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The Complete App Design Course - UX, UI and Design Thinking

There are over 2 million apps on the App Store and growing. The only apps that do well are ones which are well designed both in terms of user interface and user experience. That's why it so important to learn the design skills that will make your app stand out in a crowd.

The App Design Course is great for people with absolutely no design experience or experienced designers who want to get up to speed quickly with mobile app design. We'll introduce you to the art of making beautiful apps. We'll explore key UI and UX concepts that are essential to building good looking and easy to use apps that are loved by users.

The course has a practical component that takes you step-by-step through the workflow of a professional app designer. From user flow diagrams to wireframing to mockups and prototypes.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to create beautiful and lovable apps that leave people with a smile on their face.

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Rating 4.3 based on 1,030 ratings
Length 3 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $17
From Udemy
Instructor App Brewery Co.
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Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Design User Experience User Experience Design

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What people are saying

easy to follow

Clear talking and easy to follow.

The lecturer is entertaining and clear, and the course is easy to follow.

Easy to follow, clear and succinct with practical techniques and devices that anyone can apply to real world projects.

So far, everything is very straightforward and easy to follow.

detailed, easy to follow, A very interesting course to start your own apps Good introduction Pretty good to know design tips, more than that it doesn't add value of what you can find on any design book of 15 pages...

A lot of good information and it's very easy to follow.

It is easy to follow.

It's not too complicated, fun and easy to follow.

It is very easy to follow and informative.

This course was really very good, the teacher is so sympathetic and it is pleasant to listen to her instructions, pointed and easy to follow without being shallow.

The flow of instruction is easy to follow and the instructor have provided a lot of useful resources and links to produce our own prototypes.

Easy to follow, packed with resources, direct to the point, for complete beginners definitely (like me).

Instructor is pleasant and easy to follow.

A very easy to follow course that is clearly and concisely presented, informative and not overly complicated by fancy apps, tools or methods.

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london app brewery

Love the name - London App Brewery.

Thanks Code London App Brewery for this course!

So if the cost is due to the assets, I'd say London App Brewery should offer the course sans assets.

Besides that, A+ course and I look forward to checking out more London App Brewery content!

As always, the London App Brewery (by Angela) doesn't mess around!

I like Angela Yu and the London App Brewery.

I think this course will help me to do great things it is a nice course for the beginners in this field Love the London App Brewery.

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design thinking

I have learned a lot about UI, UX app design thinking.

i really like the tutor explaining not just in orthodox manner telling only the main things but she is more innovative and explaining each and every topic according to what she knows and also expressing her opinion on the topic Interesting to get tools and quick tips on UI, however it does not explore UX or Design Thinking.

VERY EDUCATIVE It was very basic It is a really good course to start knowing about UX/UI however I was expecting more classes about design thinking Fruitful learning experience, thanks!

I was expecting it to teach me more about how to actually design apps in UX and UI, not just design thinking.

This APP Design Course - UI / UX and Design Thinking course is concise, technically accurate and well explained.

O curso é uma excelente introdução ao UX, UI e Design Thinking.

As this course is called "The Complete App Design Course - UX, UI & Design thinking" , for me it was a bit far from complete.

I was fooled by the course name "The Complete App Design Course - UX, UI and Design Thinking" after going through all 62 lessens I would name it "A summery of some tools I personally use to design apps".

Provides foundation on UX/UI but not much on design thinking.

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real world

It has been providing a very enhanced and efficient platform for exposure to the real world.

Just the right amount and complexity of information for an introduction – not overwhelming, but not lacking in depth and real world application.

Pros: -Good editing -Good pacing -Very nice voice recorded with a professional microphone -Great real world examples and scenarios -Lots of suggestions for tools/websites to work with Cons: -Slightly outdated -Not maintained by the instructor (student questions left unanswered) -A few bad takes from the voice recording are left in the editing The course cover every thing with interesting bits of information.

* Real world examples which give you insight and knowledge.

Instructor gave insights in an engaging manner, and provided real world examples of how designs could be used.

She gets to the point and doesn't waste my time on design theory details that I'll probably never use in the real world.

So far is a very easily digestible content with useful information about design.Very close to real world challenges & problems There are a lot of useful information about UI/UX and prototyping app.

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flow diagram

It was really super basic and the UI is quite outdated, but the flow diagrams and wire framing were useful.

