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Minute Taking at Meetings

And you'll take the minutes.

This is a statement that often sends fear into the minds of meeting attendees. Why? Because too many people consider the role boring, stressful, and non-important.

This three-hour Minute Taking course: How to Take Minutes at Meetings will change your mind.

I have been involved in the meeting process both as a minute taker and as a chair for many years.

In fact, I have written one of the first books exclusively on minute taking The Minute Takers Handbook now in its 4th reprint. Since then I have taught minute taking to all sorts of groups. And I have learned even more techniques to help you.

Whether you are taking minutes for boards, committees, weekly meetings, volunteer groups or your condo association, this workshop will make you more confident and enable you to produce professional minutes.

Take this ultimate Minute Taking course right now and learn how to take minutes at meetings.

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Rating 4.1 based on 240 ratings
Length 2.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $19
From Udemy
Instructor Jane Watson
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Language English
Subjects Personal Development Business
Tags Communication Business Communications

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What people are saying

so far

Yes it was informative and was presented well The instructor is very easy to understand and far great tips!

I think so far it has given me a better understanding of the expectations of the minute taker and the chair This was a very informative course.

so far it is great, thanks I like this course.

So far it has been a good match.

so far so good How do I print the notes sometimes I like working with hard copies as well I yes Extremely useful!

so far I think so but I am finding it a bit slow so far.

As a newbie minute taker it has reinforced that I have been on the right track so far and the tips are very helpful.

I have learned a lot so far.

So far, so good.

So far so good Sounds good so far!

I do like the content so far.

So far the information is well communicated and effective This isn't what I expected.

easy to understand Easy to watch and understand Very good so far, enjoying it.

The adio/visuals are very good quality Good so far!

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minute taker

The instructor clearly outlined what a minute taker should do and why.

Well organized course This is helpful as a chair and a minute taker Very good direct info that will help Me in taking minutes more effectively Yes.

I highly recommend the program for those who had a bitter and confused moment in the meeting when you are asked to be a minute taker.

Understanding what goes into being a minute taker gives new respect for the task.

Also empowers the minute taker with the ability to ask questions and get clarification.

It taught me everything I need to know to perform my task as a minute taker.

The list of the characteristics of a chair and minute taker was enlightening.

However, I am not finding a lot that is helpful to someone who has to take conference call meeting notes and has to be both chair and minute taker as a telephony Project Manager.

I have not been a good minute taker in the past but feel I might get better.

This is a very good course to learn the mechanics and subtulties of preparing minutes and fulfilling the responsibilities of a minute taker.

Covers everything I needed to be a great minute taker!

Very helpful information for a new minute taker.

To much focus on the definition of the meeting and the relationship the minute taker and chair should have.

able to learn something new if never taken minutes or provide a refresher for the experienced minute taker.

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minute taking

Course gave very detailed and good tools and preparations for minute taking.

The course was very crisp, good tips and ads to my confidence in minute taking !!

There were also typos in the presentation, supplementary materials and quizzes, despite typos being addressed as something to pay close attention to in minute taking.

Puts minute taking into perspective for those who've ever viewed minute taking as a foreign task.

Face to face courses were definitely out of my budget and this online self paced course is perfect for someone like me who already has some knowledge of minute taking but wants to brush up.

I have been minute taking for over 20 years and many of the items outlined I had never previously received direction on from the individuals I am doing minutes for.

I am new to minute taking in a formal Board room environment with no previous experience in minute taking of any kind.

I am much more confident about minute taking now.

When I thought I knew all about Minute taking this has equipped me with a deeper insight on all variables around minute taking and how to be more organised and prepared before the meeting.

Most of this were things I already knew, common sense or contradicted my organisations riles around minute taking I was hoping for more - as an Executive Assistant this was really basic 101 type stuff.

The instructor is clear and explains the concepts of minute taking in an easy to understand format.

As a newbie to taking minutes I found this course to be VERY helpful in gaining not only a deeper understanding of what minute taking is but also the process of doing so.

Great tips Great to get some great tips on minute taking.

Needs some work, but the audio had some helpful tips for first timers at minute taking, like me.

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very informative

Dear Jane thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience Best Regards, Bruno Silva YES, VERY HELPFUL This course is VERY informative and I've learned more than I expected.

Very informative!

Very informative.

Very informative and I like that you can place bookmarks within the information being provided.

very informative and will save me lots of time in the future The course is good but not great.

And it was very informative.

This course was very informative.

It was a very informative and helpful course!

I found this course very informative.

very informative materials Excellent information!

Very informative

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taking minutes

She drew on her own experience of taking minutes and being a chair.

Would highly recommend the course as it was clear, concise and covered every aspect of taking minutes at a meeting.

I have added this skill officially to my resume and I will be using my notes and hand out my first time taking minutes.

Great information on taking minutes.

I signed up for this Meeting Minutes course to help me with work and taking minutes and being more engaged at meetings.

Overall I would rate this course a good course to take for those needing pointers with taking minutes.

From this course I will be more confident when taking minutes.

I have been taking minutes for several years without formal training.

Don't really like taking minutes, during a meeting if I have to take minutes, I don't feel like I get the whole purpose of the meeting, because I'm trying to listen for important thing to put in the minutes This course was informative.

I was able to identify what I have been doing incorrectly while taking minutes and take approciate action moving forward.

It discusses the admin around meetings much more than actually taking minutes.

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easy to follow

I expect it will help me with my minute taking tasks Very easy to follow along; lots of good information This course is clear, to the point and informative.

Trainer was very informative and knowledgeable however, and easy to follow Very helpful information, good tips and useful pointers, leaves me feeling much more confident to take board meeting minutes.

Very professional speaker that makes excellent points and is easy to follow.

Informative, easy to follow.

The material presented is very clear & easy to follow.

The content is clear, concise and easy to follow.

easy to follow and informative I am more interested in technique rather than theory, which the course has focussed on so far.

Very informative Thorough, easy to follow was good but not great.

The speaker is easy to follow.

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very helpful

I did pick up a lot of very helpful tips.

I found it very helpful with the hands-on task we were able to do on our own time.

Very helpful about the wrong things I am currently doing.

This information has been very helpful.

very good descriptions and information our problem is out internet connection is too slow Very helpful in my needs.

Very helpful and educational!

Yes it is clear and concise instructor going well Great very helpful I am already learning and am really enjoying this course A little boring at this stage.

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so much

I never knew there was so much involved in taking minutes at meetings.

I have a new respect for this :-) Thank you so much for giving such honest, insightful and clear instruction.

Thank you so much for the so important information!!!

Thank you so much!!

I have learned so much already.

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Rating 4.1 based on 240 ratings
Length 2.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $19
From Udemy
Instructor Jane Watson
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Personal Development Business
Tags Communication Business Communications

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