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[2022] Career Hacking

Welcome to the world's This course is tested by the market and has been reviewed 7k+ times. This course is now part of the curriculum at University of San Francisco, EDHEC Business School, Golden Gate University, Sonoma State University, Saint Mary's College of California, and Santa Rosa Junior College, and other top-tier institutions worldwide.

Career Hacking™ Version 6.7.1 Fresh as of January 2022 | Always being updated. We make sure you have the latest important information when it comes to career planning and resume writing.

Speed up your job search: learn how to write a resume/CV that opens doors, how to write a mass-customizable cover letter, how to develop your personal brand, how to interview confidently, how to build a valuable professional network, and more.

"I have taken multiple great courses with Eazl. The Career Hacking™ [course] still remains the best course ever for impact on my life." -Cameron S.

"The easiest way to learn about strategies for interview and resume." -Deepak M.

"After spending months of searching for jobs the wrong way, this course provided me the tools to properly go about finding the next step in my career. It changed my outlook on job searching. " -Athanasios D.

A great job is the key to living a happy life. The problem is, you know how competitive the job market is but you weren’t taught how to job hunt in school.

The good news is, by simply mastering these leading-edge job hunting and professional presentation skills, you can get yourself into the running for positions that were previously out of your reach. Plus, you can present yourself articulately, with confidence, and with purpose. Identify the right opportunities so you don’t waste your valuable time and get hired for more money than you previously thought possible.

And it can all happen within the space of a few weeks. Thousands of job seekers all over the world have already benefitedand you can too.

"This is a great course for anyone looking to improve their resume and leverage LinkedIn as a platform. Lots of real world examples and tons of useful and actionable content. Really well done. " -Sean C.

"One of the best courses ever that teaches you what to do and what is the mindset behind the activity." -Rudyard V.

"I decided to start the Career Hacking™ course because I need all the help I can get to return to my professional field after 2 years off the path. The information Eazl offers is complete and valuable." -Esmerelda H.

"I just want to let you know that I got a terrific job offer this morning from Harvard Business School and I'm very excited. One of the people I interviewed with went out of his way to show me the highlight points in my cover letter that sold him. Thank you. " -Sandy

One of our students landed a new job that increased his salary by $20,000 a yearand he did so in just 21 daysby applying the skills he learned in this course.

Imagine a job hunt where:

  • Your resume captures the attention of recruiters immediately and helps you soar past other candidates for highly desired positions

  • Your LinkedIn profile shows instantly that you’re an outstanding candidate and garners you more positive attention and more interviews

  • Your interview skills increase dramatically, allowing you to connect better with potential employers and set yourself apart from the competition

  • Your professional network expands exponentially, opening yourself up to new relationships and opportunities for career advancement

  • Your potential for lifetime career earnings skyrocket as you move more effortlessly through your chosen professional path

It will only take you two or three evenings tops to unlock the secrets of resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, interviewing like a superstar, and much, much more.

If you learn and use these strategies, it could mean increased pay, new opportunities, and maximum control over your career, which could easily translate into tens of thousands of dollars of value. And you can get this entire course for the small investment of just $199.99. Not only that, but you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with this course, we’ll refund every penny, no questions asked. Enroll in this course now and start creating the future you want.

"I loved the Career Hacking™ course. It got me my first job as a video editor for a media company." -Dan A.

"I just wanted to say thank you. Your Udemy course helped me get an interview at Amazon." -Michael M.

"Eazl has the best course on resume writing." -Aditya G.

The Most Advanced Strategies in Job Hunting

What would it be like to have a killer resume, an extraordinary LinkedIn profile, phenomenal interview skills, and a top-tier network of professional contacts? This collection addresses the full range of topics relevant for the highest level of success in career advancement.

Career Hacking™ leverages cutting-edge research from top-flight organizations like Harvard Business School, the McKinsey Consulting Group, and Duke University. The course itself is currently implemented by the career centers of the EDHEC Global MBA Program and the California State University Business Schools.

As a premium subscriber to the course, you’ll get lifetime access to:

  • 150+ eye-catching and engaging videos presented in HD and designed by the animators at Eazl in San Francisco

  • Pro-grade, tested and proven templates for your resume writing, CV writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile

  • Word tracks for managing tricky situations like performing seamless e-networking, requesting professional recommendations, and handling tough interviews

  • Step-by-step guides for advanced resume writing and advanced LinkedIn profiles, including keyword optimization

  • Summary banks for your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile covering a wide variety of professional backgrounds

With highly-produced videos and other well-crafted materials, this course is optimized for both enjoyment and retention, allowing you to get the most out of this valuable career information. You’ll also get frequent updates to the course, giving you more and more value over time.

