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QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor Course

QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor Course (this course): It is for people who want to learn quality auditing in plain and simple terms, and do not intend to go for the ASQ CQA exam. This course was initially published in June 2014 and was fully updated in May 2020.

2. Certified Quality Auditor Training (ASQ CQA Exam Preparation Course): It is designed for people who want to prepare for the ASQ CQA certification exam. If you are interested in this course, then search for the term "Certified Quality Auditor Training" and buy that course.

In this QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor Course, you will learn auditing skills through short and easy-to-understand video lessons and quizzes.

Note: Students who complete this course have an option to apply for the certification exam by Quality Gurus Inc. and can achieve the Verified Certification from Quality Gurus Inc. It is optional and there is no separate fee for that.

Why this course?

  • Start your auditing learning with an experienced instructor having 35 years of practical experience in implementing and auditing Quality Management.

  • 9,000+ satisfied students.

Here is a summary of the topics covered in this course. 

  • Basics of auditing

  • Quality definitions based on ISO 9000

  • How to plan and prepare for an audit?

  • Conducting the audit opening and closing meetings

  • How to conduct an audit?

  • Audit questioning and data collection tips and techniques

  • How to classify audit findings?

  • How to produce an effective report and follow up with the auditee to close the audit?

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Units:

  • The Southern African Society for Quality (SASQ) recognizes this course for registration and 13 CPD points.

  • For the ASQ Recertification Units (RUs) we suggest 0.40 RUs under the Student category.

  • For PMI-PDU we suggest 2 PDUs under Technical and 2 PDUs under Leadership in Digital Media/ Webinar category.

OVER 9000    

Many Quality Managers have purchased multiple copies of this course for all their QA/QC staff in the company. 

Learn the principles and practice of auditing the Quality Management Systems requirements. 

What are other students saying about this course?

  • I worked for more than 18 years as an auditor and lead auditor. I believe that this course is very valuable and explained concepts and processes very simply and amazingly. I appreciate it and thank you so much. (5 stars by SeyedehFereshteh MousaviKelarsy)

  • Simple, easy and very helpful. Sandeep's course offers a great foundation for new auditors as well as a great refresher for more seasoned ones. (5 stars by Justin Chezem)

  • Excellent teaching with practical examples. (5 stars by Mohammed Ehtesham Ali)

  • Great information (5 stars by Jc le Roux)

  • Excellent course and highly recommended for anyone who wants to become an auditor or improve his/her skills and knowledge as an auditor. (5 stars by Philip Swart)

What are you waiting for?

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I hope to see you in the course.

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Rating 4.3 based on 524 ratings
Length 6 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructors Sandeep Kumar ­, Quality Gurus Inc., Quality
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Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Management

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What people are saying

iso 9001

But the ISO 9001 Requirements were missing If it covers all the 9001-2015 Required Clauses then it would be more useful and complete course.

Yes, It's a Good course and helps to understand about Audits much better than 5 days courses which are taught with clauses ISO 9001; 2018 Standards .

Although this is based on the 2008 version, it serves as a great compliment to Sandeep Kumar's other class: ISO 9001:2015 Transition Training Course.

Very easy to understand yet in-depth course to understand both auditing & ISO 9001 clause by clause.

The course is not focused the latest version of ISO 9001 QMS also the quizzes are not much complexity to understand the content that means the development is only targeted same questions while retrying the quiz.

easy to understand and give us understanding of how to become auditor of ISO 9001-2008. but don't take this course lightly because Mr.Sandeep really put his full effort to make this course detail fully described and well explained by him.

Would have liked couple of sample audit reports for our understanding purposes The course provides general information about auditing principles and just a small part of the course is dedicated to ISO 9001.

This course will not help me become an ISO 9001 auditor or quality manager to such an extent, as I expected.

I expected more detailed information about auditing specific areas included in ISO 9001.

The course teaches a lot about the ISO 9001 : 2008 and the new quizes and flash cards are a great improvement.

Looking forward on ISO 9001:2015 This course was helpful in understanding certain sections of the standard that were confusing.

Easy to understand good course for those new to the profession Very informative and precise knowledge about ISO 9001 The course content were great.

Further next year revised ISO 9001 : 2015 Standard going to be released , are you going to add any transition course for those who have completed auditor course on present ISO9001:2008 version which will be helpful to know major changes Thanks, Girish B.S good information of 1st, 2nd and 3rd parties in audits.

The course has met my expectations to learn about ISO 9001.

Read more

easy to follow

It was easy to follow and to take notes along the way.

very good course, easy to follow.

Structured and easy to follow, the speed is also quite ok.

Thanks for an easy to follow course.

Logan Govender Durban, South Africa A resourceful easy to follow guide for auditing excellence This is really a good and interesting Lead Auditing Course !

