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When it comes to User Interface (UI) design, your job — whether you're a designer, developer, UXer or a mix of all those things — is to make sure that no aspect of someone’s onscreen interaction happens without explicit intent. The UI design choices we make have to reflect the user’s motivations, expectations, environment and possible actions.

All of those things manifest themselves in the User Interface — so what people see on the screen is usually the sum of their understanding about what this is and how it works.

So what we show them has to do a hell of a job communicating what’s there for them, how it’s organized, how they get to it and what they can do with it once they do.

The principles, practices and real-world techniques I'm going to show you here are the same ones that have informed graphic design for hundreds of years. And while that may sound like blasphemy to some of you, I guarantee you'll see why and how they apply equally to the world of digital design — especially for mobile devices and their small screens.

I'm going to give you 50 lessons packed with timeless, ironclad, unchanging rules for good UI design that you can apply to anything and everything you ever work on. Trends will come and go, and it won't matter: your UI will still be useful, usable, appropriate and relevant for its users.

You'll learn how to make it easier for people to interact with what they see on the screen – whether they know what to tap, swipe or click, and whether what happens meets their expectations and moves them closer to their goals. You'll learn how to create and apply hierarchy, color, contrast, typography and gestalt principles to design appropriate visual cues so people know where and how to take action.

I'll show you how to make good visual decisions for even the most challenging applications, from simplifying complex visual information to designing with data. My goal with this course is to give you everything you need to know to make great UI design decisions, no matter what the content, context or product may be.

From this point forward, you'll be equipped to make strategic, impactful User Interface designs that communicate, guide, encourage, motivate and educate. Anything else is decoration, and decoration has a very short shelf life.

By the time you finish Design Rules, you'll be able to do much more than create a more beautiful User Interface. Instead, you'll be able to design a UI that truly works for the people who use it. One that it allows them to easily figure out where to start and how to get what they need — quickly, efficiently and intuitively.

Of course, it'll also just happen to be beautiful ;-)

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Rating 4.6 based on 850 ratings
Length 5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Joe Natoli
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Design Web Design

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What people are saying

so far

Best online course I've taken so far.

So far content has been useful, delivered in an engaging way and at an appropriate pace.

Seems good so far, very introductory but looking forward to hearing more.

It has been quite insightful so far.

Now i know there is a purpose for all things that are created, from signs to webdesign, and my mind has been blown open many times so far in this course.

The best ui/ux course i've taken so far.

So far, so good!

So far so good.

Very nice so far I wanted to have a better understanding of concepts of design and follow something that felt more like a lecture and less like a tutorial.

It matches my philosophy on design so far.

So far I believe that this is the right course for me.

A refresh course in basic concepts and truths about design, liking it so far :) This course was an absolute delight.

Still early days yet but seeing as you asked; I gave it 3 stars as so far it is ok, nothing outstanding nothing poor.

One of the best online course I took so far!

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joe natoli

It will definitely a helpful course for those who want to change the career path into designing Thank you Joe Natoli.

This course is a really good addition to the UX design course by Joe Natoli.

joe natoli is awesome.

wonder, Joe Natoli is an amazing teacher and professional with a huge experience.

A fantastic course, clear and well explained with examples and Joe Natoli has excellent delivery.

Quick quip about the instructor, Joe Natoli.

Very good, clear, straight to the point course from Joe Natoli who clearly is an expert on the topics at hand.

Congrats Joe Natoli So great I was looking for this kind of summary and here it is!

Thanks so much, Joe Natoli for showing us graphic designers that if our basics are right, we can shift so easily into UI/UX!

Awesome job Mr. Joe Natoli.

Joe Natoli's courses are in a league of their own.

Joe Natoli rozpracowuje także konkretne przypadki złych rozwiązań, tłumaczy co na wpływa ich słabość oraz jak poprawić layout, stosując wzorce.

This is my first course with Joe Natoli (I have another one lined up), and I'm so satisfied with the content!

Thank you so much, Joe Natolie.

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easy to follow

This course is structured in a way that is easy to follow.

Nice voice and everything is spoken very clearly with good intonation and easy to follow tempo.

I really enjoyed the course, it was clear and easy to follow.

Really easy to follow and great examples!

Very effective, easy to follow and enjoyable.

It has given me a clear understanding on what not to do and what to do I've learnt alot from Joe, his explanations are clear and his diagrams and presentations are easy to follow.

I found it easy to follow and learn due to the scope of each section.

So much talk with not so much useful tips Simple and easy to follow!

It’s inspiring and easy to follow.

The course is for beginers, but well explained and easy to follow.

