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Digital Media and Marketing Principles

Digital Marketing,

The Digital Revolution has led to a titanic shift in the landscape of marketing communications, while also creating new opportunities for businesses to reach and engage consumers through smart, social, and mobile media technologies. In this course, you will learn about the impacts of digital technologies on marketing communication strategies and practices. By understanding the underlying processes of marketing communication and the core features of new media technologies, you can strategically select the appropriate channels to deliver the right marketing message to the right audience at the right moment. You will be able to: - Examine marketing as a process of highly strategic communication - Understand the impacts of digital media and information technologies on communication and marketing - Develop a conceptual understanding of several digital marketing strategies - Consider the rise of exciting new technologies, such as AI, Internet of Things, and Mix Reality, as new tools for digital marketing This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into the program and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at

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Rating 3.9 based on 327 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 8-10 hours/week
Starts Jun 26 (51 weeks ago)
Cost $79
From University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
Instructors Rhiannon Clifton, Mike Yao
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Marketing

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What people are saying

digital marketing

A must program for anyone to be grounded in digital marketing.

very good It looks like the latest two courses in the Digital Marketing specialization were done under a limited time frame, and therefore, aren't good modules at all.

Excellant information and great learnings of digital marketing channels.

Good course that introduced a wide range of channels that are used in digital marketing, all though at times the concepts were rudimentary, which is understandable if you are catering to various different education/experience levels.

Learnt a lot about the Digital marketing Landscape and its relevance in today's fast paced digital World.

The only valid reason - by my humble view - to take this course is, if you are interested in completing the "Digital Marketing Specialization" for which this course is mandatory.

I am taking the Digital Marketing Specialization and this has been the poorest course I have taken thus far.

Covers the topics of both digital and traditional marketing channels:-Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Out-of-Home Media-Social Medias, Blogs, Websites, Streaming and other online platformsROI (Return over Investment), Consumer Decision Journey, Digital Marketing Evolution It has to be more practical oriented with real-time exercises to gain valuable skills The content was good, however Prof Clifton is very difficult to listen to and watch on the videos.

This class is more of a Marketing 101 class than a digital marketing class.

Wonderful course and I would recommend everyone to do it who wants insights about digital marketing Totally useless.

It is the 4th course I'm taking to get ma digital marketing specialisation and is far off the poorest.

Great course for anyone willing to understand and master digital marketing.

The details and time invested really had little to do with digital marketing or the digital landscape.

I could understand various "Digital Marketing".

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great course

Great course!

Great course A Highly engaging and informative Too much of theory.

This is a great course that gives one a clear understanding of the Digital Landscape.

Gives an brilliant overview of digital and traditional marketing channels in a increasingly digitalised world Great course with updated and relevant topics.

Great insights, great course!

Great course and great teachers.

Great course with in depth knowledge and up to date information Course was pretty boring, repetition of Digital Marketing previous modules, would appreciate it more if the professor did a better presentation!

The questions were out of order, the videos and lectures were terrible and dry practical great great course A little bit too basic, I expected more.

A great course with good literature, easy to follow videos, a nice community, and very helpful content!

Great course, Thank you!

Great Course with good information and resources , but needs more practical chapters This course is very informative and very well sorted by Mike Good and thorough intro to marketing principles.

great course i love it Thanks Prof. Mike I like this course.

Great Course.

METRO Thanks a lot for this great course thanks for your effort 2 feedback: (1) The reports referred in the course are old (not the current year/latest).

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very interesting

Very interesting content.

This Module was very interesting.

Well designed course.Really very interesting course.Thank You this course is very nice There is insufficient peers to review.

Very interesting stuff Great overview and tips!

I love this course much Very good course telling you about up coming's in the marketing filed elaborating the principles widely used in the field of marketing Very interesting course!

Very interesting and helpful.

Very interesting course, with up-to -date materials.

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other courses

Similar to the other courses in the Specialization, the course is a reading-heavy course with the videos being supplemental.

This quality of this course is nowhere near that of the other courses.

This course is a total disappointment in comparison with all the other courses from this specialization.

The course was harder than the other courses offered.

Though, I enjoyed the other courses in this series and think they were great, but I am afraid this one was a real disappointment.

Other courses in this specialization were presented much better and it really made a difference.

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case studies

More interaction and better presentation from the instructor and more case studies are needed, I would have read the book by myself and didn't bother to spend any money on this course Good course I really enjoyed the course It is a good overview but there are errors on week 4 (especially the quiz) and the instructor is a bit dry.

The course quizzes had too many questions that focused on memorizing details from the case studies or a statistic shown for a bit in the lectures rather than try to foster understanding of the material.There were some technical issues such as links from the course readings expiring and not being replaced, in-lecture questions dealing with a subject matter different from the topic of the lecture, etc.The one good thing from this course - it uses a great textbook (free), which provides lots and lots of useful data and insights into digital marketing - and this is the sole reason the course gets 2 stars instead of 1. thank you enjoyed it need more video oriented lecture.

I would have appreciated if the video lessons were focusing more on commenting case studies; in many cases I had the impression that the Professor was simply reading the slides...

Add more case studies videos.

No examples or case studies or insights.

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previous courses

I also liked that most readings were quite short and easily digested The structure of the course was not as organized and well laid out as the previous courses in the specialization.

I believe some refinement is due here, but the difficulty was satisfying difficult compared to previous courses!

The teacher begins with general well known things from other previous courses in the specialization, then starts introducing new things and overviews from Search Engines, Social Media, OOH and Direct Marketing.I am sure any other student will like the course.

This course reinforce the concepts of the three previous courses, and helps to encourage a strategic mindset!

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so much

I have learned so much with this course.

i never thought i wold learn so much more!

The content is good, but the way the lectures are given not so much.

I have learned so much!

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Marketing & Communication Coordinator $46k

Marketing and Communication Chair $47k

Marketing & Communication Administrator $58k

Freelance Marketing communication professional $60k

Marketing Communication Specialist 1 $61k

Marketing Communication Specialist 2 $63k

Marketing and Communication $64k

Marketing Communication Strategist $76k

Manager, Marketing Communication $76k

Analyst Marketing Communication $99k

Marketing Operations and Communication $123k

marketing communication manager/china $133k

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Rating 3.9 based on 327 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 8-10 hours/week
Starts Jun 26 (51 weeks ago)
Cost $79
From University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
Instructors Rhiannon Clifton, Mike Yao
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Marketing

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