It was very focused on giving you a step by step design process and real-life design rules like: + what types fonts you should never use, + how to choose the colors to match the mood of your users + how to do user flow diagrams so your users can achieve their goals + how to build interactive prototypes you can use on your phone without writing any code, ... .

Excellent for beginners, less for advance Ui UX designers The course was pretty basic and would have been nice for the instructor to go through the recipe app so we could have understood the correct user flow diagram and correct wireframe.

Usually after doing a flow diagram I would just start programming, make a first ugly working version and then "finish" it up, except the finishing up never happens.

I now understand the process in UI design from creating a user flow diagram to the final prototype.

The course covers everything you'll need for bringing your app idea to life: visual design rules, user flow diagrams, mockups and prototypes!

A few rules and steps to follow while designing an app was useful such as user flow diagram and Wireframing.

I find the basic way of designing apps - creating a user flow diagram first - is very helpful.

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graphic designer

for a someone with a graphic designer the course is good but i think the course need to be updated because in the middle of the course i explore for ui designing software as the adobe xd so i think some materials need to be updated but i enjoyed the course and learn new things about designing at all and the resources is very useful it was a very good match for me and also for the ones who are looking for learning app design.

I'm working as a print graphic designer for a few years.

As a graphic designer this course and the simplicity of teaching and how I learns is the awesome experience, I got lots of free stuff, knowledge and thinking ability about digital growth for me personally, thank you...

I really liked her voice, but to be honst I expected a bit moe with the description.. FYI Im a graphic designer si the beginning was a bit slow for me, but thanks a lot for all the info and extra material :) Very good, loved the course - a truly expert presenter I thought the tutor was good.

It is good for a beginner who is curious to know about this field I'm an experienced graphic designer and motion graphics animator learning his way into UI/UX design world.

Even though I'm a graphic designer and most of the content is something I widely know already, this course was useful to understand the planning approach to UX on a brief way.

I am already a graphic designer I already know all these.

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high level

Helpful with learning terms and gives a good high level brief overview of the process of designing for UI UX.

This was very high level/beginner.

A great introductory course to App Design - without too much "introductory" high level concepts being glossed over in favour of adding more content.

the title of the course is abit misleading since the material is very high level.

Good high level overview of content.

This was a great introduction and high level overview of the UI process.

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user flow

starting point

Excellent starting point if you're interested in designing apps Very nice and good introduction to app design.

It was a brief​ overview of all the information and a good starting point.

Nice course, I learned few tricks and tools to work better my mobile designs, so I recommend this course for everyone it was pretty simple to understand :) Wonderful course, I realize this course has been created for someone who needs to learn everything they need to quickly create an app of their own from scratch versus someone (like me) who's trying to break in to the UX design world from a very different design background and actually (hopefully) start a career in UX eventually, but this has still been a great starting point.

It is design focused and so a very helpful and necessary starting point before building an app.

Some areas felt that they could have had a bit more detail but overall I found it a good starting point.

Nice Starting point, full of tips and resources.

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straight forward

iam little interested towards design and this course should be good for my future job based knowledge The course is engaging and the instructor is very clear and her explanations are not long-winded or complicated, it is very straight forward with great visual examples.

easy to understand and straight forward I love the ingenious tips, or hacks on using UI Stencil and POP for wire frame creation and mapping user flow.

Very well laid out and straight forward!

So far, this course has been straight forward & clear to what it is.

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from scratch

Would appreciate if I can be guided to a mobile app coding course from scratch.

By the end of the course you should have a prototype of a simple app that you have created from scratch to a professional level.

ideas, points explained clearly through out the course, but would be perfect if there are some mini exercises at the end of each chapter which helps interact with students while consolidating what they have learnt through the process Very intensive course though the ways of properly designing an app from scratch.

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other hand

On the other hand, there course could have explained UX research and color theory aspects a bit more deeply.

On the other hand the problems with video edition, kept me from giving 5 stars.

On the other hand all of the real world resources are great.

On the other, other hand, it seemed to move too fast toward the end, when we got to mock-ups.

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App DBA $97k

App Technical Designer 3 $100k

App Surgeon $107k

Senior App. Developer $111k

App Operations $135k

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Rating 4.3 based on 1,030 ratings
Length 3 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $17
From Udemy
Instructor App Brewery Co.
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Design User Experience User Experience Design

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