It was also easy to follow (I went to an art school - not for desgin specifically but I had some idea what this course might be about), I listened through the whole course in one breath and I plan to go trough everything again and take notes.

The information is always easy to follow and retain.

Most design courses are all about how to work with Adobe software, but since I already know the software I was looking for a course about, well... design rules :-) This course is well-structured, easy to follow, has lots of great examples to go with the theory and it was fun to watch!

It is well structured, easy to follow and straight to the point.

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highly recommended

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended to anyone who wants to understand design principles.

Highly recommended I had a great time learning and listening to your lectures.

Wow, this is the most amount of information i have gotten in the least amount of time (skipping section 1 though) Highly recommended!

I have already recommended it to fellow design students and will definitely be buying more from this instructor This course came highly recommended, and does not disappoint.

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highly recommend this course

I highly recommend this course & instructor.

I highly recommend this course to anyone whether new to design or well versed in this topic to take this course for it is very well researched, documented, stimulating, fun and creatively presented.

Again, I highly recommend this course ... and I am sure it will go a long way for my upcoming job interview.

Highly recommend this course.

Highly recommend this course!

I highly recommend this course to anybody creating user interfaces.

I highly recommend this course.

I highly recommend this course to new designers as well as oldies, since there's so much key information here.

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real world examples

The real world examples complimented the ideas in the course.

Nice introduction to the whole topic along with real world examples.

The use of real world examples in this course were excellent.

Joe is engaging, knowledgeable, and gives great real world examples to explain design concepts.

Great real world examples in the rest.

I understand the 29 years of practice, but the ideas was not based on real world examples how this work in practice (only this museum with form & function was great.)

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looking forward

I'm looking forward to starting the other courses by Joe that I signed up for.

Looking forward to applying what I learned in the future.

I'm looking forward to start Joe's another courses :) I am a software developer (CSharp desktop and client apps).

Looking back, I realize now how many mistakes I made in the past, and looking forward how it will be so valuable to make the design so much better.

I feel that it refreshes the eye, restore it, and render it more fit for looking forward.

I am looking forward to listening and learning more from this course!

It is simply superb, and amazing Design rules I'm looking forward to applying these concepts in my work :) So far general things.

Read more

look forward

I look forward to applying what I have learnt.

I look forward to applying this knowledge "out there".

I look forward to viewing more courses with Joe, and I strongly recommend this course for those who wish to improve their designs and thinking.

Thank you Joe for your course, I look forward to checking out anything else you publish.

I look forward to continue my journey with him on my next course.

I look forward to finishing it!

I truly enjoy his lectures and look forward to learning from him.

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even though

I see my previous layouts and know "WHY" they don't look right even though they do everything they're supposed to.

After taking this course I feel it was so essential, even though I went to school for graphic design.

Even though I have relatively great amount of experience, there's still been things I couldn't really communicate to others, even though I had a hunch of how things worked.

And section 1, even though Joe apparently feels very strongly about these topics, felt quite drawn out.

Even though I wouldn't consider myself a novice, I took plenty of value from this and came away with many subtle tweaks and changes that can improve my work.

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put together

The course was well put together and did a fantastic job of showing many examples to enhance the viewers understanding.

Great job explaining how to put together appealing and effective UI elements, from a design principle perspective.

This course is well put together.

His courses gave me a great start in my UX and UI career and I cannot thank him enough for taking the time to put together such a great content!

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web developer

Even as a seasoned web developer, I learnt so much from this course!

I'm a web developer with some design knowledge that I want to develop.

I'm a web developer (mostly backend) and Joe has given me with this course A LOT of tools to help me make better looking applications.

Being a web developer it is definitely relevant to my work.

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insight into

Awesome and beginner friendly amazing insight into the world of design.

Perfect for anyone who already has the technical skills of Graphic Design/Creative Artworking, but is looking to get a deeper insight into how these apply in a UI/UX based work environment.

Course provides a deep insight into design principles and is very good for people like me who are not designers but need to have an understanding of design principles so that they can lead their projects.

I'm doing this course to give me an insight into design and in particular UX design.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

User Interface Developer 1 $65k

User Interface Design Analyst $81k

User Interface Coordinator $81k

Graphic/User Interface Designer $84k

User Interface Development / AT & T $88k

User Interface Developer 2 $109k

User Interface/Visual Designer $117k

Senior User Experience / User Interface Designer $135k

Advanced User Interface Engineer $144k

User Interface Engineer 1 $163k

Vehicle User Interface Designer $168k

User Interface Architect 2 $192k

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Rating 4.6 based on 850 ratings
Length 5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Joe Natoli
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Design Web Design

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