"It's worth the money. You should know that, in a week after implementing everything I learned from Davis, I got three job interviews through LinkedIn." -Gilang F.

"I'm convinced this course helped me get my current job. Thank you." -Scott W.

“A very informative course with a great suite of downloadable materials. There are many techniques that I have never considered while conducting a job hunt.” -Christopher T.

What are the requirements?

Access to Microsoft Word, Pages (Mac), or other word processing software

What am I going to get from this course?

With this course at your fingertips, you can:

  • Prepare a keyword-rich, targeted resume that gets outstanding results

  • Present yourself powerfully on LinkedIn and discover other online networking techniques

  • Interview competently and persuasively while still being yourself

  • Create career opportunities using traditional and non-traditional methods

  • Build relevant professional networks as a foundation for future advancement

  • Set the stage for a rewarding career filled with success and contentment

  • The chance to qualify for one free resume review from an expert on our team

Who is the target audience?

  • Professionals looking to stealthily get promoted or job hunt

  • Job seekers who want to improve their results

  • People considering a career change

  • Recent college graduates

  • Participants and recent graduates from MBA programs

  • Current undergraduate students

Who is not the target audience?

  • Professional recruiters and career coaches

  • Anyone trying to offer services related to job search or career planning

  • HR professionals looking for relevant career training to add to their profile

  • This course does not qualify nor certify students to offer these services or perform such job functions as the curriculum does not focus on these skills, which are extremely different than an individual managing their own career and related materials.

Note: LinkedIn is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation

Content Upgrade Journal

Note: Upgrades prior to 2018 are archived due to length restrictions.

  • October 27th, 2018: What's new in Version 6?

    • The Eazl team continues to add value to your learning experience. In version 6 of the course, you have access to a brand new series of animations that make full use of Udemy's new assignments feature and a new section on designing a longer-term career plan.

    • Udemy's Assignments enable you to receive guided instructions, use your skills, and then see how your instructor does something. We've leveraged this feature by taking the most challenging parts of the Career Hacking™ course and making them easier for you through the use of these guided assignments. For example, when you reach the point in the course where you need to develop bulletpoints for your resume / CV, you'll find an animated Assignment that takes you through the process step-by-step, gives you a chance to develop your own resume bulletpoint using what you've learned in the course, and then shows you how it's done by your instructor.

    • Many of you have also asked for help developing a mid and long-term career plan. In version 6, we've added an additional section to help you. First, you'll learn soft skills that will help you transition to working with a new team and/or at a new job. Then you will have the opportunity to use the VISTA career planning tool that we've built for you so that you can align your values, interests, skills, and more with your career goals.

    • One of the new videos that we've added for you is an interview with Stephen Szermer, someone who successfully completed a big mid-life career change. His story will help anyone who is in a career rut, needs to change careers, or feels like the world has evolved past their existing skill set. We hope you enjoy Career Hacking™ version 6.

  • January 7th, 2019: What's new in version 6.1?

    • We've migrated some of the guides and course tools to Google Drive so that they're usable across all of your devices and easier to use than .pdfs.

  • April 9th, 2019: What's new in version 6.2?

    • You all are amazing. We want to harness the collective power of the Career Hacking™ community to make the course better for you and other future students, so we've added the ability for you to contribute your ideas related to new content and course features through a simple, anonymous feedback mechanism. Thanks for working with us to make your learning experience awesome.

  • June 21st, 2019: What's new in version 6.3? We've just made a HUGE upgrade to your course. Specifically, we:

    • Remastered all videos in the course. We realize that, over the years, we exported videos with varying volume levels. This was causing some of you to have to frequently adjust the volume settings on your playback devices, so Davis spent time remastering the volume across the entire Career Hacking™ learning experience.

    • We've heard many of you ask for additional support with mid and later-life career changes, so Davis spent quite a lot of time creating a comprehensive presentation specifically tailored to the needs of people going through a mid or later-life career change. You can find this presentation in the text lecture where all of the course resources are listed and in a special optional lecture in the career strategy section of the course.

    • The LinkedIn® Power Game is now a fundamental part of your learning experience. Previously, it was an optional video. We did this because being able to engage in professional networking on LinkedIn® is increasingly important for many careers.

    • Davis migrated two videos that were previously presented in-stream in the course to optional videos. The first video that has been converted to optional viewing is one on tips for people going into a coding interview and the second is for Career Hackers looking to get a US Visa. Because these are specialized scenarios, we want to make sure that they're taken by those who need them, not everyone who participates in Career Hacking™.

  • November 1, 2019: What's new in version 6.4?

