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Yoga Online: Online Yoga Course for Beginners

The most unique thing about our online yoga course for beginners, is that we offer an exclusive support service to Udemy students. On enrolment, you'll be given access to a fully supported learning experience which extends to personal support via email with the course creator, Libby Seery.

As previously stated, this is a bespoke service available to Udemy students only. Equally though, this course is easy to follow and makes learning yoga easy and enjoyable.

This online yoga course: yoga for beginners, is self paced and offers you complete flexibility. Choose to study at a time and place that suits you, safe in the knowledge that help is always at hand.

Although it has been created for beginners, we believe that everyone will find this online yoga course: yoga for beginners beneficial.

The course is structured and carefully crafted so that you can start with the basics of yoga and progress at your own speed.

You'll learn the terms of yoga and be introduced to a range of movements and poses, designed to bring you an enormous amount of health and well-being benefits.

Although some people prefer to practice using a yoga mat, this is not essential.  In fact, you need nothing more than a shirt and shorts to get started - whatever you prefer to wear is just fine, just make sure you can move freely and are not restricted.

This online yoga course: yoga for beginners, contains a number of guided classes as well as encouraging you to compose your own bespoke yoga sequences, as you progress and become more confident.  This will help keep you stimulated and motivated to adopt yoga as part of your routine.

Online Yoga Course: Yoga for Beginners Course Syllabus:

Section 1 – Introduction to Yoga

1.1.   What is Yoga

1.2    The Sutra – A Philosophical Guide for Yoga

1.3    Types of Yoga

1.4    What Do I Need to Practice Yoga

1.5    Yoga and Spirituality

Section 2 – Yoga Positives

2.1    Reasons to Try Yoga

2.2    Physical Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Section 3 – Before You Begin

3.1    The Best Time to Practice Yoga

3.2    Seven Primary Movements of Yoga

3.3.    What Does a Yoga Session Include

3.4    Things to Note Before Starting Yoga Exercises

Section 4 – Yoga Essentials

4.1    Introduction to Yoga Essentials

4.2    Corpse Pose

4.3    Performing The Corpse Pose

4.4    Meditation for Breathing Awareness

4.5    Meditation: Method 1

4.6    Meditation: Method 2

4.7    Meditation: Method 3

Section 5 – Sun Salutations

5.1    Introduction to Sun Salutations

5.2    Initial Class for Sun Salutations

5.3    Individual Postures for Sun Salutation

5.4    Sun Salutation: Method 1

5.5    Sun Salutation: Method 2

5.6    Sun Salutation: Method 3

Section 6 – Yoga Classes

6.1    Introduction to Yoga Classes

6.2    Basic Yoga Class

6.3    Seated Postures Yoga Class

6.4    Standing Postures Yoga Class

6.5    Seated and Standing Yoga Class

6.6    Inversion Yoga Class

6.7    Extended Yoga Class: Number 1

6.8    Extended Yoga Class: Number 2

Section 7 – Conclusion

7.1    Learning Conclusion 

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Rating 4.6 based on 417 ratings
Length 3.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $18
From Udemy
Instructors Libby Seery - Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies, Brian Bradley, Libby Seery Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design Personal Development
Tags 3D + Animation Rendering Health & Fitness Yoga

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What people are saying

easy to follow

Easy to follow and clear.

Very informative and easy to follow.

Lessons were clear and easy to follow.

Libby is a great instructor, very calm and easy to follow.

There is nothing useful in this course, all very basic information Great for people who are just learning yoga and its filled with info This is an amazing course, very basic but very easy to follow.

Overall this is a comprehensive course Very easy to follow and understand x the slides are an excellent way for me to learn the poses, i can move forward and back taking in the movement untill i get it down right.

the information is great but i was expecting some application of the new knowledge or at least some sort of a challenge What a releif that I can learn this stuff at home without anyone watching me LOL I am not sure I could bare to attend a class and make people look at my flabyy boddy jiggling around LOL Thanks I enjoyed it more than I thought I wood this course is easy to follow and understand, it explains everything in an easy manner, i find this beneficial being new to learning yoga.

