applicable to everyday life.

I learnt concepts in neurobiology and post the programme, I am able to see neurobiology play out all around us in our everyday life.

It is simple and quite basic, and at least during the first sessions we did not see that bridge to "everyday life" promised in the title.

Dr. Mason offers a strong scientific base, yet connects course content effectively to everyday life.

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really enjoyed

I have really enjoyed this class and gained a better understanding of so many things in our bodies and our minds.

Professor Peggy was amazing, she explained the concepts in such an interesting way with real life examples, that I really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed this course.I liked Peggy's style of delivering lectures.

Really enjoyed that!

II really enjoyed learning .She is a excellent teacher and she makes it easier to understand.

I really enjoyed learn!!

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well explained

Very well explained, short videos that help you remember the important concepts better and very well picked subjects.

Topics are very well explained and answer many fundamental questions about the working of our brain and about diseases and pretty much everything.

Other than that the course is very well explained and gives the basic knowledge about Neurobiology which was exactly that I needed.

Exceptional course, very well explained .

Very interesting and well explained tour of brain structures and functions.

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10 weeks

It grabbed my attention for the whole 10 weeks.

I enjoyed the course despite it were pretty intense 10 weeks and I had to learn a lot.

Un viaje a nuestro interior, muy recomendable.The course is a bit large (10 weeks) but at the end worth it.

It said the course was 4 weeks long, but it is actually 10 weeks Great class and Peggy Mason made the class fun and to understand Neurobiology There are few questions whose answers contraindicates the teachings of Professor Peggy.

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prof mason

Prof Mason's talk with lots of visual aids (actual brain from different angle; use of tablet and white board) and several examples to explain one concept were really effective.

I really wish Prof Mason to make another course!!!

Prof Mason is terrific - perfect balance of theory and narrative; science and empathy.

Very visual course with dissected brains, excellent use of white board and a teacher who has 30 years of experience in delivering complex material in a clear way Prof Mason posted over 300 times in the forums and her presence set a tone of respect and professionalism that made this course a pleasure to attend beyond simply the excellent material one learned As others have mentioned, it is a good introductory course and if you're new to neuroscience, I'd recommend taking it.

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Rating 4.8 based on 332 ratings
Length 11 weeks
Starts Nov 21 (last week)
Cost $49
From The University of Chicago via Coursera
Instructor Peggy Mason
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Science
Tags Life Sciences Biology Basic Science

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