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Browsers to Buyers

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You spent weeks agonising over your website copy.

Or maybe you sold a body part (at least it felt like it) to hire a pro-copywriter...


Your website STILL isn’t pulling its weight.

- It's not attracting the right customers.

- It's not reeling in the leads.

- It's not supporting your lifestyle.

And worse...

You're worried it's scaring people away.

You've watched endless YouTube tutorials... "How to write a landing page... a sales about page.

But you still have that niggling sense something's not quite right.

Your mind drifts to places like:

"Is my copy too boring, too cluttered, too haphazard?" and:

"This is 100% overwhelming. I have no idea how to structure my website and word it the right way. " and:

"It’s excruciating. It's like writing a resume but worse."

You've heard that copywriting is the key to selling that words can make or break a business...

Yet yours? Are falling flat.

The lights are on, but no-one’s buying.

You're frustrated, baffled and frankly stuck between not wanting to shell out thousands of dollars for a professional copywriter...

...and worried sick at your barely-breaking-even sales…

It’s beyond frustrating when every word feels like a shot in the dark.

When you've stared at your home page FOREVER...

...Rehashing, doctoring, fudging your words — and all of it based on guesswork.

You’re sick of trying to memorise articles like ‘55 Ways to Write Headlines’ and ‘114+ Best Call To Actions' that do nothing but leave you more confused.

You want a shortcut to a curated checklist of timeless tips and hacks.

The sales psychology and copy strategies that give you the biggest bang for your buck. And in as LITTLE time as possible.


You’re 100% in the right place 

Meaning, if you want to hit your revenue goals...

If you want to build a buzzing business that gives you the life you’ve always dreamed of...

...then you need to do something different than you’ve already been doing.

- Seduce your customers using psychology-based number tricks

- Shortcut your way to more leads without spending money on Google ads or FB retargeting

- Get more people to say ‘YES’ using universal persuasion principles. (In a way that feels good and right and ethical.)

- Effortlessly blend your voice with sales psychology to make selling 10x easier.

All of this is within your reach with a few battle-tested sales psychology tactics

These tactics have been the secret weapon of the world’s most successful brands for over 100 years.

So you can stop guessing and start growing your business in the most efficient and economical way possible….

With your WORDS.

Discover the conversion copy tactics I’ve taught over 19,000+ other students.

The tools and techniques to grow your revenue — fast.

I'll show you tips and strategies that will make you a better marketer, all round.

We're not just trying to increase your conversion rates here.

We're growing your marketing chops with focused intention.





✏️ Just. Work.


✏️ This course is worth five times the price."

"Aprendiendo formas de redacción en poco tiempo con herramientas útiles para usar ya."

"The teaching is so amazing, so nice and fun to hear her lecturing . Way to many examples and missions to improve which is UNIQUE and so helpful . If there's was only a way to keep in touch or contact the teacher more easier, it be even more amazing . "

"Love it. Good teacher, great curriculum, and real-world examples and applications. Very nice." Sonny de Oliveira

(YOU'..  guessing at which words to use and where to put them.

2) You could steal my copy strategies and get awesome results in just a few weeks. Yep, WEEKS.

HERE' As I'm a fresh grad trying to help expand my parents' business. This is a perfect course to leverage my marketing skills."

"I started this course cause I was struggling with writing my website copy. It gave me lots of tips and example that I could use immediately and now my website copy, and not only, is much much better. Thank you, Tamsin. Simone p.s. and thank you for improving the audio of the course ;-)" Simone Mei

"I love being able to follow systems and formulas and know that they're going to get me results."

"The course so far is absolutely fantastic. Loads of well-thought-out and creative information, tricks and (most importantly) a massive time-saver for any current or aspiring writer."


You can use the simple checklist I teach here in Browsers to Buyers to help you reach your business goals faster than ANY other programme, membership or marketing method.


HERE' I don't have any formal copywriting or related courses so getting Ms. Henderson's course is a huge help. I've already applied some of the things I've learned to my work and saw BIG and better results. Highly recommended.

" Nikolai Lacson

"She is a great instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, the best so far. The content is excellent and she did it in such a timely manner. Would definitely recommend her." Annie Watson

"I love the instructor's take on this course, it's very insightful but also not boring like a long class lecture." Karen Hill

"Great course very in-depth. " Joshua harp

"Within 5 minutes Tamsin had given me 3 powerful and free tools that will revolutionize my writing. I couldn't be happier. Can't wait for the rest of the content."


Browsers to Buyers is a simple checklist system of PROVEN copywriting tactics.

The same tactics relied upon by the world's most successful entrepreneurs and marketers.

I'm confident you'll benefit from them, too.

To your success.

- Tam

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Rating Not enough ratings
Length 1.5 total hours
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Cost $11
From Udemy
Instructor Tamsin Henderson
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Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Marketing Marketing Fundamentals

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Rating Not enough ratings
Length 1.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $11
From Udemy
Instructor Tamsin Henderson
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Marketing Marketing Fundamentals

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