    • You've asked and we've delivered.  Career Hacking™ is now fully closed captioned in English so that you can clearly understand key Career Hacking™ concepts and so that students whose first language isn't English can have a fuller learning experience and develop their English skills while taking the course.

    • We're introducing a suite of Voices from the Field lectures. This lecture style is something that Davis learned while participating in Harvard's Leaders of Learning program. In each lecture, we pose an important career management question to experts with a variety of professional expertise and backgrounds so that you can get multiple informed viewpoints on these topics. In this update, we feature experts with experience in technical recruiting, in placing candidates looking for work after receiving professional certificates, in helping MBA graduates get jobs, in coaching executives in Silicon Valley, and in breaking into the financial services sector. Thanks for joining us in the Career Hacking™ course.

  • January 4, 2020: What's new in version 6.5?

    • When you're searching for a job, keeping records of your applications and managing your professional network are super important. Previously, we showed you how to take care of these problems using Podio® as your "Job Search CRM" platform. However, Podio® is really designed to be used by teams for much more complex activities, so Davis Jones, this course's designer, built a custom tool for Career Hacking™ participants that's built on top of Google Sheets and Google Apps Script. It's called the Career Hacking™ Hub. This free software keeps all of your information private (essentially, it's a modified Google Sheet that you own), and it pairs perfectly with what you learn in your Career Hacking™ learning experience. You should find this tool convenient, free, and helpful. You can learn more about it inside the course. We're always trying to add value for you and to support your success.  Welcome to Career Hacking™ 6.5.

  • January 14, 2020: What's new in version 6.5.1?

    • Your fellow Career Hacker David Williamson contributed a valuable new career hack related to uncovering small and medium-sized businesses who don't often advertise higher-level positions publicly. It's been added in the description of the "Hidden Job Market" module. Thanks David.

  • March 13th, 2020: What's new in version 6.5.2?

    • You'll find a new SideBySide that walks you through using the new Career Hacking™ Hub App. This should enable you to get up and running with the newest technology feature of the Career Hacking™ course quickly.

  • April 20th, 2020: What's new in version 6.5.3?

    • We've started responding to the Coronavirus pandemic by adding additional resources to your Career Hacking™ experience.

  • July 30th, 2020: What's new in version 6.5.4?

    • After auditing Career Hacking™, we found that some of the course's resources were difficult for mobile users to access. So, we've upgraded the way we saved and uploaded your Career Hacking™ resources, and also added multiple cloud-based (Google Drive) resources. This should make it easier for you to take your Career Hacking™ on mobile devices, and in situations when your access to broadband may be limited.

  • November 2020: What's new in version 6.6?Wow. There are a BUNCH of new updates to your Career Hacking™ course.

    • You have a completely rebuilt resume-writing section. Specifically, your course has transitioned to building your resume in Google Docs by default. This has a number of benefits for you:

      • Your resume is now mobile-friendly. This is increasingly important, because your career conversations are now taking place, in the earliest stages at least, via messaging platforms (e.g. WhatsApp®, LinkedIn® messenger, Twitter®, DMs, etc.). In those situations, the person on the other end of your message is most likely on a mobile device. Now, when you send them your resume, it will open to a perfectly-formatted, mobile-friendly version.

      • ALL of the Career Hackers in this course will now be able to create best-in-class resumes using the templates providedwhether you have access to Microsoft Word® (a paid software program) or not. Transitioning to Google Docs® makes your Career Hacking™ course more diverse and inclusive for our global Career Hacking™ community.

      • You'll now be able to short link to your resume. This will make it easier for you to share your resume, and you'll look like the tech-savvy person you are when you do it.

      • You'll still be able to export your resume to traditional formats (like PDF and .doc).

      • Important note: You can The course fully supports Microsoft Word®, Pages (Mac), and other word processing softwares.

    • You have a completely rebuilt LinkedIn® section. In recent years, LinkedIn® has made a number of important updates to the layout of the platform, how features are arranged, and how media is presented. So, your new Career Hacking™ course has brand new, fresh tutorials to enable you to take advantage of the Platform's most important tools and features.

    • New content on pre-interviewing and digital messaging. According to our network of labor market experts, an increasing number of career relationships are starting with informal message swaps. For example, you may connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn® and then immediately exchange a few career-related messages with them. Your new Career Hacking™ course embraces this new reality, and equips you with the tools to succeed in these message exchanges. This part of the recruiting process, which we call "pre-interviewing", is now covered in the Course.

    • Increased support for remote workers and applying for remote opportunities. An increasing number of roles are remote or partially remote, and these opportunities appeal to many Career Hackers. So, we've integrated a number of changes to your resume-writing, networking, and LinkedIn® profile design approaches that enable you to increase your ability to succeed in the distributed work environment.

