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How to Find, Evaluate and Launch New Startup Ideas

⭐⭐⭐ Join the biggest startup course on Udemy: 14,000+ entrepreneurs & 1,400+ reviews. From the authors of bestselling courses in Business and Innovation:Do you want to start your own startup, or learn how it's done? If yes, then this startup course is for you. Here you'll learn how to generate great startup ideas, evaluate their potential and test them with customers in real life. We use hundreds of real life examples to illustrate everything we teach to make it practical and easy to understand. It's all about startups, business, entrepreneurship and technology.    

We strive to provide knowledge in the most concise way : our videos are short and straight to the point, while being full of great content. They are adapted for online learning : our tested methodology is fun and engaging. We want you to get the best online learning experience. This course allows you to find, evaluate and test new startup ideas. You will get two major learning sections:

1) How to find and evaluate new startup ideas:

  • 7 New Ways to Come Up With Great Startup Ideas

  • What Customers Really Want : The Problem-Solution Fit

  • Simple Techniques to Assess Your Market & Competition

  • Fill out your Startup Plan using the Lean Canvas

2) How to test any startup idea with real customers:

  • 4 Ways to Bring Your Product Vision Into Reality

  • In depth : How to Create a Conversion Machine Landing Page

  • In depth : How to Create Cool Promo Videos

  • Best Free Marketing Techniques to Generate Leads

  • Introduction to Content Marketing

This is an entrepreneurship course focused on technology startups, but a lot of the content is also applicable to traditional business. There's a lot of precious knowledge packed inside, so hesitate no more.

(Disclaimer: The "Business Model Canvas" tool used in some parts of this course is used under Creative Commons license and attribution goes to Strategyzer. This course has no affiliation with and is not endorsed by the authors of the Business Model Canvas.)

✅ Created by Business Disruptors

Here are some of our reviews that you can find in the pages below: "Amazing course. I love how they kept the course to the point and very engaging. One of the best courses that I have taken."

"A fantastic course, and thank you for all the rich information and the creative presentation."

"One of the best courses. I have taken entrepreneurship courses on edX and Coursera also, but this one is unique and the best. It cleared my doubts."

"Very Informative. Easy to understand for someone who know nothing about entrepreneurship/startup."

"It's great, fun and amazing experience learning from these videos."

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Rating 4.4 based on 218 ratings
Length 3 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructors Pavel N. | Business | Innovation | Video, Olena Tybinka, Pavel N. | Business Disruptors | Innovation | Video, Olena T. (Pro), Olena T. (FR)
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Entrepreneurship

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What people are saying

easy to understand

Great content, easy to understand, great job!

easy to understand, great course great insightful course.If you are planning on starting your own startup or company I highly recommend this course Yes, so far so good...

This course is easy to understand and very interesting.

Easy to understand for someone who know nothing about entrepreneurship/startup.

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so far

Lot's of useful information so far.

The course so far is inspiring and motivating on how to come up with new business ideas.

I would give 5 starts if the "identifying your idea" part was more detailed Not all blocks of the lean canvas were explained... maybe I will review my feedback when I finish the remaining lectures... anyways great job So far the information is good nothing totally WOW but I'm optimistic because I've been to one of their other courses some of the information I don't agree with and some of it is dead on these two are really pretty awesome Okay now they're blowing my mind I need a new legal pad just to write all of the amazing ideas down I'm a veteran thirty-year entrepreneur Speech is clear.

Great thought starters... Good Informative course... A brilliant course so far.

because that give more a great idea Motivational and encouraging vedio Intresting Definetely Helpful The course is precise and helpful Very informative Wow So far too general Awesome!

gggg very good course So far interesting Innovative Insightful ok excellent Awesome!!!

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start up

This helped me tremendously and helped simplify my start up journey.

The course is good not only for the start ups; the marketing tacktics described in the course can also be applied for the well-defined products, especially for the ones that need some innovation to sell more.

I was bit nervous before about how the things need to be execute in order to be a successful start up.Thanks to you guys for guiding in such a creative and effective way that even a guy who would be thinking about giving up will definitely try to give one more shot confidently.Thanks a ton.

It made me think maybe i can be successful with a start up.

However, mostly applicable for tech based start ups.

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startup ideas

I feel towards the end the course was more inclined towards how to promote your startup rather than how to identify startup ideas yes, this is definitely a good start for small business owners, the later part delves more into digital marketing, but without sales, no business can survive.

Great course This is a must course, one of the best courses about evaluating startup ideas on Udemy.

A great refresher for startup ideas and strategies, I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.

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other courses

Excellent course and look forward to enrolling for your other courses.

i would love to see more of your courses let me know if you have other courses to my email [email protected] good luck and thank you Good course for beggingers I love their essence of detail explanation simplified it helps narrowing down many crucial factors to bear and utilise everyday, i want to some more of this stuff from them in many excercises one of the best course.


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.


HVAC Startup Technician $74k

Great Lakes Safety Coordinator Manager $79k

Startup Weekend & Startup NEXT Mentor/Advisor $79k

Great Plains Administrator $91k

Startup and Commissioning Technician 1 $97k

Project Manager, Startup Manager $103k

Test/Startup Engineer $105k

NAFC Startup Project Manager Contractor $121k

Marketing Manager for Great Expectations $130k

Startup and Commissioning Engineer $136k

Senior NAFC Startup Project Manager $148k

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Rating 4.4 based on 218 ratings
Length 3 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructors Pavel N. | Business | Innovation | Video, Olena Tybinka, Pavel N. | Business Disruptors | Innovation | Video, Olena T. (Pro), Olena T. (FR)
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Entrepreneurship

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