Comprehensive, easy to follow, incredible resources provided for reference this will be recommended to my friends, its worth to share Fantastic presentation.I got real knowledge A great content and explained very well.

I alredy have certain experice in ISO9001 and auditing, so it is easy to follow the explanation and imagine the processes described by the lecturer.

Very informative and a great help Easy to follow as beginner.

the course is informative Clear and good explanation Good Information and easy to follow.

This is relay helpful for me very clear and easy to follow/understand Good review of basic auditing principles.

Read more

sandeep kumar

It was self-explanatory and useful yes , its really good for gaining knowledge Yes Sandeep Kumar is very knowledgeable and passionate about the course and he delivers very clear that helps me understand easily the topics presented.

Superb Sandeep Kumar is an expert in the field, and he simplifies the concepts a lot.

Sandeep Kumar, thanks the course.

I thoroughly enjoyed the content, the delivery and the knowledge of Sandeep Kumar.

Sandeep Kumar explains in clear language the ISO 2001:2008 auditing rules, but keep in mind we are transitioning to ISO 2001:2015!

Thank very much Sandeep Kumar for such nice presentation.

Very happy to have taken this course by Sandeep Kumar.

Sandeep Kumar explains things very well and I really like the quizes he puts at the end of each lesson 8) It is been a great refresher for me.

EASY TO UNDERSTAND 好用 Good i am very to be a student of Sandeep Kumar sir 不错 很好

Read more

far so good

so far so good.

So far so good.

More examples would be useful excellent getting better Good value Old technologies so far so good Ainda é cedo para avaliar.

Read more

lead auditor

It was indeed a mind opening sessions related to Audit and various components which will certainly help me in acquiring a certification on Lead Auditor Course from BSI Group, New Delhi,India for my future professional growth and interest in the subject and also thinking of my future doing a freelancing affiliated to any of the certification body.

I have completed a Lead Auditor some years ago but felt I wanted to refresh my knowledge and was pleasantly impressed with the completeness and detailed coverage of the subject course.

Refreshed all and inclusive Lead Auditor's experience in such short time and so inclusively.

The infromation provided in the Lead Auditor 9001 course will give a beginning quality auditor the basics of quality auditing and how it relates to the 9001 standard.

To be recommended Amazing course that would you prepared for ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor Certificate Very well done !!!!!

But I miss the link to the lead auditor.

Read more

my expectations

beyond my expectations.

The production quality met my expectations and I learned a lot.

The 9001 course exceeded my expectations, Sandeep has produced a interesting and informative course - his depth of knowledge and experience gives you a clear insight into the auditing process.

My expectations where met to the fullest.

Beyond my expectations.

Read more

iso 9001:2008

Also, i could not have access to the free training on ISO 9001:2008 as the coupon had expired.

I would like to thank Mr. Kumar for putting together a very extensive course on how to become a lead/internal auditor of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

A Great way to learn how to audit ISO 9001:2008 compliance.

Read more

mr. sandeep

Thanks to Mr. Sandeep Kumar who has an excellent knowledge on the said topic and the way he explained the concept thru Sampling methods which has really got stucked into the head precisely and correctly which helps me to enhance it professionally.

Thank You Mr. Sandeep Kumar and UDEMY for sharing this wonderful course for all the aspirant who really needs some or the other guidance for the future endeavors.

Thank you very much Mr. Sandeep!

Easy to understand.This is a great course worth to be taken by all auditors.The Instructor seems to have all what is required put together at one go and he is quite knowledgeable This course was very informative, comprehensive and would like to thank Mr. Sandeep Kumar for providing the details based on his experience.

Thank you Mr. Sandeep for delivering lectures at its best.

Many thanks to Mr. Sandeep Kumar for this great course.

With the help of 30 years of experience, Mr. Sandeep succeeded to simplify the information in an easy way to make it understood.

Read more

well presented

The course is well presented and the instructor is knowledgeable.

Very well presented, easily accessible, extremely clear.

Understandable and well presented.

It was well presented and comprehensive.

Read more


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Quality Engineer CQE, CQA $74k

Quality Systems Engineer, ASQ CQE, CQA 3 $92k

Quality Engineer, ASQ CQA $104k

Supplier Quality Engineer (ASQ- CQE, CSSGB, CSSBB) $106k

Supplier Quality Engineer (ASQ- CQE, CSSGB, CSSBB) 2 $112k

Quality Systems Engineer, ASQ CQE, CQA Manager $116k

Senior Supplier Quality Engineer (ASQ- CQE, CSSGB, CSSBB) $128k

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Rating 4.3 based on 524 ratings
Length 6 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructors Sandeep Kumar ­, Quality Gurus Inc., Quality
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Management

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