    • We've added new Voices from the Field and interview lectures.

    • We've updated your LinkedIn® and resume writing guides, with brand new content that aligns with changes to the respective platforms, approaches, and wording practices involved in creating a stand-out professional profile. Enjoy the updates.

  • November 2020: What's new in version 6.6.1?

    • Your course has a bunch of fresh new links. We're migrating your course resources to the Google cloud, which will make them accessible to you on any device, anywhere.

  • January 2021: What's new in version 6.6.2?

    • The Eazl team has just added professionally-developed subtitles for all of the 6.6 content. Enjoy.

  • March 2021: What's new in version 6.6.3?

    • Upgraded multiple links in the course to the new, 2021, cloud-based versions of the resources. Thanks for bringing these need to changes to our attention, Foyzur.

  • September 2021: What's new in version 6.6.4?

    • We've added supplementary resources to many of the interviews in this course so that you can get more from the expert interviews. Thanks for the suggestion Bhawani.

  • November 2021: What's new in version 6.7?

    • We've added additional content related to networking on LinkedIn® and on building your professional brand. Specifically, we've added a new "Voices from the Field" lecture where you'll meet a wide variety of professionals who share how they'd like to be approached on LinkedIn® for new networking opportunities. We've also invested in new content for you around the legality of using images sourced from previous employers or partners on your LinkedIn® profilean area of content for which we have received a number of requests.

    • We've added additional resources for those of you looking to transition into technology roles.

    • We've upgraded many of your tools around using LinkedIn® for networking and for "pre-interviewing", because we're seeing an increasing amount of job search activity happening on LinkedIn®.

    • Enjoy the updates.

  • January 2022: What's new in version 6.7.1?

    • In this update, we've added professionally-developed English-language subtitles to all of the new lectures that were published in the recent upgrade. This will be especially helpful for our ESL learner community.

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Rating 4.4 based on 1,246 ratings
Length 6 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $21
From Udemy
Instructors Davis Jones, Eazl (Official), Ludell Jones
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Personal Development
Tags Personal Development Career Development

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Using the knowledge I learned from Career Hacking, I was able to land a promotion earning 20% more within my company!

Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing + More allowed me to do just that.

Not only did I get a great resume that I know will help me as I look for a job, but there is so much other helpful information in the Career Hacking course.

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I bet that this is the "BEST" course regarding career hacking in the udemy platform.

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highly recommended

The understanding gained by the course plus an incredible facilitation skill of Davis makes the experience highly recommended and so easy and fast to learn.

Highly recommended for both rookies and veterans in the job market.

Great course and highly recommended!

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended.

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Not giving a full 5 stars as I found a presenter (Mr. Jones) quite annoying at times, also some animation, music and sound effects choices were kind of weird.

Although there are more "normal" videos than there are infested with "sound effects".

What I really liked is the way they present their topics(fun animations, sound effects), they have tried their best to cover every thing in short time.

Some people have mentioned that the visuals and sound effects are distracting, but I got used to them pretty quickly and came to like them.

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The course contains powerful animations and sound effects to help you understand topics clearly and instructor is really very engaging.

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Job well done.

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Well done guys, great job!

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cover letters

Love the step-by-step resume building and good info on cover letters.

love the part where the Instructure builds resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letters on the spot in a live session.

I already use linked in but want to learn more about networking, creating better cover letters, and ICMS systems, which are not user friendly at all!

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real world examples

Lots of real world examples and tons of useful and actionable content.

There is so much helpful content and real world examples that will benefit any serious job/career seeker.

An excellent course, the videos where engaging, had a good mix of instructional and real world examples.

Thanks a lot for the course An excellent course with practical, real world examples.

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While this is happening, the sound effects stay the same, making it very hard to hear him at times.

The Skype "interviews" with other people were contrived, poorly executed, and hard to hear.

Audio lets this course down as its very hard to hear in some modules.

Audio is hard to hear but the content is good.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Academic & Career Advisor/Adjunct Faculty $24k

Career Development Adjunct Professor $27k

Career Coach/Trainer $31k

Career Center Counselor Consultant $33k

Career Development Coordinator (Job Coach) $36k

Associate Career Advisor Manager $46k

Career Counselor, Career Connections $59k

Career Transition Education Teacher $62k

Career Advisor Consultant Lead $66k

Career Financial Analyst $75k

Regional Career Coach Manager $81k

Career Advisor Consultant Manager $92k

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Rating 4.4 based on 1,246 ratings
Length 6 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $21
From Udemy
Instructors Davis Jones, Eazl (Official), Ludell Jones
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Personal Development
Tags Personal Development Career Development

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