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The Complete Product Management Course

Learn the core skills that make up the entire Product Management process, from ideation to market research to wireframing to prototyping to user stories to Product Management leadership. I designed this course to be easily understood by people who are new to Product Management.

In addition to mastering the core skills, you'll actively apply it by learning popular Product Management tools like Workflowy, Axure, Pivotal Tracker. You will get a chance to build out one of your own product ideas through 10 step-by-step exercises complete with working files and sample templates. At the end of the course, you'll have a product spec with a feature backlog, wireframes, and an interactive prototype.

Ever wonder how organizations like Apple, NASA, and Ticketmaster design their products? You will know after taking this course. You'll be getting a condensed knowledge transfer from a 8 year Product Management veteran who has led teams at those prestigious organizations and has launched over a dozen products used by millions of users daily. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at several real life examples of wildly successful products and learn the secret sauce.

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Rating 4.2 based on 717 ratings
Length 6 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Charles Du
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Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Management

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What people are saying

highly recommend

Highly recommend!

Vey detailed and valuable experience that will surely help anyone seeking a career in Project Management; I really enjoyed every second of it and I highly recommend it.

Highly recommend.

I highly recommend this course!

I highly recommend new and aspiring product managers to take this course.

I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to get a detailed perspective on what it means to be a software product manager.

Would highly recommend for any entry level and seasoned product managers like myself.

Highly recommend it.

Having said that, I highly recommend this as the first course to anyone wanting to know more about PM and to understand what it takes to be successful PM.

I highly recommend this course to others!

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real world examples

Good to have so many real world examples to draw from so as a student I can relate easily to the content.

Charles has done a great job of providing theory and real world examples from his career to help me transition into product management.

For example the lecture on BUC Method is super vague with no real world examples.

It's good to see real world examples and the lessons learned from years of experience gained by the instructor.

~ Content, Instructor's teaching, in-depth knowledge, Covering all concepts, Real world examples, Iterview tips etc.

Great would like to see more real world examples like you creating how to use Pivotal tracker from the start of the project to end.

The lectures were easy to follow and understand, and the real world examples and applications were very insightful.

The instructor gave real world examples that are easy to relate with.

A Fantastic Product Management Course Well drafted and delivered with real world examples Thanks so much Charles This course is very complete and practical, it helped me a lot to understand the concepts with real world examples... A very comprehensive course about product management.. keep up the good work and kindly update the course with relevant subjects on regular intervals!

Real world examples provided in certain sections are very useful.

I like the real world examples and the exrecises.

The curriculum is well outlined with tons of real world examples, helpful tools and tips to truly become a rockstar Product manager!

But Charles lays a wonderful and detailed foundation for someone with no PM background and then hand holds you through detailed, real world examples to illustrate the concepts.

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easy to follow

Easy to listen, simple way to present ideas and easy to follow.

Was pretty easy to follow and well paced Hey Charles, I want to express my gratitude for your knowledge transfer.

Clear, concise, and easy to follow!

Charles certainly knows how to break down ideas and concepts into easy to follow processes.

Love it - easy to follow clear and informative.

Easy to follow and very helpful.

The information in this course is very informative and easy to follow.

The instructor is passionate about breaking down the essence of what it takes to be successful at product management, and presents those steps in an easy to follow and relatable way.

He's organized and easy to follow.

hit the mark Interesting and informative So far yes I It's really easy to follow.

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highly recommended

Excellent highly recommended A lecture offered by the best.

Straight to the point Great content with high value and delivery, easy to understand and apply, highly recommended.

Value-adding contents, frameworks and case study, highly recommended for aspiring product managers and for fresher in product managements The course has a great structure.

Great course, highly recommended and great insights into what a Product Manager do and how to become one.

Highly recommended for Product Managers, I really enjoyed the course.

Highly recommended.

Highly Recommended!

Highly recommended for anyone interested in Product Management.

Definitively, a highly recommended course!

