New on OpenCourser: FutureLearn

By Denton Zhou | Published October 4, 2017

This week, we proudly added FutureLearn's rich library of online courses to OpenCourser.

Based in the UK, FutureLearn offers 400+ new courses to our catalog taught by leading academic and non-university partners from the UK and abroad. Since the launch of their first course nearly four years ago, they've contributed significant innovations to online courses.

Continuous Innovation

One of the most exciting aspect of FutureLearn's courses is that they're designed from the ground up for an online audience. We've seen before universities creating online courses that are essentially uploads of previously recorded classroom lectures. FutureLearn challenges its partners to do better.

Across its library, you'll find instructors sharing new ideas and lessons through high quality videos and readings reinforced by interactive quizzes and challenges. You'll also find tools that set your expectations for what's coming ahead, helping you plan your learning activities a week in advance.

You'll also find that discussions that take place on FutureLearn are a bit different from what you've seen elsewhere. Discussions through online courses (or even in-classroom) might often feel forced or colorless.

FutureLearn is actively trying to change this by refining what it calls "social learning," allowing individuals to comment contextually (on a video lecture they just watched or an article they just read, for example). The idea is that conversations can flow more smoothly, rather than pile up in a mound of linearly sorted messages.

Upcoming Courses

Of course, a fancy course platform is nothing without its contents. We've highlighted some courses that are starting in the coming weeks that have piqued our interest. You can find more by searching "FutureLearn" on OpenCourser.

Unique Picks - New topics found no where else but on FutureLearn

Medicine & Health


Programming & Computer Science

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