It is an achievable and manageable path to healthy exercise and to get more peace in my life through experiencing calm Another well structured, easy to follow course!

KEPT THE SUBJECT FRESH AND INTERESTING very easy to follow and interesting, lots of facts that I didnt know about and very informative.

Very good course, easy to follow, interesting.

i am not at all fit and it s Totally manageable Thank you Miss Seery I love this class, very easy to follow and have grate materials This course is well thought out and I appreciate that!

Easy to follow and interesting.

liking it so farr It is well taught yes A very easy to follow course.

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introduction to yoga

As an introduction to yoga, i found yoga for beginners exceptional.

The perfect introduction to yoga.

Your work is brilliant and none more so than this quaint introduction to Yoga.

It is worthwhile taking The perfect remedy for anyone who is rekindling the exercise world hahahah :-) This was a gentle introduction to yoga and i like that it spent time on the basics without assuming that everyone knows the glosary of yoga & meditation I also liked the the background info on yoga & spirituality as well as nutrition and stuff My fav part was the meditation (this is something ive never tried before but i am going to try and do regulalry as i was surprised as to how easy i was able to get into it Included was more than I expected and some interesting material not just yoga but mediatation.

so its a 5 star from a happy me :-) very well presented Good allrounder starter / introduction to yoga :-) Really useful for beginners starting out It's great - really informative and interesting.

An amazing starting platform if you want to take up yoga Slow & easy introduction to yoga.

Happy to recomend this Starting off well with a firm introduction to yoga essentials.

I HAVE READ A LOT ABOUT SUN SALUTATIONS SO IT WAS GREAT TO SEE THEM FEATURED IN HERE Adapte pour entrees a wonderful introduction to yoga, i love it :-) So farthisisaverysatisfyingintroductiontotheyogaworld I HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT A DVD ON YOGA AND I FOUND IT OVERLOOKED SOME FUNDAMENTALS THAT I AS A BEGINNER DIDN'T KNOW.

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sun salutation

very interesting approach of yoga as the sun salutation 3 classes show .Anyway your draws and explaination are accurate but some pictures for some asanas might be great if you can.So i like the phylosophy of your yoga course!Good job...

There are 3 different sun salutation sequences.

I've never been good at lunges, so I feel frustration when approaching a sun salutation.

I would like to see a live person actually perform a sun salutation during the presented "yoga classes."

Thanks Would recommend for beginners SUN SALUTATION WERE VERY INTERESTING Unique style of tutoring that really works well Lurve the corpse pose !!!

Read more

so far


So much to this yoga programe and's a perfect springboard for getting into yoga I haven’t quite finished the course yet, so I feel that I haven’t go the ending product so far.

NOT TOO TAXING AND WONDERFUL FOR BEGGINERS So far its everything i were wanting from a basic yoga class.

Well worth enroling in Purely beginner level :) Not really what I expected so far.

I ALWAYS RESPOND MORE FAVOURABLY TO SOMETHING IF I KNOW THE REASONING BEHIND IT AND UNDERSTAND ITS BENEFITS <3 <3 <3 Thank you Miss Libby Good beginners guide less practical illustrations - a lot of theory going to be beneficial So far it is what I wanted from the class Pleasant to do lots of addition info on meditation and good health as well as yoga Really great course!

So far extremely pleased with the course Thanks for being generus i am intending on taking your other courses to with same voucher code ***** The Corpse pose is wonderfully easy ;) So far brilliant thanks libby Excellent.

THANK YOU so farr so great Unsure Thank you!

Read more

value for money

Great value for money!!!

Represents excelent value for money.

Cracking value for money!

Well done to a fab teacher who seems to really care :-) Greatly appreciated THANK-YOU LIBBY IT WAS VERY USEFULL AND HELPED ME MOTIVATE MYSELF WHICH I NEEDED DESPERATELY :) There is ever such a lot of information with the content and represents great value for money!