:) Highly recommended!

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real life

Lot's of learning with real life examples The examples always explain better Yes it was a good match because I actually am a graduate of Quantity Surveying.

I like the real life analogies used, I retain things much better when I can relate what I'm learning/reading back to real every day life.

I like how there are real life examples to relate to.

I work with product managers on a daily basis and everything that was taught in this course is definitely real life experience.

I also enjoyed the real life examples that were brought into the course to get a better understanding of Product Management and how to be a good Product Manager.

While I can see how the concepts discussed in the course apply to all forms of product management , I think that more real life examples would have been helpful.

If you are someone coming from a Project Management background but no IT, nor Maths - its hard to grasp what to prepare for in a real interview or how to calculate in a real life situation.

Very good use of real life cases.

The instructor provides real life examples on product development.

For example using BuC, then apply Buc into a real life cafe and how it translate into prioritised stories.

like it so far value so far If you want high quality teaching and real life examples, this is the course to sign up for.

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so far so good

Bisher ganz gut aufgemacht, aber noch wenig neuer Input Very helpful for beginner to learn about product management So far so good.

So far so good, interesting, with a realistic approach Good session point are celar and scrippy I am looking for a career change where I can use most of my skills, experience and combined with personality into one single job.

사례를 통한 쉬운설명 so far so good.

Very clear and user friendly So far so good.

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new to product management

Incorporating more exercises will definitely help people relatively new to product management to gain more practise.

The examples and the real case tips help a lot and gave much deeper understanding I'm brand new to product management although I've launched two online journals, but so much of what I did was intuitive.

Even though, I’m not new to product management I found plenty of good tips.

Great information, and exercises that will help to prepare someone who is new to product management.

As someone who is relatively new to product management, this is a great starter course to get a high level overview of what it's like to be a product manager.

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step by step

But hypothetical at the moment presenter is charismatic, great pace, lots of detail and goes over everything step by step, pauses in the right places and really appreciate the recaps in each section.

And how to tackle it in a way where you can always learn but always trying to reduce the risk at minimum Great step by step clear introduction!

Charles has provided a detailed step by step approach to the course with examples and exercises which I think is truly an effective way to grasp the concepts.

A great course taking you into the intricacies of Product Management in a carefully calculated step by step process Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge, it was an amazing journey and the content is relevant and insightful.

The course really helps you to understand step by step approach of developing new and right product.

great teacher and easy to understand following his step by step method.

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charles du

My sincere thanks to Charles Du for sharing his extensive industry knowledge.

Wish there was a B2B Product management course when I started, Thanks Charles DU Pros: The author has real-life experience as a product manager for a couple of big companies, and he draws from it to give examples that seem relevant.

Charles Du was very articulate in his lectures and I believe he has armed me with invaluable information to move my career forward.

Great job, Charles Du.

Charles Du is an extremely experienced guy, his course is worth every penny spent.

Charles Du has clearly done his research and organized this course into a comprehensive discipline.

Charles Du knows this field inside out!

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look forward

Thank you Charles, look forward to your future courses.

Thanks to Charles for an insightful course, and I look forward to your deeper dive in his next course on Mastering the Product Manager Interview.

I think the instructor was really clear about the way broke the course to make it simple and obvious to learn and understand, my excitement of taking the course has grown since I started to listen to the instructor so, I look forward to beginning and to get as much knowledge that this course can bring to me.

It's very useful, I loved it Great info so far, look forward to completing the course!

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Product Management 1 $79k

Product and Application Management $85k

Strategic Product Management $98k

Manager of PRM Product Management, Product/Program Management $99k

Cook and Product Management $104k

Treasury Product Management $109k

Implementation Management/Product Management $113k

Product Management - eCommerce $114k

Monetization Product Management $131k

Product Management and Analytics $135k

Product Management. MBA $140k

Product Development Management $154k

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Rating 4.2 based on 717 ratings
Length 6 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Charles Du
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Management

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