Excellent value for money I thought and the teacher Libby is very hands on!!

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sun salutations

But, what really makes it shine for beginners, is the classes that build us up from using the simple corpse pose to sun salutations to various classes that gradually incorporate more advanced postures.

Sun Salutations are explained in section 5.

Before we begin the Sun Salutations, we are introduced to the 14 poses that will be used in each.

Sun Salutations all have a continuous flow to them and an almost symmetrical balance of poses from beginning to end, so that the pose you begin with is the pose you end with.

Especially, the sun salutations.

the sun salutations alone are incredible and provide details of each and every pose so you can practice them before you put them altogether This was such a great intro to yoga practice!

Thank you Libby I am so grateful to you A bit of everything inc meditation and sun salutations and some yoga movements that I hadn't known about which I liked!!!

I was hoping for a better representation of the poses and sun salutations.

Enjoyed sun salutations and other classes as well.

EXATCLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR [ Simple and just what I wanted it to be too hard to build any flow of movement TONS OF GREAT LECTURES EVEN COVERED SUN SALUTATIONS Easy and no hidden agenda!

Sun salutations were good to learn I enjoyed a great deal Well desserved of a five star rating brilliant -simply presented without being confusing Good guide to yoga essentials.

Read more

rather than

Lucy It would have been much easier to understand the yoga poses if there had been video or photos of a person in the position rather than a black silhouette image.

It would have also helped to have at least one full class in which I could perform the full number of repetitions and breaths of the class (rather than have the audio say, "do this for 2-3 times").

It was good to see the care you took over producing this course and the importance of executing movements correctly rather than hurrying through.

Lot of attention on correct execution rather than being super fit which is comforting as i haven't exercised in 20 years I enjoyed this course a lot being that I am very interested in yoga.

This course 'yoga for beginner', is gentle and has emphasis on doing the movements correctly rather than inflicting pain on yourself.

What I found was interesting because the movements and the various classes are explained via a slideshow movie (with explanations and illustrations), rather than an actual person like in a keep fit DVD,.

It also meant that whilst doing the various yoga poses, I gave more focus on doing them correctly rather than keeping up with someone else's pace (and resisting being critical of myself because I'm comparing myself to the instructor).

These classes are lovely and gentle and can do them whenever I want rather than having to travel two and half miles to the leisure center and without spending £9 everytime!

NOTHING TOO DIFFICULT OR FRIGHTENING IN THE WAY OF POSES REALLY ENJOYING THE DELIVERY Rather than a person demonstrating the various poses in videos, it is just a sequence of still shadow pictures.

Read more

corpse pose

After a session, we relax the body by using the corpse pose.

While in the corpse pose, we sequentially move through our body, tensing a body part then releasing that tension.

ABSOLUTEY EXCELNT really simple and i loved it Cool and gentle The corpse pose is so easy Im gonna love this one haha :-) Information is very clear and has excellent details.

Read more

look at

Since completing the course I have decided to look at teaching myself so all I can now do is to thank Libby for the incite fullness of the course content to put me onto another learning path.

Thanks for an insightful journey into not just yoga but other aspects like meditation and such This is a tremendous look at yoga through a beginners perspective.

You would be better off buying a book to look at still images.

Read more


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Yoga Coordinator $48k

Mechanic Class A $49k

A class welder $50k

Yoga Instructor 1 2 $51k

Class A CDL $53k

YOGA $53k

Yoga Instructor 4 $56k

Yoga Instructor 2 $58k

Class A Mechanic $58k

Class Producer $60k

Yoga Instructor 3 $63k

Yoga Ambassador $67k

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Rating 4.6 based on 417 ratings
Length 3.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $18
From Udemy
Instructors Libby Seery - Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies, Brian Bradley, Libby Seery Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design Personal Development
Tags 3D + Animation Rendering Health & Fitness Yoga

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